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As a nutrition coach, I get asked a lot about snacks.  It’s hard to believe that snacking can actually be good for your diet and help you stay on track, so loads of people avoid them, and try to focus all their eating at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I say that’s wrong.

A snack between meals can actually help you stick to your weight loss plan and provide you energy to make you able to make better choices later in the day and stick to your workout schedule.  

So what sorts of snacks are the best?  

snack ideas

Snacks that combine the three ‘macros’ : Fat, carbs and protein are best and even better if you get good clean foods to get your ‘micro nutrients’ too (like vitamins and minerals!) 

I have one big ‘rule’ that I follow with my clients, and that’s not to totally avoid any one food group.  You have to have balance and by saying a food is ‘bad’ (like ice cream) makes you only want it more!  So be balanced and work snacks into your well rounded diet.

Here are 10 snacks I love for weight loss, and a special bonus to download a larger ‘take with you’ list of snacks you can count on!

  • Cottage Cheese in individual containers with a few sunflower seeds mixed in: If you are a flexible dieter,  you can buy 2% or even 0% depending on your macro requirements
  • Non-Fat Greek Yogurt mixed with 1 tbsp dry cheese cake pudding mix.  Tastes like cheese cake filling!
  • Carrot sticks or celery dipped in hummus. You can even find beet humus and other flavors at the grocery.
  • Balanced Breaks: put out by Sargento, this gives you a controlled portion of nuts, cheese and dried fruit. 
  • Non Fat yogert mixed with cottage cheese (don’t knock it till you try it!)
  • Raspberries with nut butter on top
  • Cucumber salad: mix tomatoes and cucumber and some balsamic together.  Add some mozzarella cheese for protein.
  • Protein Fluff
  • Zucchini chips: thin sliced zucchini with some Olive oil and seasoning, bake at 225F for 2 hours
  • Tuna mixed with mustard or light mayo on whole grain crackers
What are your favorite snacks?  Let me know in the comments and be sure to download the giant super list of snack ideas!
Downloadable snack options







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