Are you ready to jump-start your dreams and create a new mindset for success?

Betsy is so authentic, encouraging, knowledgeable, generous, helpful, positive and just a ball of organized joy. I had no idea that this program would have such an impact on my life.

Are you ready to launch your transformation?

This is the coaching program that gets you moving.

Out of a rut.  Into a job.

On to a business.  On to love.

Into shape.  Closer to self Love.

Excited about life. Into more joy.

This program gives you the permission to focus on you and make shifts in your life immediately.

In this coaching program:

  • We break down the barriers that have held you back from living your best life in the past.
  • We identify the stories that no longer serve you. 
  • We gain clarity on what incredible experiences you really want for your life.
  • We teach new strategies you can implement that will support your dreams long into the future.

What is covered each week?

Week One

In this week, I help you create a clear vision for your 8-week goal. If you already have one, super! If not, I’ll help you identify what could have the biggest impact on your life NOW.

Week Two

During week two, we will work exclusively on mindset. This is a big step, not only for this transformation but for any others in your future. I’ll give you mindset systems to override fear, worry, doubt and attack negative belief systems

Week Three

How are you doing on time? Are you constantly running late? Thinking you have no time to finish all those goals and projects? How could you possibly squeeze one more thing into your life to accomplish more?  This week, I teach you how to restructure your calendar and take how you THINK about time, up a notch!

Week Four

No matter how amazing your motivation was in the beginning, it wears off! Motivation can't sustain you but systems CAN. This week we get into systems that can help support your dreams so you can use the science of your brain to support you instead of relying on motivation any more.

Week Five

You may be starting to feel the grind by week five! Maybe it seems like you'll never reach your goal, or you have a setback. During this week, I teach you a HUGE trick to get to your dreams even faster than you ever thought possible. During week five, we ignite some new energy into that goal!

Week Six

In week six, we evaluate where things really are. How do you know if you need to shift and evaluate without selling yourself short? During week six we get a kick in the pants to get over that hump and keep going! Success is just over the horizon!

Week Seven

During week seven, we start to plan for what's next. Now that you have momentum and you are living in a new way, let's dig into some new miracles and finish out the current goal strong.

Week Eight

No time for coasting!   We are wrapping up and coming flying over the finish line this week! Pushing through when you are this close takes some doing though, you may be tempted to stop. After all, you've put a lot into it! But now is no time for all that, I teach you how to finish projects strong because how you do one thing is how you do everything and you are not the same person you were when the eight weeks began!

Here's How It Works

You will pick one specific goal for the duration of the 8 weeks.

It can be anything you want to achieve in that time frame. Choose something that is a stretch but still believable to you.

It may be losing 20 pounds or building a side business. Maybe you've always dreamt of writing a book or planning to travel someplace new. 

Not sure? I'll help you identify and streamline your goal during the first week of our time together.

  • Each week you'll get a video where I'll guide you along an adventure of building your confidence, identifying your beliefs, changing your strategies, creating more mindfulness, and building a routine that enables you to move forward fearlessly.
  • Each week you'll have supportive worksheets to download and complete. All the work is in support of your specific goal and helping you shift your thinking to help you become the kind of person who has a transformation.
  • Each week you'll fill out an evaluation sheet that helps you stay aligned to your focus and helps you identify any breakdowns so that you can adjust and move forward. In this process, you'll eliminate things that don't work or hold you back.

BONUS:  Get an included 30-minute strategy session with Betsy to help clarify your specific outcomes, brainstorm and troubleshoot so you can glide into the transformation on a solid foundation.

BONUS:  Monthly zoom live coaching calls, where you can ask questions and interact.

“Thank you so much for making this program so I could have this coaching! It has changed me how I see things and I can tell you really care about your clients.”

So what are you waiting for?  Are you going to keep letting that little voice in your head hold you back or are you ready to break through and create some magic for yourself? 

It’s time for your 60 Day Transformation!

Every time you buy a coaching program, you change your own life and someone else’s too! We give back 10% of everything made to charity!


 1.  This program is 100% online. So you will have access to the course 24/7.  

2. This course is awesome and non-refundable.   Just like when you buy a ticket to a U2 concert, and then decide at the last minute you don't want to go.... you can't just call up Bono and tell him you want your money back! (I'm no Bono... I get that, but make a commitment to yourself to work through everything that comes up for you!)  

3. When you sign up, you'll create a login and password to the system as well as an email confirmation with all the details you'll need to log in again. Inside you'll find all the material to go through the program.   This is designed to be an 8-week program, so each week you will log in and watch the videos and download the homework for the week ahead.


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