four ways to jumpstart your business and your life this year

I had someone ask me recently why my tag line on the website says ‘Build- Believe-Execute’.  Seems backwards, they thought. Shouldn’t you ‘Believe then build and execute’?  Hmmmm.  No! I answered.

Gosh if I waited to believe I could do things, I would never get started on anything!

Many times when we have a deep desire, whether it’s to build a business, complete a goal or try something totally new, that desire doesn’t come with it’s own little wrapped up package of belief.  We have to make small steps toward what we want, building a little bit each day, and only then does belief begin to take shape in our minds and we can truly see how our desires can become a reality.  Only then can we dive fully into execution because it is then that you are clear.

I don’t know where you are on your journey, and what it involves, but I do know that you should not wait. Don’t simply hear your hearts desires and start wishing. Don’t build a vision board and create a perfect picture of your new life and dream about what it will be like without doing the most important thing; get into immediate ACTION!

Here are some things you can do right now to get into action.

Challenge yourself for the next 60 days to do some hard stuff and by New Years, you will have so much momentum in your business there will be nothing stopping you from achieving even bigger dreams in 2016.

Lose the distraction.  You know what it is!  Maybe it’s those beautiful time wasters like FaceBook or Instagram. Maybe it’s watching hours of TV every night.  Those would be an obvious choice but what else?  What about those things we do in our business every day when we are working ‘on’ our business but not working ‘in’ our business?

We trick ourselves into thinking we are working because it’s something that has to be done, but it’s really just busy work and it does nothing to move the needle and make you successful. Lose it.  Until the end of the year, drop the distraction.  Maybe you can’t give it up entirely, but pick your ‘thing’ and be honest with yourself.  Cut it out of your life at least 75% of the time for the next 60 days.

Delegate.   What you are doing that no longer needs to be done by you? Listen up, if you are trying to build a side hustle or working in your hustle full time, you have these things. They take up your time, make you feel like you are busy but they can simply and easily be done by someone else. Where can you outsource?

Hire a cleaning lady (do it for 60 days, we are on the big push into ACTION!), get online and grab a virtual assistant to do some tasks for you. Think through your day and find 1 thing you can outsource to give yourself more time to do the big stuff.

Do the Big Stuff.  This is the real work!  Shut down the podcasts and stop reading the blogs (okay, not this one!) and put other things aside. You read things and hear ideas and you think, ‘Hey that sounds like a great idea!’  But you never execute. From this point forward we are scheduling (yes take out your calendar) and blocking out 4 hours each week to work ONLY on things that move the needle in your business and get you closer to your goal.

Shut off all the alerts on your phone, shut down the email on your computer and start using this time to focus all your attention on execution of the big ideas you have. This doesn’t have to be 4 hours all together, it can be an hour here and an hour there, but schedule it, set your timer, put in an alert… make no excuses!

Mastermind.  Grab another business person, a friend, someone you trust and set a weekly appointment with them to discuss your business and goals.  Share ideas that may help each other and brainstorm on new ideas that can help you create the business you are looking for.  Having that 3rd part to bounce ideas off, get a fresh perspective AND (this is huge) be accountable to can take your results from 0 to 60 in a hurry.  Set weekly goals and follow up the next week.  You don’t have to be in the same industry or even at the same point in your business, but find a partner and get to work.  Even better, share this post so they can be on the same journey for the next 60 days and start to make things happen.

You are in control of how fast or slow you move.  Don’t wait to believe you can do it, just get to work and the belief will come.  Build, believe, execute. Let me know your big goal for the next 60 days in the comments below; I can’t wait to hear how the next 60 days go for you!






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