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075: Jump in My Bag! My Foot Zone Session with Alicia Marker.

In this episode, I invite you to jump in my bag and join me in a Foot Zone Session! 

I share an interview as I get this energy work done and I interview Alicia Marker, as she describes what she does and how it works. 

This episode is great for anyone who is looking for alternative ways to obtain balance in life and wants to investigate more about this type of therapy or for anyone who is simply interested in learning something new that’s available out there! 

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IF YOU ARE LOOKING BACK for the emotion episode I referenced… it has not aired yet. 🙂 We had technical difficulties!  

074: How to live big when you are struggling and overwhelmed.

In today’s podcast I talk about struggling, feeling isolated and how to gain footing when you feel like life is overwhelming.

This episode is great for anyone who is struggling and feeling lost in how to move forward. I share two steps that can help you begin the path of moving forward.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and if this resonated with you. Comment below or find me on Instagram @betsypake

073 : Q & A: Feeling petty, being overwhelmed, Believe when you don’t & more

In this episode, I answer your questions that were sent since the beginning of the series on Law of Attraction.  I answer more about getting into the vibration you want, how to let go when you are feeling petty or someone is getting under your skin and talk more about meditation and hearing the voice that can guide you.

This episode is perfect for anyone who had some questions after listening to the other episodes and want to start thinking a bit differently about challenges in their life.

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072: Savouring Healthy Weight with Psychologist Deb Thompson

Deb Thompson is a Psychologist and Integral Master CoachTM who empowers women to shed shame and build nourished lives so they can savour lasting weight wellness. This is a journey she knows firsthand. Six months to her 40th birthday, in 2003, Deb was carrying 222 lbs. on her 5’5′ frame. The vicious circles of fatigue, discouragement, inactivity, overeating and overworking had her absolutely stuck. A huge pivot was to seek weight loss on behalf of being worthy of wellness and vitality, rather than to become worthy. Deb began to nourish herself with good food, movement, play, rest, belonging and meaningfulness, developing new habits and mindsets, ultimately allowing her to lose and keep off 85 lbs for over 13 years now. She has recently created Your Nourished Life as the offspring of her own journey and years of counselling and coaching women who struggle with weight.  Deb offers 1:1 coaching around the world via videoconferencing. You can taste her approach with a free email mini-course: Eff Overeating — The Five Day Fix (sign up at, and join her Facebook group for thoughtful, whole-hearted, full-bodied women seeking a compassionate, creative and customized approach to weight wellness.

071: Understanding the Law of Attraction ( Part 2)

This is the 2nd episode in the series on the Law of Attraction. Please listen to episode 70 first to understand what we are talking about!

In this episode, we talk about the science of our brains and why the law of attraction works with our brains to create our reality.  We talk about how the LOA is actually a law, just like gravity and we get into some of the ways you can leverage this law to help you manifest the things you want in your life.

This episode is great for anyone who listened to the first episode in this series and still has questions or anyone interesting in the LOA but feels more comfortable understanding the science of our brains in relation to our reality.

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070: Understanding the Law of Attraction {Series Part 1}

In today’s episode, we talk about the Law of Attraction, the origins of this law, why it has become so popular and I introduce you to  Abraham Hicks. We talk about vibration and what that really means in terms of manifesting a life you want.

We talk about:

The Secret

Abraham Hicks

The Seat of The Soul

Infinite Possibilities

Think and Grow Rich

The Infinite Soul Project

The Law of Attraction on Audible

This episode is great for anyone who is trying to learn more about the Law of Attraction and gain a basis of understanding for some things you may have heard about the law and how to use it.

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069: Jump in My Bag! My Reiki Session with Lane Gilreath

In today’s episode, I invite you to jump in my bag and come along with me to my first Reiki session.  Reiki is energy work designed to balance the energy in your body.

I went to Reiki Master, Lane Gilreath, who was a friend I met one day at a group coffee about a month ago. I’d heard of Reiki before but wasn’t really clear on what it was or how it could benefit me.  I was intrigued and decided to give it a try!

Listen in and hear what happened after the session that made me a believer!

You can reach Lane at his email Laneandmichael @

This episode is great for anyone who is looking to learn more about energy work, alternative therapy or someone who wants to better understand the world around them.

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068 : Things I Need To Share With You

This weeks episode is taking a turn. I hope you notice a vibe change as I start to share more of my journey on this path of Living Big.

I share some things that have been on my mind, how I have felt about the podcast in general, my gratitude and the way I can see myself living more congruent and honestly from this point forward.

I believe we can all learn and grow from each other’s stories, and it brings us together as we recognize how similar our struggles, desires, and victories can be. We can find ourselves in someone else’s story and my desire is that as I share my journey you can find hope and encouragement and even a little bit of yourself too.

I’d like this episode to be the start of a new dialog, new storytelling and new sharing in a way that hasn’t happened yet in the Live Big Community. I want to hear from you and understand your stories too.

I’m regularly inside my facebook group at and that’s where I’d like to start more of this dialog. Meet me in there and share with me where you really want to go.

This episode is great for anyone who has been listening to the show and wants to understand some of the adventures I have in store for the show moving forward and also anyone who is new to the show and is ready to evolve and learn in a new way with me. I hope you’ll share the show with friends if you feel called to do that so we can all grow together.

I’m excited for what our future holds.  Now let’s go Live Big.

067 Clearing Physical Clutter to Clear Your Mind With Heather Clark

Heather Clark understands the mess that life can throw at you, whether physical, emotional or mental etc. She brings things back to the basics and starts with clearing out the physical clutter first in order to gain control of the rest of your life and business. She understands the complete overwhelm clutter can cause and sets-up easy actionable steps to start, identify and clear out the clutter, then organize your space.

You can find Heather at

I’m having video issues! It’s only showing one side of the audio.  yikes! working on it so be back here later if you are looking for the video.

066 Taking Amazing Cell Phone Photos with Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson is the founder of where she empowers bloggers and entrepreneurs to ditch stock photos and learn to create their own high-quality biz photos. She also offers “Done For Your Biz” custom stock photo services for those who don’t want to learn; they just want it done.

Amy is a single mom to her 14-yr old son, who happens to share her passion for both skiing and photography. Amy is proud to be able to leverage her lifelong creative outlet and teach others how to benefit from photography.



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