A few years ago, after seeing the movie The Secret, I decided to create a vision board.

I grabbed some magazines from my coffee table, a poster board from Target and a glue stick from my daughter’s backpack and got to work.
I cut out images that spoke to me, that looked pretty or made me go ‘oh yes, that!’. I thought about what my goals or dreams were and I found images that would stir those thoughts in my soul.
I cut and pasted and made, what I thought, would be a daily reminder to keep going and push towards this Big Life I imaged.
And then I put it in my home office and let it sit.
I would look at it from time to time, but mostly it just made me annoyed because none of the things on the board were coming true.
In fact, it all seemed like a very distant dream.
Not even a goal really. Just a bunch of pictures on a poster board of things I’d never really get to do.
It made me sad.
A few years later, I got motivated again, inspired to create a vision board but this time doing it with friends.
It was more of the same, although more fun because it was a collaboration.
I cut and pasted, found letters to create words that meant something, stuck it in my home office and……. then felt guilty and bad every time I looked at it.
What could make it different?
I believed in the power of visualization but something was missing and I wasn’t creating the life I really wanted.
Was I not clear?
Did I not pick good enough pictures?
Maybe I just suck. (honestly. I thought it was me.)
And then it hit me that I needed a better plan.
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Don’t get me wrong, I am a great goal achiever. I have done some super cool things over the years in my career and personally.
But the big things, the things scary enough to put on a vision board, those things eluded me.
Maybe you’ve had this happen to you too.
You have the best intentions but in the end, your vision board ends up being trash you stuff into the garbage by September, not something you post to your FaceBook wall, in awe that your vision board ‘actually worked’!
I believe in having a vision. And I believe in vision boards, but I think they need to be customized more and we can’t stop there!
I believe not having a vision is, hands down, the biggest issue I see people make with their lives.
They aren’t happy and they don’t have a clear vision of where they want to go.
So they tread water for a while and finally give up even moving towards their dreams at all.
And then….
Then they forget.
I talk with them, and they truly can’t remember what it is they wanted to do with their lives. They can’t remember what fires them up or what makes them uniquely them.
And the process to reawaken those dreams was much bigger than an afternoon of vision boarding.
What if, instead of your vision board, you CHASED your Big Life.
Okay, okay. I admit.
This idea may have something to do with that fact that I wrote a book called Start Small Live Big and in it, I share a framework I call C.H.A.S.E. that helps you live your Big Life.
But the idea actually came from a few women who were at one of my events and saw me speak. They came up after the event and shared that they were dropping their vision board parties for CHASE your Big Life Parties.
An idea I support!
Here’s why…. Creating a vision is a HUGE part of creating a life you love, but when we stop there and don’t continue on to create a path toward that vision, we leave it all to chance.
I believe I have a better way and I’ve tested on hundreds of people and they have C.H.A.S.E.d their Big Life Too.
Want to give it a try?
I created a step-by-step process for you to follow along to make things happen for yourself too. It’s a 16 page workbook with discovery exercises, ideas for BETTER vision boards and so much more!
(Plus it’s FREE!  *cork pop!)

Don’t think you can achieve great things?
Think again!
I know YOU deserve to live a Big Life!



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