Individualized Coaching, Downloadables, Courses and other awesomeness to help you live big!


Betsy offers two types of Coaching:

  • Private (1-on-1 w/ Betsy)
  • Group (Live w/ Betsy)

Private (1-on-1) Coaching with Betsy Pake is an intensive and unique coaching experience designed to help you experience the success (both personally or professionally) you’ve been reaching for. 

Over the past twenty years, Betsy has been a multiple record-breaking sales rep, #1 Best-selling author, Entrepreneur, Bronze medal winning Olympic Lifter at the Pan American Masters, Corporate Speaker, Host of The Art of Living Big Podcast and has coached hundreds. She is a happily married wife and mom to a teenager daughter. 

Betsy has helped inspire people through change with

  • Weight loss 
  • Writing books
  • Career changes
  • Relationship issues
  • and more!

She’s been a consultant on several business mergers and small business sales, always bringing her unique style of Starting Small to make a Big Life a reality for so many.

Rates for Private (1-on-1) Success Coaching with Betsy start at $600 mo. depending on the scope of the coaching and number of 1-on-1 calls she has available.

If you are seriously considering coaching with Betsy, please schedule a phone consultation here.

If 1-on-1 Coaching isn’t in your budget right now, please join the wait list for our next group coaching start date and be sure to join our free FB community now.


All the nitty gritty details for Flexible Dieting.

Video modules take you through the nuts and bolts of Flexible Dieting from start to finish. Understand not just how to track and measure, but why, how to adjust and how your body is really reacting and why.  Everything you need from knowledge to spreadsheets to make it all happen.

Your coach in a box.

This all inclusive spreadsheet is like having your very own coach right in your computer.  Calculate your macros based on a variety of individual options and goals.  Each week, enter in your daily macros and weight and a dashboard will show you your averages, highlight your adherence to the program and help you understand when you need to tweak and adjust.

Lose the fat.  Show off the muscle.

You work hard in the gym.  isn’t it time it showed?  This comprehensive coaching program will teach you everything you need to know about flexible dieting and guide you along the way. Weekly check-ins, 24/7 emails support, and a membership portal with tools to ensure your success. 

One time macro calculation.

This is a DIY program where I calculate your macros and you are on your way.  This is perfect for people who want to give it a try on their own, or who have done flexible dieting before and just need an update to their numbers. Works great with Ninja Numbers.

Read all about it.

Flexible Dieting all laid out in an easy to read book. Great as a reference too. Gives you all the calculations and ‘rules’ to have success with Flexible Dieting.

Track & plan for progress.

This workbook goes along with the Become A Nutrition Ninja book.  It helps provide a place for you to document your baseline, record weekly progress and set new goals weekly and monthly.  If you are a paper planner person, this is for you!

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