The Art of Living Big Community is a place for everyone to come together, learn more and have a space for the community after the podcast.

To ensure this place is positive and encouraging for everyone, no matter where you are on your journey, we’ve created some rules to make it simple. Please read and respect them, if you violate the rules, you’ll be removed from the group without a lot of discussion. 

Being in this community, you are agreeing to the following rules.

Please introduce yourself in the group. With that said….

1. No Self Promo: means selling anything, promoting your website, webinar, event.  If you have to ask yourself, ‘is this self-promotion?’, then it probably is, so leave it for another group. The exceptions to this are the podcast guests who are free to share, answer questions, link to their site etc. during the week their podcast airs. Podcast guest are not to post affiliate links or links directly to landing pages. Post something of value, share an idea and feel free to link to a place listeners can get more information. Once your week is over, please allow the next guest to have the floor. If it doesn’t benefit the members of the group, please leave it out.

This makes it a cleaner environment for everyone to learn and grow. 

2. No video:  Don’t FB live in the group, post a video or share video. We like to read things in the thread, not watch.  Again, this exception applies to the podcast guest that week. This will make it easier for you to know what’s content from the show and identify it as something of value. 

Always frowned upon (and will be removed) 

  • Affiliate links of any kind
  • Pictures with your url or link Asking members to PM you for ‘more’ 
  • Running survey’s in the group or linking to an outside survey


  • Be Helpful
  • Be Kind
  • Be in on the conversation and engage others
  • Ask questions and get more information from our guests on the show
  • Use Respectful language (I get it, but cursing like a sailor can be distracting for some and wouldn’t you rather get your message across in a way everyone will receive it?)


If you have a concern, don’t DM the admins, instead please send an email to

These rules are subject to change anytime, as the group grows things may need to be adjusted. Please check back here for the latest.

Thanks for being part of the commuity and adding to the conversation!






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