I once owned a CrossFit gym.

It was a dream of mine to help people find a place to connect with fitness but not feel like that had to be their whole life.  I knew people had careers and families and other things that took priority, but having a place they could come to feel supported, excited and inspired would make a huge difference across all areas of their lives.


I believe that if we can push ourselves and do something physically that we didn’t think we could, it builds our belief in ourselves.

When we are young we think we can do anything.The sky is the limit until we start to learn that we aren’t good enough. We aren’t smart enough, or strong enough. Maybe the thing we want to do seems impossible and nobody else has ever been able to do it.

People tell us that we can’t do it.  They tell us to be kind. They think they are saving us somehow.  Saving us from disappointment or heartache. It comes from a good place, but in the end we hear that we ‘can’t’, and soon we start to believe it.


When we start to push ourselves with our workouts, we start doing things we never thought we could do.  We see that maybe the ideas in our heads about who we are and what we are capable of isn’t correct.  Maybe there’s more.

And every day, you push yourself, and you do more, and you believe.  And soon you carry that over to your relationships and your family and your job and your finances.  Everything changes because you find a new belief in yourself and you prove that you can do the impossible.  You can do hard things and you don’t give up.

People joke a lot about CrossFitters and how they just want to talk about CrossFit all day long.  I believe it’s because of this.  It’s because they have seen a glimpse of what they can do and it’s changed the way they think.  They are so excited about the possibilities for their lives that all the want to do is talk about the vehicle that brought them there.

I saw this over and over again when I owned the gym. People finding this new reflection of themselves and not even realizing the evolution that was taking place. Their CrossFit friends were going through it too, and so that is who they wanted to surround themselves with. These are the people who saw what they saw.  Who had belief in them, and cheered them on instead of trying to save them the pain of disappointment or failure.

Fitness is the core of change. It is how you begin to change all other things about your life and how you build belief in yourself once again.

I sold the gym around this time last year, and there are times where I miss seeing people being inspired and finding that person they haven’t seen in a long time.  I created a list of workouts for traveling or even doing at home when you needed to.  You don’t need to have a gym to find yourself in fitness.  It can be right in your garage.

Download the Garage Workouts for Home Or Travel and find yourself too.










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