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It has been said that your life reflects your habits.  And your habits are rooted in your daily routine.  Having good routines can effect your entire day so it’s important to evaluate them from time to time, just as you would reassess your goals!  I notice when I start to fall short on my goals, or things aren’t coming along as I had planned, taking a look at what I do each day helps me to find the areas that need improvement. Making adjustments can help me stay on target and keep me from feeling burned out.

Here are some areas to focus on with your routine:

  1.  Sleep!  Many of us having busy days, where we need to get up early and get moving. Sleep is so important for your health, metabolism and mood, that it’s important to be sure you are getting enough sleep.  Going to bed with a book, instead of the blue light glow from a iPad or phone can help make the transition to sleeping a lot easier for your brain.  Start the day off right with a full rested body!
  2. Don’t hit the snooze button!  How you do one thing is how you do everything.   Really!  Hear me out on this one…  if you set your alarm to get up at 6am, and 6am comes and you hit snooze, you are already telling your body and your mind that it is okay to put things off, not keep promises to yourself and to ‘give in’ when the going gets tough.  I GET IT… those covers feel warmest and best right when it’s time to get moving, but I promise you if you can jump right out of bed, you start changing the conversation you are having with your mind and you will benefit from it!  Try it for just a few days and see what you think!
  3. Make your bed!  It’ is one task that is easy, makes you feel like you’ve already accomplished something AND keeps you from getting back in the bed!  (Most importantly!)  But don’t just listen to me, here are a bunch of other reasons you should make your bed!

Okay, so now you are up and moving! 

Here are some changes I made to my daily routine that really helped change the way I see the world and my opportunities in it!

Last winter I stumbled upon Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning.  Every morning, I get up an hour earlier than I need to, head to my home office and start my day.   I begin with my 5 Minute Journal. This is a time for me to focus on the things I am grateful for before I do anything else in the day.  I write the 3 things that would make the day great (which helps me set up expectations of what to do to make it great!) and then my affirmation for the day.  My daily affirmation centers around the things I am grateful for or looking to happen that day.  Then I do a brief meditation,  do some writing or journaling (depending on what I am working on) and read for 10-15 minutes.   This helps me be centered, get my day started, I give myself time so I don’t feel rushed and I am ready to start the day!  Some days this is hard…  and heck, I’m not perfect so some days it just doesn’t get done! When I look back on my week, I can REALLY tell which days are better and they almost always line up with the days I did my morning routine this way!

5minutejournalI am really in love with the 5 minute journal – even if you just do ONE thing, have it be this!  So impactful. I have the paper journal but in the past month have been a beta tester on the app. (Link is on the website as well) and I LOVE the app.  I use it on my iPad in the morning and my iPhone in the evening before bed. It syncs between the two and a new feature is adding a daily picture. I am a iPhone picture person, so I like posting a photo that represents something great that happened that day, so I can look back over all the shots and have that same feeling of gratefulness come over me!

Try these few changes and see if your mornings improve… leading to better afternoons, better days and a better life!

What routines do you have?  I’d love to hear what works for you!



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