With the holidays upon us, there is way more time visiting with family than other times of the year.  So how we we deal with family members, especially ex’s, that we can’t get rid of, so we have to deal with?

I recently had my ex husband on my podcast to talk about how to best manage these tough relationships. You can listen the podcast here. 

Here are four ways you can have peaceful relationships with people that drive you nuts (like your ex)!

  • Decide you want peace and then make all your decisions on how to respond based on that. When you have this mind shift it’s easier to let things go because the goal isn’t to ‘win’.
  • Everything doesn’t have to be an argument and it’s okay not to ‘take the bait’! 
  • Focus on what good qualities the person does have. This can help take your attention off the things that drive you up a wall!
  • Most things probably have nothing to do with you! So give the other person grace and yourself relief in knowing that you can only do things to change yourself, not anyone else.
  • Take responsibility for the energy you bring to the relationship. Don’t make it harder for them to act the way you want! 

Relationships, like those with an ex are never simple but they can be easy!  Focusing on what you want can truly help your attitude when dealing with these difficult relationships.

Check out the podcast for more.  I’d love to hear what you think. How do you deal with difficult relationships?







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