It’s common knowledge that you should have a business plan when you start a new business.  We need a road map and to understand where we are going. Having this laid out, before issues arise is so helpful, because you can lean back on it every single time a decision has to be made.

What about the rest of our lives? Do we have a road map?  I list of guiding principles so every time a decision has to be made, we can look back and decide if it fits within our structure and where we are heading? Do we even know where we are heading? 

I’m not even talking about setting goals here, I’m talking about knowing what you would like your life to really look like. 

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In 2015 I got a lot done!  I wrote a book, sold a business, trained and competed in the Pan American masters (and got a bronze medal), got a new job and built an online business.  But do you want to know what the single most impactful thing I did to set that all up?

It was when I took a few hours (yes, hours!) and mapped out my perfect life.

I got up one morning, back in 2014, desperate for some answers about why I felt so unhappy with certain areas of my life. I knew from the outside things looked great; I have a great family, beautiful home and I owned my own business doing something that everyone thought I loved.

It was dark and nobody in my house was up yet and I threw myself on the couch, stomach in knots about having to start another day. Then, out loud, I said, ‘What would I do today if I could do anything?’  Just saying the words ignited something inside of me I hadn’t felt in a long time. I was excited!  I grabbed my iPad and got to work.

I wrote out my perfect day with every single detail from when I get up in the morning, to when I go to bed at night and every little detail in between. I wrote about it all with such clarity, that when it was done and my dream day was all written out, from start to finish, I could see with more clarity than I’ve ever seen before in my life, what true, blissful, happiness was for me.  It wasn’t about what anybody else wanted for me, or what I thought I should be doing.  It wasn’t about keeping anyone else happy or doing the ‘right thing’ or even what people might think about it.  It was about me, and what would make me insanely happy. 

In the days that followed, I got up early and read it every morning.  Every. Single. Morning.  Some mornings, actually most mornings, it would make me cry.  Some days just teary and some days cry like a baby where I could hardly read it.  I share that with you only to emphasize how incredibly real and accurate and detailed I got.  I could feel it. I want this life so bad and I know that I am just as worthy and capable and deserving of creating this most amazing life as anyone else on the planet. I know that what ever dreams you have, you are worthy and capable too.

What do you want to do all day?  Where do you want to live? What does it look like when you look outside your bedroom window or your front door, in your perfect world?  Where do you vacation and what do you eat for dinner? What do you do for work?  Who are your friends?  What does your body look like? How do you feel every day? What do you do for fun? How much money is in your checking account? What inspires you and how are you able to help someone else? What does it feel like when it is simple and easy for you to help someone?

I’ve never shared my perfect day with anyone.  A few friends have asked and I’ve declined. My husband didn’t care what it said, he just wanted to be sure he was in there! I don’t share because it feels precious to me and it would seem scary and fragile to share. When you create your perfect day, let go of the fear that anyone else will see it or anyone else will judge you and know it’s okay to keep it for yourself, until you are ready. 

As move foward with our lives and are speeding headfirst into new seasons, I encourage you to find some time where you can be alone and create your dream day. Take time to map out your dream.  I’d actually encourage you not to do it in a public place, like the library or Starbucks. If you do this right, you will get the feels, and you want to go with it and not have to hold back. The more you can feel when doing this exercise, the more powerful and accurate it becomes.

Download the free worksheets to get you going with prompting questions to help you design your Big Life!

Once you are done, please read it. Read it every day. Mine is in Evernote on my iPad and my phone so I can easily get to it and it’s not someplace that I think someone will find it. I’ve adjusted things and moved things around as I got clarity, and that’s okay. The important thing is to get it out and to read it daily first thing in the morning. 

It is when I am reading my perfect day that the outcome of all other decisions are discovered.  I will be reading along and suddenly, I just know the direction I am supposed to go and I can take action.  Even if what I am reading has nothing to do with the decision at hand, having the end in mind makes having clarity quicker and simpler.  It is a blueprint and once it is created it becomes like a trellis for your mind.  Your mind will start to act like ivy, crawling up the trellis and figuring out ways to make it come true.  My mind starts to come up with ideas faster than I can possibly do them, and my action is simplified knowing the direction my life is headed.

Make it a point to design your dream day and set to work on building toward that life you desire.  It makes the journey there all the more fun!  Let me know if you decide to write it out and what you thought!  I can’t wait to hear what you accomplish using this tactic in the months ahead!






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