You are diong great. Just keep going.


My daughter graduates from 8th grade (God willing) in 2 weeks. Done. Off to high school. She’s been in cyber school, which is a whole other dozen or so blog posts written over booze, but here we are, seemingly at the end.

Because she’s in cyber school, I have to do a lot more crap that I did when she went to public school. Let alone the school work, when she was in public school a big yellow bus came and took her away for the day so I was free to do what I wanted (you know, work) and they even fed her.

I didn’t have to deal with anything until 4:45 when she got off the bus and demanded to be fed again. (Dinner. Every night with those two in my house, wanting food).

But this year, she’s been with me. A fourteen year old all hold up in the house with her mother all day (is this starting to paint the picture for you?)

Besides the questions and help she needs with school work, I have to actually make sure she’s DOING the work, that she gets lunch before 3:30, when I finally remember (and then ask her to just wait until dinner) and that she’s growing and feeling successful.

So making it to graduation is pretty incredible. For both of us.

For a majority of this year I had a full time job where I worked from home for a company out of state. And I had my coaching business ‘on the side’ (because there was loads of time, right?).

On top of that, my husband likes to have dinner made every night (would you like pancakes or pancakes tonight?) and I have tried to keep up my lifting, which is the thing I try and do that’s just for me, and my nutrition on point. And by on point, most days that means standing over the kitchen sink, choking back my protein.

It’s just been those kind of days, every day.

Did I mention my husband also brought home a puppy?

So making it to May without totally losing my shit is pretty incredible. There has been more than one day where I’ve thought to myself: ‘I’m not sure if I’ll make it through the day without just getting in my car and driving away.

Miles and miles away.

Maybe to the beach. To relocate.

Not sure if I’ll leave a note.’

We are so damn hard on ourselves.

We expect our lives to move along just like we see everyone’s moving along on FaceBook. Trips to beautiful locations, surprise flowers at work and honor role kids.

But those are just the highlights. Not the every day.

So what if we started to just be a little kinder to ourselves?

If we learned that life isn’t always rosy and sometimes just getting showered before 11am is worth celebrating.

What if we really started turning those little snafus into mini celebrations?

Take out the fancy dishes, not because life is short, but because I forgot to run the dishwasher.

Wear clothes I haven’t worn in forever, not because I’m trying to appreciate what I have in the back of the closet, but because everything else is in the laundry.

Rerun the dishwasher a second time just because you don’t have time to empty it but you managed to fit a few extra dirty dishes in with the clean.


The best thing I do for myself right now is to remember that I’m doing the best that I can.

On any given day, I’m trying hard in the areas that I can try hard.

I’m not worried about hitting a high-five all around, because I know that there are days that I just cannot manage to be great at everything.

I mean, I can never manage to be great at everything.   Really, I am just celebrating the things that I DO manage to do right.

So maybe that’s the secret.

Noticing the things you actually do RIGHT. And letting the other stuff go for another day. And celebrating. Celebrate the little things because in the end, it’s all a bunch of little things.

So every morning, I take a look in the mirror and say, ‘You are doing awesome. Just keep going, you awesome woman you!’

And you know what…. If you haven’t said that to yourself lately… you are too. Just keep going. 







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