One of my favorite things to listen to is a good podcast.
I love interview style podcasts, where you can hear a new perspective in a familiar way, from a host that you know and love.
I love Tim Ferris and James Altucher, and a bunch of lesser known, yet still amazing, hosts.
When I decided to start my podcast, I did some research and listened to a TON (because that’s in capitals, it’s an extra ton) of shows to figure out what I thought worked and what didn’t.

Maybe I’m just picky, but you know what I decided?

The shows that had laid out questions didn’t work.
It was as if you could tell the host wasn’t listening to the answer, but instead gearing up for the next question.
It became more about the host and not the guest.
So when I started my show…. no questions.
Seriously, I had no earthly idea where it would go.

I just know I am genuinely interested in the topic and the guest, so I organically ask questions to learn more.

We are 40 episodes in already (phew!) and I think we (we= me and my dogs) have done a good job bringing a variety of people to the table.
We’ve talked about soul searching in episode 12, with Heather Filipowicz and success in episode 6 with Heather Gray. (The Heathers) and episode 31 with Adair Cates.
Want to manifest some change in your life? Listen to episode 28 with NYT best seller author (and super manifestor) Pam Grout.
Want to attract more money? Epsiode 39 with Kelli Cooper is for you!
Have you ever wanted to leave your job and travel the world? Dan Elson shows you how it’s done in episode 40.
Have you ever heard of EFT? It can calm your nerves and ‘rewrite’ your trauma. Listen to epsiode 17 with Bill Dovel.
Do you think one person can’t make a difference? Then you need to listen in to episode 37 with Rodney Smith Jr.
And I did a series on nutrition and being healthy (not just thin) in episode 34, 35, and 36.
There are even more amazing episodes coming up in the weeks ahead.

So if you haven’t listened, head to my website here to see them all or in your favorite podcast app and search for me , Betsy Pake, and you’ll see The Art of Living Big graphic.

Join me and lets go Live Big!

PS. You know that thing you were thinking of doing today? You can totally do it. You wouldn’t have had the thought if it wasn’t for you.

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