People ask me all the time how I stay motivated to workout.

Every day I head to my garage and lift weights. I’m an Olympic style lifter, and going out there is one of my most favorite parts of my day.  I have a little routine that I follow:  Up and start my day with Spark and my supplements to train. Feed the cat.  Feed the dog. Give treats to the cat while the dog eats the rest of the cat food!  (Happens every day!)  Let the dog out, let the dog in and then I’m off!    Open that garage and get warmed up, following a prescribed program that I have that tells me what to do each day.   If it is a predesigned ‘rest’ day, I miss it. I think about it a lot and I watch videos of people lifting or read articles about how to get better.

I am so motivated.  I want to get better and I want that feeling of accomplishment I get when I finish a workout.

So how did that happen?

It’s a really good question, and one I’m never quite sure how to answer.  I want to help, and so it led me to ask, ‘How do we motivate ourselves?’

So here it is… Are you ready?!
The Secret to Motivation:
Listen to how you talk to yourself.
THAT is what will determine if you will keep on moving.   The stories that you tell yourself define who you become.
Sounds too simple, doesn’t it?   There are times we may not even realize that the story we are telling ourselves is defeating us. There are times we may not realize the stories others are telling us, about ourselves, that we listen to and believe, are defeating us.
What are the stories that you tell yourself?  What are your beliefs about yourself when it comes to: Money.  Relationships.  Career.  Health.  Fitness.  Take a minute and write down how you really think about those things.  Let your mind go and just jot down the first thing that comes to your mind.
For example:  ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees.  It’s hard to come by and I always have more month than I have money.’
How does this belief limit you?  How does this have an impact on your behavior, your decisions, your opportunity.  How we believe about ourselves and these parts of our lives, have a direct impact on how we operate in the world and, in turn, the experiences we have.
In this same vein, we must watch how other people share their belief about us, to us!  You don’t have to believe everything they say.   I realized how important this was as a coach. 
People in our lives have an impact on us for many reasons.   We may go to them for inspiration and belief when we may not have found it within ourselves.  These people could be coaches, or teachers…. but can be anyone in your life that you are close to that has an impact on how you see your world.
As a coach, I could see people finding the belief in themselves if I believed in them! 
That is SO powerful and such a responsibility!   So surround yourselves with people who believe in you!  People who breathe life into you when you need it the most.  Beware of those who use an opportunity to bring you down, or to squash a dream you have.  It does nothing to get you closer to your goal or remain motivated so you must not internalize it.
Stop, be aware, and beware.
Today, make your list.  Go through and think of all the beliefs you have and pick one thing and write a NEW path for yourself.
‘I make great decisions when it comes to money and always find opportunities to make more!’   Change it up, catch yourself when you resort back to your old way of thinking and see if your experience can change too. Use words and images in your head that get you fired up!  Make it dramatic and important so you really FEEL something with this new line of conversation within yourself.
When we open our eyes to a new way of thinking, we SEE more opportunity that has been in front of us all along!   When we have positive experiences, it fuels our MOTIVATION to keep going.
Every morning, I go out to the garage and I have total belief that I can improve my lifting technique, that I have the power and skills and opportunity to be MORE!  I watch videos of others doing what I want to do, and I imagine myself doing it and I BELIEVE! I meet with my coach and she SHARES that belief and encourages me and tells me, every time I drop that bar, that it is a normal part of learning and growing and so my BELIEF GROWS FURTHER.   The story I tell myself is one of complete and utter faith and belief.  That is how I stay motivated.
Change how you talk to yourself. Change your motivation. Change your experience.

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