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Our daily commute can be a source of aggravation, frustration and leave us feeling like we’ve lost hours of our lives we can never get back.  It gets us up early and makes us come home late and if you deal with busy traffic, it can leave you exhausted by the end of the day.

How can you leverage that time to help you leave the grind or become better for all that time en route? What if you could show up at work motivated and refreshed with new ideas to take on the day?  Or if you got home and you felt like you’d made progress toward your goals and freed up time at night to be with your family!

It is possible!

Here are some tools so you can learn, create and organize while on your commute.

  • Use Podcasts to listen in to something that motivates you or makes you happy!  The mornings are always hectic, and if you rush out the door and directly into your car, listen to the news (which never seems to be ‘good news’) and try to keep your road rage to a minimum, by the time you get to the office, you are wiped out.  You are stressed, over-caffeinated and certainly don’t feel ready to take on the day with gusto!  Podcasts are free and provide a great way to listen to any topic that floats your boat!  From business, to hiking, to traveling around the world, there is a podcast for you.  Get happy while on your commute!
  • Use podcasts to learn something new!  If you want to know how to do something, there is someone who is more than happy to share on a podcast. Search it out, save it to your favorites and have it download while you are on wi-fi at home. No data charges always make for a happy morning!
  • Download an audio book.  I’m sure you have a list of books that you hear people mention that you want to read, but really…. who has the time!  Audible to the rescue!  I have found listening to audio books to be an incredible way to entertain myself, make the time fly by, keep me calm and get some great content while on the road. You can download two Audiobooks for free by going to Audible here. (Pro Tip:  I’ve even listened to an audio book on headphones as a passenger since it makes me sick to read in the car!)
  • Use your voice recorder to make lists of tasks to get done, gifts you need to buy, ideas you want to remember or even quotes from that audiobook you are listening to! (On iPhone, the recorder will pause your audio book and bring you right back to it when you’re done!)
  • Learn a new language! Get digital classroom for language and start listening and learning as you drive.  There are special courses specific for car time learning!
  • Just be quiet!  We spend so much time interacting, listening, or just being all involved in our digital world.  Relax. Enjoy the quiet. Give yourself extra time so your stress level is lower and just enjoy the time to yourself.  Be creative and let your mind think of new activities you’d like to try or people you want to reconnect with.

Don’t let the commute get you down! Be creative and use the time to develop YOU!


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