Increasing the Current

Changing Your Energetic Relationship To Money

Increasing The Current

Changing Your Energetic Relationship to Money

This five-day course is full of energy based lessons to help you understand how you currently play with money and the course guides you to shift your patterns so that you stand in a more powerful position of abundance and acceptance. This course helps give you a new money blueprint.

Three main things need to shift as we work through any block in your life, money or otherwise:

  1. You need to understand how you really think. Not just on the surface, but deep down in your subconscious because that is what’s calling the shots without your conscious awareness.
  2. You need to understand how to think something new and you need practical exercises that can start to break down the barriers that have been holding you steady where you are.
  3. You need a plan and process to implement these in your life every day.

Increasing Your Current is all about your energetic relationship with currency.

Money is energy, it is a current, and when you can learn to work with it in a better energetic place, you release your blocks and live more abundantly.

This course is 5 days long with videos and exercises for each day. There is a deep hypnotic meditation for you to use on your first day that will help you identify what your money blocks may be from when you were a child and how to gain a better understanding of what a clear vision of an abundant life would look like for you now. You can not move into something you don’t understand. This meditation will help raise that awareness.

You have access to the course for 90 days and can download the meditations to use anytime.

The course is digital and so cannot be returned and refunded


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