Psst! Are You Ready

To Live Big?

Well then, you’re in the right place!

The Live Big Lab is the #1 spot on the internet to learn how to increase your joy, find purpose & get on with lovin’ your Big Life!*

*According to my BFF who is a well-respected author and speaker. So it must be true. I’m sure it has nothing to do with her being my BFF. anyway… just keep reading!

You’re different!  You’ve always felt like you were meant for more… you just got busy and life got in the way.  I get it!

You want to feel like you’ve really lived this life, not just been a lurker!

You don’t want another year to go by where you feel like you are losing time to grab your dreams by the pants!

You’ve always been open to learning more, but you need a safe space to grow, ask questions and be part of a community.  

You don’t really have time to scout out what you need, you just need a simple space where it’s gathered together for you!


»I’ve got dreams, but ain’t nobody got time for that!

»How come life feels so out of balance?  

»How do I even begin working toward my goals now?  

»Does anyone else go through this?  


When you are inspired make changes and charge down your path, you need a simple way to learn, a fun way to catch all that new information, and someone to go to when you are stuck.  A bonus would be some friends doing it with you!

You’re ready for change and you deserve a space to get that dream on!

Well, I got you…

I’ve been there and I get it!

I’ve felt the overwhelm of life moving so fast that I couldn’t seem to get a grasp on how to shift in a new direction. I knew I wanted change, but I wasn’t even clear on what that change could be.

If I had any time to think about it, I quickly lost my way. There seemed to be SO much information, it was hard to know what path to go.  

That’s why I created The Live Big Lab so you get…..

  • The experience of a certified coach who can’t wait to share with you! (yep… that’s me!)
  • Weekly worksheets and trainings (I call them, Deep Dives); in all areas of life: Health, relationships, career, goal setting, organization plus more!
  • Unlimited access to ALL the weekly training and coaching sessions!
  • A community of supportive people who are on the road with you!
  • Monthly group coaching ‘zoom’ call* so you can ask questions, and share in others learning! (*We can see each other!)
  • Bonus master classes and courses to help you up-level your life!
  • Live interviews with guest experts each quarter!


And all for one flat monthly fee…

(Hint, it costs less than coffee and bagel with a smear.)

Wait… What is The Live Big Lab?

It’s your resource for up-leveling your life!

The Lab is an online membership community that gives you everything you need to grab life by the tail!  

Including a system and flow that introduces you to new ideas and training where YOU can try things out and decide what works for you!  (sort of like your very own lab for your soul!)

Inside The Lab, you’ll get three things required for growth…..

Customized Deep Dives!

Each week on my podcast The Art of Living Big, I’ll be talking about a high-level idea to shift your life. As a member of the lab, we go even deeper, delivering more content, worksheets, checklist and anything else you’d need to better understand yourself and how you could use this information to enhance your life.  

Look for new content each week as a new show goes LIVE!  You have access to all the Deep Dives, so there is no limit to how much you could learn with back episodes and new shows upcoming!  

Looking for something specific? Know you need to learn some more about Health or Mindset? Those Deep Dives will be color coded so it will be easy to identify what you want, right when you need it!  

Coaching & A Place To Ask Questions

As you learn more, you may have questions!

Each month, we’ll do a live Q& A on a platform that we can all see each other, share and talk.

These will be recorded in case you can’t be with us live, and you can submit questions whenever you want!  

Each Quarter, we’ll host a special guest who will share their expertise and help us grow on our journey even further.  These guests charge hundreds of dollars per hour for their time, but we get them all to ourselves to learn and share!


A private Facebook Group designed to discuss topics, share ideas and discover new ways to look at life. 

I’ll be ‘going Live’ inside and share insights and stories to help you create the life you want.  

Together, we’ll Live Big.  

As we grow, we’ll add things, like masterminds, buddies for challenges and other ways to connect on a deeper level.


Plus these bonus courses & downloads

Betsy is so authentic, encouraging, knowledgeable, generous, helpful, positive and just a ball of organized joy. I had no idea that this [60DT coaching program] would have such an impact on my life.

The lab is on a waitlist but we’ll open it up again soon! Jump on the wait list and get early notification when we open up again.


“Thank you so much for our time chatting! Just thinking in a different way has TOTALLY changed my entire mood! My husband noticed too and I know this is just the beginning of my new journey! Even allowing myself to THINK about new things has been so freeing!”   -Mary Beth H.

Who am I?

Well hey there! Maybe we haven’t met. I’m Betsy.  I’m a reinvention strategist, helping people reinvent themselves when being faced with a challenge or struggle. I’m the author of ‘Become A Nutrition Ninja‘ and ‘Start Small Live Big‘.  

I threw out the idea of ‘Go Big or Go Home’ a long time ago and instead live by ‘Starting Small to Live Big’…. and it works!  

Welcome to my little spot on the internets (yes, with an s)!  

I’m pumped you’re here but also want to share why I think I’m the one for you!  (Let the romance begin!)  

  • I am a Certified Infinite Possibilities Coach with Mike Dooley.  
  • I am a certified Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) coach.  
  • I have my degree in psychology. (for the street cred)  
  • I host the popular Podcast The Art of Living Big and have interviewed over 50 people who are Living Big in their own way all over the word.
  • I am a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach (Yep, we’ll be talking health & Fitness!)    
  • I have been a Competitive weightlifter (Bronze medal at the 2015 Pan American Masters for Olympic Weightlifting)  
  • I’m an entrepreneur, owning two online businesses and a CrossFit Gym.
  • I have been a coach or mentor in some capacity for over 25 years.  

But all that really doesn’t matter at all if I can’t get results, and the one thing I know for sure, I get results. 


“Betsy somehow knows how to get right to the heart of the matter and pick apart the issues that hold me back. What makes her extraordinary is not only the action-oriented advice she gives, but also the way she truly listens during our conversations. Betsy is able to find the layers of meaning in what I say and knows how to use it to help me take the leaps of faith necessary to grow — both professionally and personally. I’m go glad I’m on this journey with Betsy!” -Marie R.

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