This week I’ve been shopping for a car with my husband. It’s one of the most frustrating purchases and it can lead to many hours of uncomfortable haggling. Deciding to make this purchase has involved loads of research and some long nights for Craig as he drove from dealership to dealership trying to narrow down what he wanted to buy. 

There was so much conflicting information coming in, we felt like it was hard to get a straight answer. At one point, we thought he had a deal, but when he asked to see all the numbers, not just the monthly payment, the salesman couldn’t seem to share them and kept running into the back office to meet with the manager. We finally left.

Life can feel like that sometimes too. Like you are forging ahead with no map of absolutes, just going by faith that you will get the answers you need in the end. I have had times in my life where I felt like my next steps were just like that salesman, playing a game of ‘hide the ball’, never really showing me the path, just showing me enough so I would stay around and keep playing.


If you remember the 1988 movie with Jim Carrey, The Truman Show was about a baby raised to an adult inside the confines of a Hollywood set.  He doesn’t realize this life isn’t ‘real’ because it’s all he’s ever known and everyone else on the set are in on the lie. Throughout his life, scary things happen to keep him from the edges of this fake town, keeping him away from the truth so that he can continue to live out his life on the show.

If you don’t know where you are, just like Craig at the car dealership and Truman in his made-up town, do you have the ability to make choices that work in your favor if you aren’t aware of confines in which you live? Do you really have free will without full awareness?

 ‘You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free’ ….and it will… but you have to KNOW the truth.

If you don’t have full awareness, can you really make the changes you need to make to reach big goals and develop incredible relationships? Can you ever really live a Big Life?

So how do we become aware of what we really think? We tend to hold our beliefs close. It feels safe. Keeping the status quo seems easier and like less work. But if we want to grow and become something new we have to identify what we really think so we can make choices that are best for us.

1.Observation:  What is working and what isn’t working in your life? We can really understand a lot just by paying attention to what we think.  Journaling your thoughts or making a list at the end of the day is a great way to begin collecting your beliefs so you can explore them.

One way to observe is to notice the things you say, they are clues into what you really believe.

Notice what makes you have emotion. Does someone share something on social media that makes you angry or happy?

2. Explore : Another way is to simply ask yourself, ‘what do I believe about that?’ answer and dig deep into the reality of what you truly believe and how this effects choices in your life. 

You may find you have beliefs that surprise you or that you find really don’t support your goals. Now that you are aware, and no longer living in your Truman Show, you can start working toward changing those beliefs to something that helps you live your Big Life.





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