As every month comes to a close, I like to evaluate where I am, find out where I’m missing balance and set up my next month with bang. I take a look at each area of my life: spirituality, relationship with my husband, family, friends, what I’m doing for personal growth, how I’m giving back to this big world.  All kinds of areas (You may think of others that are specific just for you!) I rate each area from 1- 10 and when I’m done, it’s easy to see where my focus should be to maintain a balance in my life.  Well, as best I can balance. You know this stuff is tricky.

Regardless, this process is renewing and feels like what I suspect new-years resolutions feel like for other people, except…. monthly.  I have other ways I evaluate weekly too, but I find this monthly reset has far reaching consequences towards helping me hit some larger goals and when I don’t do it, I start to slip into the depths of ….. all the causes of poor goal achievement.

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Now.  Achieving goals isn’t the greatest thing life has to offer, but it sure does help you feel like your moving in the direction you’d like, and that’s pretty satisfying.  So here are the top 10 ways you are holding yourself back in smashing those goals each month.

  1. Living with excuses.  I had a friend post something recently on Facebook.  He said, “I take 100% responsibility for my life, do you?”  Honestly, I thought “No way.”  That is a hard order to fill, although admirable. So what does it mean to take responsibility and cut out the excuses and how do you actually do such a thing?  Take responsibility doesn’t mean you have control over everything. It simply means you are in control of how you react to everything.  And THAT is why I say that’s a hard order to fill. Being in control of your emotions and response to things that challenge you is no small feat. I’d say being aware and always striving for that is a great goal.
  2. Oh Someday!  Are you an ‘Oh someday’ person?  If you put things off thinking you’ll be able to do them later, you just may be wrong. Taking a small step in the direction you want could simply be scheduling time on your calendar at a later date to really look at the problem or goal and see how you can best attack it.
  3. Not being committed.  Being committed, fully, is a long-term affair.  What can you accomplish this year, this month, this week, today, in relation to that goal? Consistent action. That’s being committed.
  4. Relying on willpower.  Willpower doesn’t cut it. To really change how you operate and make adjustments in your habits, you have to create new associations to old triggers. If you want to lose weight, but every time you eat an Oreo you can’t help but grab another one, know that is a trigger. It’s a chemical reaction happening in your body. You can start to break down this connection by being aware of what the trigger is and delaying your response.  You can learn more about that here
  5. Needing instant gratification. When you are constantly choosing short term goals over long term success, it can hold you back. Work to add short-term successes into your larger long term goal. This way you are feeling accomplishment while still making strides toward something bigger. 

Okay I’ve got 6. Here’s a bonus cause of poor goal achievement:

Not believing your dreams are likely. You may be so hung up on your past, things you did before, ways you sabotage yourself or held yourself back, that you may just really believe you are unable to reach your goals. I’m going to bet that’s just not true. Nothing about your past has to do with your future. Reframe and get to work. You deserve to live a big life! 

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