Last night I went to the Neil Diamond concert here in Atlanta. (Sweeeet Car-O-Line!)
I’ve seen him a few times and although my seats are always in the nosebleeds, I’m shocked at how quickly he finds me.
He locks eyeballs.
He blows kisses.
It’s embarrassing really.
(I’m married!) …and I was with my mother-in-law.
It didn’t matter. He couldn’t stop looking at me.

Neither could the guy in front of me.

He turned around during the second song and gave me a good ‘Shushing’. He threw he hands up and put one finger in front of his mouth.
I didn’t know concerts were silent adventures.
Neil couldn’t stop looking at me.
David (not his real name) couldn’t stop shushing me.
Which one of these things do you think had anything to do with me?
It’s true.
I mean, I get it, asking my mother-in-law her favorite Neil song was stepping over the line for David’s noise acceptability ratio.

But maybe it’s was Davids first concert to see Neil. Maybe he’s loved Neil his WHOLE life. I imagine he’s been a huge fan, had all his albums. David works in social work and gives of himself every day. (I decided) This concert, this was just for him.
He was pumped.

He invited a friend, they went out to dinner, it was an adventure.

And there I was asking if she had the albums on tape or 8-track and it had just started!

What if I didn’t shut up the whole time?

I bet David has been to a concert before where someone chatted during the whole thing and his entire memory of that experience was of wishing he could just hear (He promised himself he would act next time he saw a suspiciously chatty looking woman near him next time)

Here’s my point.

It’s never about us.
I did Shush it, because I get it. I wasn’t trying to cause a ruckus, and since I knew this wasn’t really about me, it made it easier to relax, not get upset or offended, and feel excited I could be part of making David’s adventure exactly how he wanted it.

What an honor and how cool is that?

Are you making something about you that you could reframe or let go?

If you want to go someplace we make it alllllll about you… grab some 1-on-1 coaching. If you’d got work to do, I’m here to help. Only 2 more spots open for May!

It’s part of having a Big Life,


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