Ninja Numbers

An all inclusive spreadsheet for Flexible Dieting. It’s like your ‘Coach in a box’!

Yep… it will calculate for you, help you see trends and fix plateaus…. all for less than a lunch out! 


(pst.  Want to see a quick video peek inside?  Head over here!)

Ninja Numbers Calculator helps you calculate with drop down menus based on goals, activity level and what your starting point is. All this information is broken down into daily macros, or meals if preferred.  Everything rolls on the main dashboard for comparison and the ‘override’ button allows you to manual calculate macros and still utilize the dashboard to it’s full effect.

Ninja Numbers Dashboard gives you an overview of all your current calculations, daily input, weight and how close you are tracking to your goals.  The dashboard can help you identify trends, see if your progressing and when you need to make adjustments.  The dashboard and hold you accountable and shows you a comparison of your goals to your actual daily macros over time.

Ninja Numbers Daily Input allows you to pull your daily numbers from MFP (or other food tracker) and log it alongside weight and fiber numbers. This information helps you stay on track by mentally working to ‘keep the streak going’ and also rolls up to the dashboard so you can compare it to your goals and get honest feedback on your adherence to your program and how your daily numbers are effecting your progress.

Betsy’s Ninja Numbers is an affordable must-have for the hands-on flexible dieter!

It’s definitely best for someone who’s had experience with tracking their food in an app and understands the caloric distribution between the three macronutrients. If that sounds like you, this tool will take the numerical guesswork out of pushing through a plateau or jumping back in if you’ve taken some time off from tracking.  -K. McCoy

Ninja Numbers is also available as part of the Flexible Dieting Academy.

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