proteinfluff This week I wanted to share some Protein Fluff. Always on the hunt for more protein, this is a simple and yummy way to eat more protein and keep the sweet tooth away. Experiment with different kinds of frozen fruit and flavors of protein.  I like whey and think my fluff comes out best that way, but some people use Casein protein with good results too. No blends though- I find blends that contain soy don’t fluff well at all and you just end up with a sticky mess!   This is a great frozen, high volume, marshmellowy treat with great macros! If you are a Flexible Dieter [31c/4f/28p] and so easy to make!  Let me know if you try it and what you think!  [To make:  1/4c fat free milk, 1/4c protein whey powder, .5 gram xantham gum, 1c frozen fruit]   betsynamegirl

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