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I met Kailyn McCoy 4 years ago when I owned my CrossFit gym.  She’s feisty and not afraid to share her opinion but what you may not know about Kailyn, is that she has INCREDIBLE strength. 

I don’t just mean in the gym. 

weight loss transformation

I mean, in her mind. She works super hard to become more, to learn, and grow. 

She will probably hate me for exposing her softer side, but this chick isn’t afraid to say, ‘Help me learn. Help me grow.’ And that is someone pretty special, even though I run the risk of getting beat up for saying so.

So when she came to me for coaching I was like HELLA YEAH! 

I KNEW she would listen, do what I asked and when times got rough (because they always do) she would regroup and figure out how to make shit happen. 

And she has.   

Kailyn has made some incredible changes and I’m super proud and excited to have her share her story for us here.

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When did you first hear about flexible dieting? How long have you been doing it?

I first heard about flexible dieting ~2 years ago, on Instagram. I followed this girl named Krissy Mae Cagney (follow her! she’s amazing). I saw her posting pictures of bacon and donuts, so naturally I was curious. At that time, I never thought I’d be able to make it work.
What made you decide to get a coach?
It was a combination of a few things, I think.
My last year of college I was super active with CrossFit, and super paleo. I saw awesome results, but I was miserable most of the time so my weight/body yo-yo’d quite a bit. Cue graduation and my first year and a half working a big girl job with less time for CrossFit, and free beer and cake (not kidding) in the kitchen at work all the time. I packed on the pounds and all of my “skinny” clothes stopped fitting. Instead of immediately panicking and getting my shit together, I just started wearing more dresses and leggings.  
After a very, very honest conversation with someone I love, and and even more honest conversation with myself I knew I needed some help. I’d known Betsy for a little while prior, and I’d seen her post on Facebook about taking on some new clients. I was also reading (for like, the ninth time) this self-help book that preaches about the power of hiring someone to help you and light a fire under your ass.I took it as a sign, and soon after forked over the cash to become a nutrition ninja!
( PS- The book is called You Are a Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Living and Awesome Life. It’s by Jen Sincero, and I HIGHLY recommend listening to the audiobook version on audible.  It will change your life. Seriously. You can thank me later.)
What do you find your biggest challenge when learning how to do this?
At first, I struggled with eating so much food! (Those were the days. RIP to 250g carbs on workout days. Crying.) I also struggled with the scale. I was the heaviest I’d been since High School, and any increase in the scale would send me into an anxiety riddled “does this shit even work?” tailspin. Eventually, my brain figured out that the scale isn’t the only indicator of success with a process like this (duh) and I got over caring about the scale.
What have you overcome/what are you most proud of on your journey?
For me, coming back to being successful and seeing results after falling off the wagon is a big deal. 
I took some time off during the holidays to enjoy travel, friends, and family. My boyfriend and I flew up to his hometown in Pennsylvania for the holidays, and ate all of these amazing things that are very special to him/his family/that part of PA. I enjoyed myself and didn’t want my first interactions with his extended family to be of me weighing the whatever we were eating at the dinner table and putting it into my app. 
I gained back some of the fat I lost, and really struggled to get back to tracking everything once we got home. 
I’ve since gotten my shit together (with tons of help and patience from Betsy!), and things are finally moving in the right direction. 🙂 
Have you hit your goal or still working? 
When I started tracking macros, my goal was a certain number on the scale. I think that number is still a goal, but now it’s more of a “that would be nice” than something that I really care about. My goals now mostly center around fitting into a particular pair of jeans again, and pushing myself to lift heavier. 
What do you do for workouts?
CrossFit and the occasional hot yoga class. (And HIIT 3x a week, but only because I have to 😉 )
Is it hard to do social things when counting? Do you have any tricks or tips?
It was at first! If I’ve got a social thing I’m doing, I’ll usually reserve a specific number of macros for the particular event at the beginning of the day, and eat to meet what’s left during the day. At the event, I do my best to stick to protein based finger foods, and have maybe one or two of the sweet/fatty/alcohol thing I want. 
What makes you most proud when you look back on your journey?
I talked a little bit about coming back after falling off the wagon earlier, but from a higher level, fixing my really shitty relationship with food is what I’m most proud of. 
I’ve always been a binge/restrict dieter. Even during my paleo days, I’d restrict for weeks at a time and binge over the course of a few days. I’ve had those urges a handful of times during the past months of flexible dieting, and I’ve only acted on them twice. 
For some people making the jump to getting a coach is a big deal. Did you put that off at first? 
As far as flexible dieting goes, no. I knew I just needed to pony up the cash and hire someone. 
What is your favorite thing to eat to meet your macros?
Hmmmm. If I’m short on macros and I’m hungry, I make all kinds of weird vegetable concoctions. I do kale chips with popcorn seasoning (basically no macros, and it’s delicious. don’t judge.) If I’ve got a bunch of carbs left at the end of the day, I love going to the store specifically to find some candy. 
What is the hardest macro for you to hit? Are you usually over or under?
FAT. Oh. My. Gosh. I have to REALLY try to hit that one spot on, and even then I’m usually +3. Smh.
What made the biggest difference in you reaching your goals – anything specific? 
Telling people what I’m doing! Talking about my macros and workouts. Sharing my success with the folks who follow me on Instagram (@kailynmccoy, no shame!). 






There may be affiliate links in this post because that’s what smart gals do!  (but that book…. I told KK about that book and it rocked my world too.  I even hired the author to coach me for 3 months and it was incredible!)

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