Every week when I get the weekly updates from my Ninja’s, I’m always so impressed.  These folks work so hard.  They work hard in the gym, hard at learning to make better choices and they work hard at becoming more. 

My Ninja of the Month for March is no exception and even more, Rhonda Waller is a BEAST in the gym! 

Flexible Dieting and crossfit transformation

Flexible Dieting and crossfit transformation

Being in my 40’s, I know how different recovery can be, how our bones and tendons (and muscles) respond to volume and how busy our lives can be with families and kids being active. 

This makes me even more impressed with Rhonda. 

She hits it hard EVERY day. She expects a LOT from herself and she still makes family (and her teenagers activities) a priority while running TWO CrossFit boxes in North Carolina. (CrossFit Carteret and CrossFit Morehead City)  and she cares deeply about her clients.  Oh, did I mention she also has a full time job?  Plus she’s so freaking nice and would do anything for you.   She has inspired me in loads of ways!

So impressed.

She had the workout thing figured out.  But adding in the nutrition piece made ALL the difference. 

Here is her story! 

flexible dieting transformation

(And if you want the run down of what I have my clients do, you can find out right here for free!)

When did you first hear about flexible dieting?  

Last year a friend that works out in the gym started talking about “Macros ” and if they fit then eat them.

So ,of course I’m all about eating some food so I asked what exactly all that meant. He went on to explain briefly what it meant to follow a flexible eating  lifestyle. 

How long have you been doing it?

I am currently on my 36th week of counting macros

What made you decide to get a coach?

Over the summer I had gained quite a bit of weight and had become a bit disgusted with my  performance in the gym and how I felt. I knew what I had to do but I also knew I needed someone to hold me accountable. 

What do you find your biggest challenge when learning how to do this?

One of my biggest challenge when I first started counting macros was not obsessing over hitting my numbers every single meal.

Flexible is the key and as soon as I learned this ,things got much easier. 

My second challenge was prepping ahead of time and planning out meals.

What have you overcome/what are you most proud of on your journey?

I have finally accepted that my body is not perfect and It never will be. But that is ok!

I’ve come to accept that I can be perfect in so many other things and be happy !

Have you hit your goal or still working?  

  • In the beginning I set a specific goal of 145 pounds, an acceptable physical fitness level and body composition
  • In the pursuit of this specific goal, I reached the body weight of 150.
  • I realized that at 150#, my physical performance and daily macro intake were a better balance so I came to accept the extra five pounds of my original goal was not as important as my performance was in the gym.
  • I realized that my body composition at 150 is acceptable , i.e. I had abs!

What do you do for workouts?

  • CrossFit 5-6 times a week supplemented with strength and endurance specific training.

Is it hard to do social things when counting?  

In the beginning it is a little uncomfortable because it is not the norm to carry your lunchbox and food around with you and whip out your scales and weigh and measure your food before you eat.

Many times you feel like a burden when you ask lots of questions like “how big is that portion size “, “can I have that with no sauce ” and ” may I have those items separate please?”.

However, once you have realized that this is just a little extra effort in making you better then it becomes more comfortable and more of a habit versus a hassle.

Do you have any tricks or tips for someone getting started?

Pre plan , Pre plan and stick to the plan!

What makes you most proud when you look back on your journey?

Wow ,this is a hard one to answer .

I think about how much time and commitment I put into this 36 week journey to become a better “me” !

But after really thinking back on everything, what makes me the proudest is that I have been able to help several of my friends start their journey to a better “them” .

For some people making the jump to getting a coach is a big deal.  Did you put that off at first?  

After thinking about my goals and making the commitment to change things I knew a coach was a must for me.

I didn’t put off getting a coach because I knew for me I had to found someone who would hold me accountable .

I needed to know there was someone ALWAYS there to help me .

What is your favorite thing to eat to meet your macros?

Steamed chicken , broccoli and rice from my local Chinese restaurant!

What is the hardest macro for you to hit? 

For most of this journey hitting my protein macros was the toughest.

Are you usually over or under your macros every day?

Honestly, most days I would say I was pretty close to all of my macros. But since I have to answer one or the other I would probably be slightly over .

What made the biggest difference in you reaching your goals – anything specific?  

The support I got from my awesome coach , Betsy. She always believed in me and encouraged me no matter how bad I bombed .

I know I’ve said this several times but pre-planning and sticking to the plan really is the game changer when you want to see change.


Want me to tell you exactly what I do to help my clients get abs?


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