I love this ninja! 

Every week, my nutrition ninja clients send me their update, and every week I look back over previous updates, pictures and their feelings.  When I get Megan McMartin’s updates, I almost always say right out loud, “AH I love Megan!’ 

I know… weird, right? 

Her energy comes right through in her pictures and even when she’s going through a struggle, she always has a positive attitude. 

That’s why it’s so fun to feature her in this months Featured Nutrition Ninja of the Month! 

She doesn’t say in her interview below…. but she’s down over 20 pounds and does everything I ask her to do, every week! 


Megan is an amazing singer SO after you check out her transformation picture below, be sure to check her out on social media!

When did I hear about flexible dieting? How long have you been doing it?
I heard about flexible dieting in June of 2014 through a member of my Crossfit gym. I would see him eating donuts and poptarts constantly (along with his veggies of course) but he maintained an incredible physique and strength.

I was really intrigued, especially since I had never been able to eat those sorts of things and maintain strength and endurance.

I have been officially following flexible dieting for a year and a half (I tried it for 2 months, took a break, got back on track for 4 months, totally got off track, but have been extremely consistent for the past 7 months).

What made you decide to get a coach?
Honestly, I was really struggling with staying accountable.

It was hard for me to motivate myself to keep pushing when I didn’t really know where I was headed. I had zero goals and didn’t really know how to hone in on what I wanted to accomplish.

I also personally felt like I wanted a woman’s perspective on flexible dieting.

I knew there were things that I’ve gone through or experienced that made me want to seek help from a woman. Let’s be honest, hormones affect your body in more ways than one!

I saw my friend, Rhonda, hire Betsy and saw her success and finally decided to bite the bullet and try it out. I am SO glad I did.

What do you find your biggest challenge when learning how to do this?
There were definitely a few things at the beginning that were very challenging for me to wrap my mind around.

First and foremost, breaking that idea that I could truly eat anything in this way of eating.

I had been so brainwashed to think that there were “good” and “bad” foods. So to finally break apart from that mindset was very challenging, yet so freeing for me.

Second, just TRUSTING THE PROCESS was a huge challenge. Another thing that our society pounds into our brains is that if you want something, it can come to you EASY and FAST.

Especially in regards to health and wellness, this is the complete opposite.

If anything, I have learned that this takes time, patience, effort, hard work, positive self-talk, and consistency. A lot of people hear that and are intimidated to start, but it is so worth it to take the time to create a positive relationship with your body and food.

What have you overcome/what are you most proud of on your journey?
Well first off, I am someone who hugely values vulnerability and openness so I hope that my story can encourage others to be open about theirs.

I personally struggle with depression and anxiety. It’s something I have struggled with the past several years. One of the biggest anxieties me for SO LONG was my diet/self-image.

I tried so many different diets to lose weight and “get skinny”. I did Paleo, I followed Clean Eating, I did the Whole30 diet, and all along the way I seriously struggled with binge eating. I remember days when I would eat entire pizzas and boxes of cereal by myself in one sitting.

I felt so completely overwhelmed and trapped by this process of eating “healthy” for 2 weeks and then binging for two weeks.

I felt like I would never be able to get out of it. I can confidently say that I have NEVER IN MY LIFE had as positive a relationship with food as I do right now.

I enjoy my life, I enjoy the foods I eat, and I haven’t binged in over 5 months (I had a few slip-ups here or there but nothing as huge as before). I am so proud of myself for taking this step to seek accountability to help re-create my relationship with food.

While I still live with depression and anxiety, having this one aspect of my life in order has been such a huge burden lifted in my life.

Another huge thing I am proud of is just learning to accept myself. I used to have all of these images of what I wanted to look like–and they all involved some form of being skinny.

Sure, I’ve lost a lot of weight, but my body is the strongest it has ever been in my life. I can do things in the gym that I never thought I would ever have been able to do (6 strict pullups for example!)

My body is more than just something to be looked at–it has so many capabilities and I don’t want to be so focused on how it looks that I miss out on all of the things it can do!

Have you hit your goal or still working? 
I had two main goals coming into working with Betsy: hit my goal weight, and become more efficient/stronger for my Crossfit competition in January.

Actually, just this past week I hit my goal weight!

This was extremely exciting because 1) I have not seen this weight in over 2 years; 2) I feel stronger at this weight than I EVER have felt in my life; 3) I am just so excited that I stuck with it for so long.

To be honest, I figured that once I hit this weight that I would be fine to stop and maintain. But I feel really good and strong and currently my goals have changed a bit. I am going to try and drop another 5-10 pounds and see how my body responds.

From there, my goal is to reverse diet so I can truly maintain this lifestyle in a healthy way. The most important goal for me has always been to re-create my relationship with food. I feel like I have come so far with this goal and will have to work on it every single day.

I competed in my very first Rx Individual Crossfit competition a few weeks ago and achieved my goal of making it to the Top 10! I finished 7th overall with a first place finish in one event.

I far exceeded my expectations and am so proud of how far I have come. I am still thinking about my fitness goals right now, and at the current moment am just taking a few weeks to rejuvenate and reflect on what I would like to pursue next.

What do you do for workouts?
I CrossFit 5 days a week. Most of the time that means I’m doing a strength portion (back squat, front squat, deadlift, clean & jerks, snatches, press, etc) plus a conditioning workout with several other movements.

This varies every single day so you’re constantly using different muscles. I take 2 scheduled rest days every week with no exceptions. If I am training for a competition, I will add in extra volume and skill work as well.

Is it hard to do social things when counting?  Any tricks or tips?
I would say that the greatest difficulty in social settings is overcoming my ego.

At first, I was always afraid I would be judged for bringing my scale or asking a lot of questions. But I truly came to realize that this is my goal and I want to achieve it! Even if that means looking weird. For some people, it may look crazy and honestly obsessive.

For me, my mind is at ease when I know that it was okay that I had those two cookies instead of shaming myself for having them after the fact.

I would say mentally prepare yourself if you’re going out to eat.

Already have it decided whether or not you are going to bring a scale. If not, have it in your mind what you are going to choose on the menu.

If you already know what you can have, you are less likely to veer off path. At parties, I like to prepare myself throughout the day by having leaner proteins and fruits and vegetables so that I have enough room to be flexible later that night.

This is about being flexible!! Sometimes you just have to guesstimate and be okay with whatever happens.

What makes you most proud when you look back on your journey?
What makes me most proud is truly the little moments when I fell off the wagon but chose to step right back on it.

This is one of the most difficult things to overcome in any lifestyle change.

I used to shame myself so much any time I messed up. I would throw in the towel and just go on a binge fest. But one day is not going to screw up my progress!

I am just so proud of the countless days I began fresh and stayed on track.

For some people making the jump to getting a coach is a big deal.  Did you put that off at first?
Oh absolutely. I did not want to get a coach for the longest time.

I thought it was too expensive, unnecessary, and frankly, I was just intimidated. How do I know which coach to choose? Will I have a connection with him/her? Do I go with a male or a female? It all felt really overwhelming for me and I thought I could just do it by myself.

But I full heartedly believe that having a coach has totally changed the process for me.

I cannot begin to explain the value of having a coach. I know that I have someone who is keeping me accountable, someone I can truly share the struggle with.

What is your favorite thing to eat to meet your macros?
So, let’s be real. I LOVE PIZZA. It is my favorite food, but it has been the HARDEST thing for me to eat because it is so fatty and carb-heavy.

I recently broke this barrier in a massive way and it has helped me so much!!
I use Flat Out wraps, pizza sauce, reduced fat mozzarella, and turkey pepperonis. Super macro friendly and high in fiber too.

Another thing that has really helped me are the P28 protein bagels. For a while I was just eating the Thomas mini bagels, but sometimes you just want the WHOLE HUGE BAGEL! This has been awesome for me. It’s high protein, half the carbs of a normal bagel, and has good fiber content too.  (Note :  WIN a YEAR of P28 here!)

And let’s be honest, I can’t go more than a few days without a healthy serving of Edy’s Slow Churned Double Fudge Brownie ice cream.

It is so delicious!

If I’m low on protein and still craving something sweet, I have a glass of Fairlife Chocolate milk (13g of protein per 1 cup!)

What is the hardest macro for you to hit? Are you usually over or under?
This usually depends on the day for me. Most of the times, it is really hard for me to stay within my carb allotment.

I love anything with carbs in it, so I usually go over on carbs by 5 grams most days. I have no problem hitting my fat.


Give me all the fat.

What made the biggest difference in you reaching your goals – anything specific to share?
There are several things that have made a huge difference in me reaching my goals.

One goes without saying: having Betsy as a coach. Truly, this has been huge for me. Having an objective person to weigh in on my nutrition and coach me through the moments of frustration during the process has been crucial.

Plus, she is teaching me along the way. And right up top with having a coach is having a community. Going to a Crossfit gym (specifically CrossFit Carteret 🙂 )has truly changed my life in countless ways.

I have friends, family, and a small little community that constantly pushes me to be my best. These are the people that tell me to jump right back on the wagon when I’ve fallen off.

They push me to work out even when I don’t feel like it. And they celebrate even the smallest of victories with me!

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