Over the past week I’ve had an opportunity to meet up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was fun to get together, we are all so busy typically.  I happily drank my coffee and started chatting with a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year. 

Last time we talked I was in the middle of selling my gym. I was stressed. It was an uncomfortable time in my life, and as we sat down, she asked how I was doing. 

I’m doing great! I explained what I had been up to over the past year and happily chatted about my goals and dreams. (I’ve always got ‘um, you know.)

‘Gosh Betsy! I remember when you were super excited opening the gym!  and I remember how excited you were about  your job before that…..’ her voice trailed off.

I knew where she was going. I’d heard it before.

On to something ELSE?

Finally figured out what you are doing?

Are you settled? Happy? Whatever else?

Why are we so afraid of saying something isn’t working? Why continue down a path that no longer serves you or isn’t what you expected? Why are we so scared of change? I was excited about those opportunities I had, I learned from them, and when they no longer served me, I wasn’t afraid to say so. EVERY thing I have done has prepared me for where I am now. I needed all those experiences to move forward.



Monday Mornings

Most people believe that heart attacks strike at random. That it happens in the middle of the night, or when people are sitting around in their living rooms, watching TV.  But heart attacks are so researched and tracked that we actually know exactly when most heart attacks occur. We know the day of the week, the time of day and even the season.

I can’t begin to tell you how many people I talk with that hate their job. They post all week on Facebook about it being hump day, and then woo-hoo Friday. The weekend is when they live it up, because, I’m assuming the rest of the week they don’t feel like life is much fun. By Sunday night, they are dreading the coming week. I’ve been there. I know that feeling. The dread of Sunday night, knowing that Monday is coming and you’ll have to go to a job you hate.

More heart attacks happen on Monday morning at 9am than any other time of the week. All weekend long, the stress has been building, and by Monday morning, we are miserable and our hearts just can’t take another minute.

So why then, is it so surprising when someone decides to go another way? Try something different and if it’s not working, just change? I wonder then if it’s the fear of the unknown or just not knowing where to start.

Maybe we are under the impression that to start living a life you love, it has to happen all at once. That this life you have now can’t get any better without a complete overhaul. But did you know that simple small changes can start pushing you toward a life you love. Keep your job, keep the security that it provides and at the same time, push toward more.

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You are working toward fulfillment in many areas of your life and you have a plan. Start small.


Try this: Take a piece of paper and at the top, write down where you are.  Maybe it’s with work, or maybe in a relationship or another area you want to focus on. At the bottom of the page, write down where you are going to end up. What’s the end result? What would be Living Big for you in this area? 

Set a timer for 5 minutes and just start brainstorming all the ways you could start to move toward the big life you’ve described at the bottom of the page.  It may be something tiny, like researching something you’d like to do, or signing up for a class to learn something you’ve been wanting to learn. 

Every day, doing one small step to push you toward the life you’d like to have can create a sense of calm that there is a better life ahead. It can help release stress because you feel progress and movement in the direction you want to go instead of feeling stagnant.

Maybe, just maybe, the people who find their calling and live their dreams are people who try loads of different things.

Maybe the people who are actually successful in living a great big life are the ones who realize all their trials and successes, all their failures and ‘why not tries’ ….. but kept going.

Maybe they are the ones who take steps, no matter how small, every day in the direction they want to go. 

Start small and live big. You are worth pushing for more.


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