Intention. Communication. Confidence.

Let’s Create Energetic, Action Packed Events Together!

I know how important it is to have an engaging speaker for your event.  The mood and tempo of your training depends on the speakers who share in front of the room.  There is nothing worse for an attendee or moral of the room when the speaker fails to grab your attention and lacks energy!

I have a unique and fun style of story telling that keeps viewers engaged.  I provide Keynotes and workshops that help energize attendees and create ACTION after they leave the room.  I know how much time and energy you put into creating your events, so I’d love to talk and see how I can be your ‘partner in shine’.

We hired Betsy to talk at our booth for a big festival. She was great! So positive and uplifting, and great with the audience! She so willing to work with you to make the event great! She definitely knows how to get people engaged!  – Mackenzie Morgan, Havas Impact (Hired for GoodnessKnows)

Betsy was an engaging speaker that gave me solid ideas and a plan on how to move forward with success. Betsy talks about her own personal nutritional journey and it really inspired me. The passion she has is reflected in the way she is able to connect with an audience. It's like you leave her session and you want to karate chop a greasy burger and give it the middle finger!

M. Bullard

Lake Lanier Islands

This [Nutrition Ninja Seminar]  is a great seminar to have at your company. It provides a break from the normal technical seminars held by organizations. This is a wonderful event for a business resource group to host and has appeal across diverse groups within a company.

J. Poole


I have been working out for 10 years, from bulking up, to slimming down, it has not always been easy to do. Attending Betsy’s seminar allowed me to gain better insight and understanding about my body.

K. Nguyen


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