I’m Betsy Pake – Life Strategist, Entrepreneur, Author & Creator of the  Start Small Movement.

I spent over 20 years in corporate America, building a career in software sales. Five years ago, I broke away from that life to open up my own business, but once I did, I was miserable. How do you go from making a huge career leap, only to find out you did the wrong thing?

Then one morning, I spent some time thinking about what would really make ME happy. What I would do, how I would live and what I would create, if I could do anything. That is when I came alive! So I started taking steps to move out of the life I had and into something that felt more ‘me’ than anything I had done before. In the end, I found I was developing something bigger than I could have ever imagined, all while starting small, with a vision for what could be possible.

Now I help people all over the world think differently about what could be possible for their life. Although a lot of people call me ‘coach’, I consider myself a strategist because although I ask the hard questions, I share all the tools and systems I learned in my corporate life and as an entrepreneur, so you can implement new strategies and take quantum leaps towards your Big Life.


I’m Here To Help You

Get Clarity

I don’t just tell you to dream, I help you seek clarity with time proven methods.

Take Leaps

All big change involves stepping into some fear. I teach you how to harness that fear and move past it in your life. This isn’t just some ‘do it anyway’ kind of advice, I have a Framework that helps you take action!


Gain Confidence

By understanding and leveraging the greatness already within you, I show you how to use that energy to expand and grow.

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Want to increase your happiness right now?

Do you need a shift in your thinking but don’t know where to start?

Jump into The Infinite Soul Project, where I teach you how to

  • Uncover the roadmap to your brain
  • Discover your beliefs and which ones hold you back
  • Put YOU in the driver’s seat for your life

This course always gets rave reviews and is a great way to show up for your life right now!



How Else Can I Be Of Service Right Now?

It depends on what you need!

There are so many great ideas and resources on this site. You can find:

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I can’t wait to connect with you. I want to grow with you, share with you and celebrate your victories! I know they are coming and I can’t wait to be there to say, “I knew she could!”

Ready? Now let’s go Live Big!

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