Even if you know how you’d like things to be different in your life, stepping up and making those changes can be paralyzing. Where do you start? Do you even have the time? Where would you find the energy?

I’ve seen people talk themselves in and out of all sorts of changes in their lives. It’s normal. We get overwhelmed and think there is so much going on already, why bother with something new.

-You’ll get it later.

-Once school is out, you get a plan together.

-After this big project at work slows down, then you’ll figure it out.

-You’ll get back to that dream when your kids get older. Right now isn’t a good time.

It’s become normal to push things aside and just be ‘okay with being okay’.

The key is to not change everything all at once.  Don’t mess around with your entire schedule, making yourself get up at the crack of dawn and working, tirelessly, toward your goals until the wee hours of the night.

That doesn’t work.

What we need is a simple plan of action. Something that blends so seamlessly into our already hectic life that you would feel ridiculous for not sticking with it.

So tell me, what is it you want to change?

Do you want:

  • to have your own business so you don’t have to ever watch another boring power point presentation in the office?
  • to be able to have dinner sitting down for once instead of standing over the sink, late for yet another one of your kids events?
  • to get healthier so you are able to rock out the fitness class at the old folks home when your 90’s?

Whatever it is, read my lips, you need to start small.

Big things always start that way.

  • Ranch Dressing was started by a guy who owned a dude ranch and wanted a house dressing.   It became popular with their guests and they started to package it up so people could bring it home. Now, you can’t go anywhere without having Ranch Dressing on the menu.
  • Chocolate chip cookies were accidentally invented by a woman named Ruth who owned the Toll House restaurant. She had a popular butter drop cookie recipe and one day some pieces of chocolate bar fell in. Not wanting to discard the batch, she cooked them up anyway and we all have been eating chocolate chip cookies every since.
  • Amazon.com was originally called ‘Cadabra’ until an attorney told Jeff Bezos he misheard it as ‘Cadaver’ so he changed the name and continued on in his garage with just a simple idea to sell books online.

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All those big ideas, great companies and people doing incredible things didn’t start out super successful and having everyone know who they are. They all started as an idea, just like you have now.  A desire to create something new or change something about their life.

You can start small too.  [Grab the worksheet below and follow along to create your Live Big plan]

Start by doing one small action thing until it becomes natural. Then, and only then, do you move on. 

Decide where you want change.

Decide what would make your life bigger.  How could you feel more fulfilled in an area of your life. Now, get a really clear idea in your mind about the type of person who is successful doing what you want to achieve.  Think about the things they do regularly that make them successful. What decisions do they make? How do they handle a let down or when things don’t go as they wanted? What are the differences between where you are, and where you want to go.

For example:  If you are looking to have a better relationship with your family, describe what that means to you. What does someone with a great family bond do? Maybe they seem connected. They have fun together. They support each other. Get clear on what that is for you.

Get a clear vision of where you are going.

Now that you have an idea on what you want to focus on, and what someone else who has success in that area does every day, start brainstorming for your action items.  Create a list of small things that you could begin to implement that would be pushing you toward that bigger life. What would change from how you live now?

For example:  Having a better relationship with my family would mean we eat diner together.  Have game night. Know our schedules so we can support each other.

Be consistent. 

Pick one item from the list and create an action item. Make it something simple, easy to do, so that you can seamlessly work it into your day. Every day complete your small action item until it becomes something so routine that you do it without having to remind yourself.  This may take a week, or may take 3 weeks, it all depends on the action and how different it was from what you were already doing.  

For example:  Make it simple. Perhaps you pick one night to have dinner together.  Or create an online calendar where everyone shares their day and set an alarm to check it daily.  The goal is to just pick one small action you can do consistently.

Add on. 

Once you’re successful make this action part of your routine, add on another action. This method of ‘stacking’ helps keep you going and building in small, simple steps.  

For example:  Now that you have dinner once a week together, add on another night.  Or create a new step of bringing everyone together in a way that works.  When this becomes routine, add in something else new.

You can create the life you dream of, the one where you Live Big, even with hectic schedules, kids or careers.  Making those changes can be a simple act of Starting Small and giving yourself permission to work slowly but surely towards a life you love.

Focus on one area and pick one small action step to push you in that direction.  There may be times you can push more, other times you need to push less, but any time you have a small action you can do daily, you are on your way..  Don’t wait for the right time, it will never come.  Just make it ridiculously simple, fit it into your day and start living the big life that’s waiting for you.



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