There is a story about a group of monks in Thailand, hundreds of years ago, who covered a beautiful golden Buddha statue with clay and mud so that it would be disguised from the Burmese army who were about to invade.
The monks died, and soon nobody remembered that underneath all that concrete and gray, was actually a beautiful Buddha covered in gold. Years went by and one day, a tiny piece of the Buddha was cracked and a young monk noticed something shiny. He knelt down and picked at the concrete and noticed that their Buddha wasn’t any ordinary Buddha, it was a golden Buddha. And all the monks came and chipped away and released the golden Buddha so it could shine and make everyone happy again.
You are that beautiful golden masterpiece too.
And then we grow a little bit and get told rules, and we doubt and we learn what it means to be a boy or a girl or to be black or white or good or bad and before we know it, we are covered in mud and don’t resemble anything like we used to.
Then one day, something happens and we experience something we didn’t want.
We have a crisis, we get divorced, we experience a loss, we lose our jobs…. And it chips off a chunk of our mud.
Our armor cracks and we begin to notice that underneath there is a glimmer of gold.
And the moment that we see that gold, that we know it’s in there, the armor and the concrete will never satisfy us ever again.
That’s when the adventure begins.
So if you are struggling tonight, know that you have gold underneath that armor, and as it gets chipped away, you are not being destroyed, you are being released again.

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