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This past week, I published my book Become A Nutrition Ninja: A Proven Method To Losing Fat Without Losing Your Mind!  It went #1 on Amazon on two categories and I’m really excited about sharing it with everyone.

A few people reached out asking for some more tips, so I wanted to add some here in hopes that it helps people get on track and see how simple Flexible Dieting can really be.

Keep it simple.  Be consistent.  Stay the course.  Here’s more:

Find out more about my coaching program here or be sure to get an accountability buddy to have success!

I have links to many of my favorite, easy to count recipes inside my Pinterest folder All The Food!  Check it out!  I’m all about the crock pot and making life easy.  Here’s the link to the Great Lakes Gelatin!  Check out the P28 foods I told you about here!  Here’s the meal replacement shakes I use.

If you are a Flexible Dieter, be sure to join our group here! Share your ideas and get encouragement and ideas from others.

Thanks for watching, reading and inspiring me with your changes!


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