how thinking small can help you go big

As we come upon the close of the year, and you start to think about your dreams for 2016 I want to offer a small suggestion.  Think small.


This year, think small…. I’ll explain!

Every year we come up with some great big goals and awesome things we want to do, and I think that’s great.  Most Americans get to January 20th and decide those goals can’t be met and they give up. In 20 short days, they change their minds, lose their belief and throw in the towel on it all.

So this year, I want to encourage you to think small.

Drop the yearly, lofty goal and go for a 90 day goal. What do you think you can accomplish in 90 days?  What would it take to hit that 90 day goal?

small sprint goals

The magical thing about 90 days is that it feels doable. You can see the end in sight and really, anyone can push through and stick to something for only 90 days!  Your brain believes it is possible and so it becomes possible.

So lets do it!  Lets think small in 3 simple steps:

  1. Look at your year in 90 day increments and plan what will be accomplished in those short 90 day sprints.  Decide on each quarter, (and they can certainly add on to each other) and write down those over arching goals for each quarter.
  2. Break down your first quarter into months, and decide where you need to be at the end of each month to hit your 90 day goal.
  3. Decide how you need to start, over the next 3 weeks to reach that months goal.  Each Sunday night, reevaluate the next 3 weeks and plan forward.

When you change your goals from big 5 year or 3 year plans into smaller, achievable 90 day goals, you create a system of pushing yourself in small sprints.  Suddenly it doesn’t feel like you’ve got all the time in the world, it feels more like you’ve got to hustle!  This self imposed hustle will get you to the finish line faster than you ever could with those great big goals.

So get to work! Think small and break it down in a way that is full of action items to achieve those short term goals.

Think small for 2016!







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