I am a problem solver.
Well. I used to be. Now I just have the ability to solve problems.
Wait.. what did she say?
I was a problem solver. I was proud of it too.
I would go to job interviews and when they would ask my strengths, I would proudly lean across the table and let them know…. I AM a problem solver.
*confetti toss
But here’s the problem with that.
I had to have a problem.
Because that’s who I was. A solver of problems and so if there was no problem, there was no me.
Luckily, I was never one for drama but I did always find a way to make things a bit harder on myself.
Reports… done in time but man, I was awesome overcoming all those problems! Phew! (Funny other people didn’t have all the problems to overcome that I did!)
So what about you?
What are you?
“I am overweight.” (oppp… don’t lose that weight then or you will cease to exist!)
“I am a procrastinator.” (Better not do anything in a jiffy…. or else!)
See what I mean?
It’s bananas, isn’t it?

Where are YOU holding yourself back? You may not even know.

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Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled for how you define yourself. You may be surprised!
Because that’s Living Big,


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