coaching is your weakest link

I stood at the finish line of the Ironman the past weekend, watching athletes cross the finish line after 11, 12, even 13 hours on the course.  The Ironman seems ridiculously difficult to me from the sidelines and I wondered how they did it. How do you finish a 2.4 mile open swim, a 117 mile bike ride and finish off with a 26.2 mile run? How do you develop into the type of person who has trained themselves to not only go the distance physically, but has prepared their mind to push through so much?

As each one crossed the finish line and made their way through the shoot to come out into the crowd, I noticed a team surround each one. They got hugs and congratulations. Some Ironman were crying, others could hardly hold themselves up to move across the parking lot so the team members stepped in to help carry the load and move them to a safe location.

For months and months before the race these competitors trained with complete focus and drive. How did they know what to do?  How did they know when they were falling off track and needed to alter something in their approach or develop in a new way. Clearly when you are in the middle of it, when you are the athlete, you don’t have the perspective to really make these adjustments on your own.

It only makes sense that they all have coaches.

Probably a variety of coaches, a specific swim coach, a running coach, someone who helps with their biking. They probably have a nutrition coach and most likely, a slew of other ‘team mates’ to help them accomplish everything else they need to do in life to create the time to spend all those hours training.  You wouldn’t even think of attempting such an important race without guidance and coaching.

Why not?  Why not just train the best you can and hope for the best?

That would be insanity!  To risk all this TIME and EFFORT…. you may only have one shot! You don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Coaches can guide you, see things you can’t see and provide accountability. It would be insanity to attempt something that difficult without one.  But we do it all the time in our lives.  We fail to get coaching.  We don’t see the value.  We think we can wing it and make adjustments and still hit our target with no problems at all.  We failed to do the one thing that could have the biggest impact of all!  Get a coach.

Here are my top three reasons I think coaching is your weakest link:

1. You don’t have a defined plan for the specific goal you are trying to accomplish.  You want to learn to be a better swimmer, it makes sense to find a swim coach.  You want to start a blog, or a business or finally move the needle to get you closer to your goals, you need guidance!  You need someone who has done it before or someone who can provide perspective outside of yourself.

2. Some of the most impactful years of our lives go by, and we don’t make the progress we intended or hit the goals that we wanted. If you have a plan but don’t have anyone holding you accountable, you have a problem.  If not right away, eventually things will slip and your schedule or situation will change and you’ll need someone to help you stay focused.

3. You think having a coach is too expensive.  Investing in a professional coach is always a good idea if you have goals and want to meet them, but you have options!  Sure you can go to a coach for a one on one experience but you could also join a coaching group or create your own group.  Find people who are doing what you want to do, head to meet up or find friends online who have information to share.  Hold each other accountable weekly and set regular meeting times to check in.

Don’t let this be the one thing holding you back when it is so simple to fix!  We would never expect a team or an athlete to have direction and to win without having a coach.  Don’t leave your LIFE to chance!  This month, get your coaching lined up.  Search out the best fit for you, set your schedule and get to work!

‘I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.’  -Bob Nardelli  CEO, Home Depot






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