This year I became increasingly anxious about all my notes and ideas that I had everywhere.  I started out creating a bullet journal, which was amazing, but there were still a lot of things in my world that were digital, and I wanted to be able to create a space for those things too! 

Years ago I had downloaded Evernote, and I used it from time to time,  but now I needed to take it to the next level.   I needed an easy way to find things while I was working on my computer and to be able to organize all the pieces of paper I had all over the house; things like quotes and receipts that I wanted to keep but didn’t need access to on a regular basis.

If you aren’t familiar with Evernote, it is a website and an app for your phone and tablet that allows you to save things digitally into notebooks. You can save pictures of receipts, forward emails, scan pages and add thoughts or ideas.  All these can be tagged and organized in a way that makes it super easy for you to find later and since its accessible from any device, it’s convenient and smart!

I am a neat freak, and I don’t like having clutter or receipts all over.  It makes me CRAZY. I found Evernote solves my problem and keeps me sane all at the same time. Plus it’s FREE. 

There is a paid version too, if you are sending loads of big files into Evernote.  I actually paid for this for one month ($2.99) so my limit was higher. I was organizing a ton of stuff and didn’t want to be limited.  After that first month, I’ve been fine with the free version.

Before I even start, I want to recommend a book I got that really laid it all out for me.  I think of myself as pretty tech savvy, so thought I could figure it out on my own, but this book is such a great reference and made it easy to get started organizing my life with Evernote.  I tell people about it all the time.  It’s good stuff.

For this post moving forward, I am going to assume you have an account with Evernote and are mildly familiar with what’s going on so we can get straight to the productivity.  If you don’t know what’s going on, grab that book, it will save you tons of time.

Here are my top five ways to increase your productivity using Evernote.  (Excuse me on minute while I head to my Evernote and grab the code for this blue color that I have saved in a note titled ‘website colors’

1. Create a Notebook called ‘Read Later’.  Every time you find an article that you think sounds interesting but you don’t have time to read, clip it into your notebook for later.

2. If you’ve put Evernote on your iPhone you can add a quick note panel to your notifications screen (where you swipe down from the top of your phone) and from there, you can snap a picture to save, write a quick note, set a reminder or create a list. You can do this by swiping down on the home page of your phone to bring up the notifications and the ‘Today’ Tab.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and hit ‘Edit’ and then + Evernote.  You can then adjust it to where you want it to show up on your Today Tab.

3. Send emails directly from your email box into Evernote AND place them into the correct notebook automatically.  Every Evernote account has it’s own unique email ID.  You can find it by opening Evernote, go to tools, go to account info, copy the ’email note to’ link.  Save that as a contact on your phone and every time you need to save an email, just forward it to your unique Evernote email. It will head straight to your default notebook or you can set up a tag so it goes right where you need it to.

  • Make sure your email subject line is what you need it to be so you can indentify it easily in a list. 
  • Add in @ symbol and then the name of the notebook you want your email to head to. 
  • Add tags by adding # in the subject line. 
    • For example, my subject line:  Awesome post by BetsyPake.com @ArticlesToKeep  #productivity #tools #Evernote       This would head into my ‘Articles to Keep’ folder and would contain the tags ‘productivity – tools – Evernote’.  Super simple!

4. I have a Notebook titled ‘Templates’.  I create a note with a checklists that I need on the regular.  A packing checklist, a blog checklist; anything I need to be able to check things off.  When I need to use the check list, I right click on the note, and choose ‘Copy To Notebook’.  This creates a new note with the list that I can check off, preserving the original list to use another time. 

5. Download the Evernote Web Clipper and ‘clip’ anything you see online you want to save for later.  I save things in unique notebooks depending on the clip.  I have notebooks for gift ideas, quotes I like and links to things I want to check out later.  You can even save all your bookmarks here so you have them anywhere you go.


There are so many ways Evernote can make you more productive but these are a good place to start!  Do you use Evernote?  What are the ways you use it to make life easier?





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