Live & online coaching opportunities with Betsy.

Current coaching opportunities

Live Coaching

No Limits

Offered several times a year, this live group coaching dives deep into your subconscious self and helps you create a transformation on a deeper level than you’ve ever had before.

1:1 coaching with Betsy

Work 1:1 with Betsy. This is the highest level access to move you from where you stand today, into the transformation you want to experience. Includes NLP coaching, hypnotherapy and other modalities in each session.

Create Your Profitable Business

Work 1:1 with Betsy to create your business, from start to launch or building bigger with what you’ve already created.

Hypnotherapy sessions

Reprogramming for your subconscious so you can begin to make the changes you desire. This 45-minute call can be with weight loss, smoking or customized for the transformation you desire.

Live & Give

Every time you purchase a coaching program, we give 10% to a charity. When you Live Big, you help Give Big too!

Online Classes

The Infinite Soul Project

This in-depth course is based on my training with Mike Dooley, who you may remember the movie The Secret.  This course offers aself-guidedd walk through a spiritual transformation of your own.

Increasing The Current

After listening to my podcast # 95 on changing your energetic relationship to money, this 5-day course helps you to continue the work and clear your money story.

Live Big Lab

Deep dive into episode 5-54 of The Art of Living Big podcast!

Want to hear Betsy coach?

Listen in to The Art of Living Big each week to learn, be inspired & start to Live Big!

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