mom was right about momentum

Before the start of every school year, my mom would remind me that a rocket ship uses 80% of it’s fuel getting off the ground, encouraging me to start off the year with a big push.   If I could manage to stay focused in the beginning, then I would have success early on. She was hoping that success would propel me into action!

She was right.

If I felt successful and accomplished, I liked that feeling and would want it to continue. It would inspire me to keep working even when I hit the ‘grind’.

You know what the grind is, right?

The grind is the place where you do the work.  It’s the every day activities that aren’t very glamorous but lead you to success.  

Here’s how you make a decision, a commitment, to do something and not just set a wishy-washy goal that you may stick to for only a few days.

  • Figure out what you want.  Think about it and decided specifically what that ‘thing’ is.
  • Decide what the grind would be. What will it take to really truly hit this goal?  What are the things I have to do each and every day to make it happen.  What am I giving up to make this happen?  Is it worth it?
  • Set up a system to hold yourself accountable to the grind, and get to work.  Don’t look up, don’t reevaluate, don’t change your mind. GRIND.

When you focus in this way, something magical happens.

You succeed.

You do the work and you have results and THOSE RESULTS begin to propel you forward onto bigger and badder accomplishments down the road.

You set into a motion a system for winning and you can do it over and over again.

Yes, some grinds take longer than others, and some are more fun, but in the end, you become the type of person who lives for the grind.  If you ask high achievers, people who set goals and consistently meet them, what they do every day, they will tell you that they stick to the grind.  It’s the every day work that breeds success.

How can you start-up your rocket engines TODAY for 2016?  How can you begin the countdown so you are already prepared and grinding by the time New Years hits, so that you can already be experiencing success to propel you to not give up, and to hit those big dreams in 2016?

Think right now, if we were to meet up for drinks on December 31st, and I asked you what you’ve accomplished over the past six weeks, what do you want to be able to say?

Want to develop your own Rocket To Success Action plan to finish the year off right?  You got it!

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