listen to your voice


Recently I went to Nashville to see my cousins daughter get married.
She’s from Maine, but one day a few years ago, she saw a Tennessee license plate and heard a voice that said ‘ Go South Young lady’… or something like that.

So she did.
She packed up her shit and loaded up her car to head to Nashville and the rest… as they say, is history.
She was really a beautiful bride, don’t you think?


All that happiness and love maybe never would have been if she hadn’t just listened to her heart that day in the car.
She listened even though everyone thought she was nuts!
It’s hard to go against the world you know and do what YOU think is right.

I think it’s pretty cool that she did that.
I’ve tried hard to listen to my heart over the years and so I appreciated this quality in Meg.
I too jumped ship after college, driving my car from Vermont to North Carolina to start a new life. That was 25 years ago and loads of water over the bridge. But really…. I think listening to your heart, on those rare moments that it’s clear, can be life changing. It’s hard to go against the world you know and do what YOU think is right. Click To Tweet

So today, with Mothers day just past the bend, I wanted to ask you what little voice you’ve been ignoring?
Someone carried you, took care of you and helped make your life possible. She didn’t do it for you to be ordinary.
I don’t have anything to say today about eating more protein or drinking your water like you’d think a coach would… just a call to listen to your voice.
That voice.
The one that knows your life’s work. Because that’s probably what your mother wants you to do too.
And if you’re like me, and a motherless daughter, extra hugs to you,  not just on mothers day, but any day.  You can read more about what I learned when my mother died here, but really, she was the freaking bomb. She was happy and funny and once she bought a tee-shirt with a giant picture of a pot plant on it because she didn’t know what it was but thought it was pretty.
And then she wore it anyway because she liked it.

SHE liked it. No need to be ordinary. 




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