099: Beyond the Law of Attraction: The 12 laws of the universe - Betsy Pake

099: Beyond the Law of Attraction: The 12 laws of the universe


In todays episode I share the 12 Laws of the Universe and how those can can help support your journey!

I wanted to give you a download of the 12 laws so you can keep it in front of you, so if you’d like to download them, grab them here!


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Alright, so today,

I’m going to talk about the 12 laws of the universe. Now, we talked about manifesting magic in Episode 98. And I talked a lot about the law of attraction, which is really only one of the laws. And sometimes I think people get hung up, because they may know that law really well. And they can’t figure out why it isn’t working for them in the way that they want. But the reality is, there are more laws that are working in conjunction with all of that, that you might not be aware of. Now, I just been argued, there’s more than 100 laws. I mean, there’s obviously like the law of gravity, which you’re familiar with. But I’m going to talk about these 12 universal laws that will really help you, I think, put it all together and be able to really manifest some magic, or at least understand a little bit better what might be happening. I think sometimes, when we want something to happen in our life, when we want to find that love of our life, or we want to find that job we really love or whatever it is, there is this time where nothing feels like it’s happening. And maybe there’s even time where you don’t even feel like you have inspired action, right. So you keep hearing like inspired action inspired action, but I don’t know what to do. And that has happened to me too. And understanding these laws has really helped me kind of work through that. So if you’ve listened to the show, for some time, you may have heard me reference these or talk about these in different ways. But I’m going to actually break it down, talk about the specific law, and then talk about how it might be able to help you in your own manifestation process, or just an understanding your life a little bit better. Okay, the first lot that we’re going to get into is the law of oneness. Now, this really states that we are one with the divinity. So we’re one with God. And I sometimes hate to use the word God because I know that can be charged for a lot of people that maybe you associate that with a specific religion or organized religion, but I just mean with the universe with source energy with the divinity, whatever that means for you use whatever word works for you. But it is really that we are one. So we are part of this source energy. And there isn’t any kind of difference between you and me, and God and all of that we are all combined, and we are all one. So if you think like God has the power to create all kinds of magic, then you have the power to create all kinds of magic to because the Divinity is in you, and it’s working through you. So ultimately, this law is really that what you do to somebody else you’re ultimately doing to yourself. So if we are all one and we’re all connected to the Divinity than we are all connected to each other. Now, this is why I struggle so much with how do I even describe well, gossip for one thing, but I you know, I’m almost 47. So my friends aren’t necessarily gossiping, like we did when I was in high school, right? So we’re not really talking about people, but sometimes like my husband will walk through the neighborhood and he’ll say, like, Wow, look at their lawn, their lawn looks really good. And that feels good to me. And then he’ll say why they have so many weeds. Are they ever gonna get any weeds? And I start to feel like this constriction. So even that much of talking about somebody I think about this law, I think about like, Oh my gosh, anything that I’m actually saying about somebody else I’m saying about myself. Now, it also can be said that what I’m wishing on somebody else, I’m wishing on myself. So really celebrating people getting really excited about what other people are accomplishing. I actually asked my intuition, actually, I’m going to pause this and I’m going to get my book when I write to my intuition. Everyday after my meditation I, I write, and I write to it, and then I get the answers and I write the answers down. And I want to share it with you because maybe it’ll help you. This episode might end up being sort of long, but I’m gonna try to hurry it along here. Hang on one second. Okay, I’m back. So I’m gonna have you I’m gonna explain again, how I write to my intuition and you can listen to Episode 94 about how to actually do this for yourself. So I have a book that is my intuition book, and I write sometimes I’ll just say like, what is it I need to know today, but on this particular day, I was writing about you know, and I’m sure this is I’m gonna hope this has happened to you and I’m not the only one but I’ll go on Instagram, or I’ll go on Facebook and I’m friends with so many entrepreneurs. And and I’m and I follow some entrepreneurs that are really, really successful. Okay, so I’ve, I’m going back to this law here of oneness is that I will see them sometime like I’ll see somebody on Instagram. That is like running a retreat in Bali, right?

So and I see that and then I’m like I feel and I and I think you’ll know what I mean, I feel like this sudden like constriction, and it is a constriction not that I’m, I don’t want it for them I’m psyched for them. Plus I like to be able to see the pictures and the videos of the ocean and all that stuff. But I feel this constriction like, ah, I don’t have that, right. So I asked my intuition about it. And, and I was asking about my my work and my business and the direction of it. And I’m going to just kind of read to you without filtering and then I’ll talk about it. So we can tell you that when you are open like this magic can occur, nothing in life is outside of your limitation, nothing. You blocked and you put up guardrails on your thinking, because something seems too grandiose, but it isn’t. That is just you’re blocking the path. to unblock open your eyes. Actively search for bigger and surround yourself with those people don’t constrict and feel lack when you see them. Now, I do feel lack, right. So I asked about that. But I do feel lack. And it said view it as a sign that what is possible for one is possible for all, you don’t have to continue on the path of scarcity, if you don’t want to another world is open, if you want to step through the door, the door is awareness and continuously in the same on the same stream. Now, to me, that’s what this means the law of oneness is that we are all on the same stream, we are all everything is open to all of us. And if I am, there’s two things, right that if I’m wishing good things on other people, I’m wishing good things on myself. And if I see other people, I should really take it. And I feel that constriction. Really, I should take that as a sign. First of all, that it’s something available to me because I can see other people like I can see people on Instagram, for example, like driving monster trucks, and I feel no construction, like I have no interest in doing that. So that’s not for me, that’s not close to me, to me, when I feel the constriction. Now I feel like that is something that must be really close, that must be really close, that must be right in my vortex and ready for me. And so if I could open up and if I could instead be really excited and really celebrate that and really be excited that that is actually a sign of what is out there. For me, it changes the whole thing. So the law of oneness becomes something much different for me, it doesn’t become this, like, oh, they’re doing this thing, really good thing. And I can’t have that instead, it is actually to show me of what’s available to me. So now when I see all kinds of stuff that I think, Oh, that looks really good. I go, that’s all available to me. And the reason I’m seeing it in the way that I am is because the universe is trying to show me that’s available.

Now on the other hand,

if I’m looking at somebody and going, Wow, they look awful, they’re getting really old looking like or whatever that is, I’m really it’s a reflection of me. So it’s some kind of issue I have with myself because again, I don’t look at somebody and think I can’t even think of anything right now. But like, if it’s something outside of what I think about myself, like I don’t look at somebody and go, Oh, well, their feet are really small. Like, that just doesn’t happen because I don’t have any issue with my own feet. Right. But I might see somebody and go cut, they’re looking kind of old, cuz I have an issue with getting older, right or with having a wrinkle or having a sunspot on my face, or whatever it is. So remember, the law of oneness goes both ways. If you see somebody doing something great, celebrate it, because that means it’ll come back to you. It also means it’s something being shown to you that you could do too, because what is like my intuition said, view it as a sign that what is possible for one is possible for all and then later it said rejoice, celebrate, it is right here for you for all of you. So take it as a sign and then don’t ever gossip about people don’t say bad stuff. Don’t even say it in your head, see if you can stop that. Because all that is is it doesn’t matter if you’re saying it out loud. Or it’s in your head like try and see if you can start to shift that thinking okay, so enough on the law of oneness, all right, the law of vibration. So everything has a vibration. We’ve talked about that before everything is energy. So if you look at the table, you look at your car, you look at your house, you look at a banana, it all is just a vibration in space, right? And so, if you can think of the atoms that are vibrating that are are forming the trip to Bali, for example. And if I see the ocean and I see the sand and all of that has a vibration, then in order to physically manifest it, then, because I am one big ball of energy as well vibrating, if I can match that vibration, right. So that really gets into the law of attraction, which we have talked about, on episode 98, where we talked about manifesting magic, it’s really about that vibration. So you want to become an energetic match to the thing that you want. Because once you become an energetic match, then you have the power to access the thing that you want. So just remember, for this one, the law of vibration, just simply remember, everything is vibrating. And if you can get in the vicinity of that same vibration, that thing has no choice but to come to you. So how do you get in the vibration or the vicinity of the thing is you get in the feeling of the thing. So you know, I went to the beach last week if you listen to Episode 98. And so what did I do? I actually brought home a giant Ziploc bag full of sand. And I put it in a like a Amazon box, right? So I lined it with like a garbage bag. I don’t know, I can’t think like all I keep thinking about is like a kitty litter, right? So I made it look like a kitty litter thing. And I’m like secretly hoping my cat doesn’t use it as a kitty litter box. But what I did was I took an Amazon box, put a garbage bag in it and filled it with the sand that I took from the beach, and it’s under my desk. And when I sit at my desk, my feet are in the sand. I know, seems so silly, doesn’t it? And does that really seem worth like, I know, you might be thinking you might be thinking, that just doesn’t seem worth it. But what it does is it puts me in the vibration and puts me in the feeling of being at the beach. And even if it doesn’t bring beach to me, it makes me feel good. I like having my feet in the sand. That’s one of the reasons I like going to the beach. So I don’t have to be at the beach to have that feeling.

So I’m putting myself in the vibration. So that’s the law of vibration. Alright, the next one, the law of action. So I talked about align aligned action, also an episode 98, where we talked about manifesting magic, but really, the law of action is about getting into action, if you were a fan of the secret. And I know a lot of people didn’t like that movie, but I really liked it. When I watched the secret, it seemed really familiar to me, it didn’t seem like some new concept. It was almost like just validating things that I already knew. But what they left out was the action part of it, right, which is okay, because you’re they were teaching us an aspect of manifestation, but they left out the action part. So I absolutely believe getting in the vibration of the thing. And then seeing what actions feel fun and feel good and feel right, is the way to go. Because that’s inspired action, and you’ll get ideas that will come to you. But the law of action also is just getting into any kind of action. Now there have been times in my life, even in the past, like six, eight months, where I felt like I don’t, I’m not feeling like doing anything, it was sort of unsettling. And I’m going to talk about another law that relates to that. But it was a little unsettling. But what I realized was that if I could find something even off topic, so I was not feeling like doing a whole lot with my work. Like I wasn’t wanting to create anything new or it just felt kind of like not bad, but just I didn’t. I wasn’t inspired. Right. There was no inspired action. And so instead, what I did was I thought, Well, what does feel good was just learning. And so that’s what I did, I took action in that step. So the law refute. The law refers to taking physical action when you’re actually doing something that’s relating to what you’re manifesting. Now, for me, learning was absolutely helping me because it was helping me become a better coach and learn new things. I’ve talked about how I’m a neuro linguistic programming coach. And so what I actually did was I started taking my masters in NLP so that I would become a master facilitator in NLP. So that is what I did. And that was helpful to me, it helped me learn new things and see the world in a different way. So taking action is super important, aligned action is best, but if you feel nothing aligned, just take some action and see if it leads you on the path to something aligned. So any kind of action is great, aligned action is best. So just pay attention to your nudges from the universe, and then just do something. Okay. The next law is the law of correspondence. Now, this is actually saying that your outside is a direct reflection of your inside. So if you look at my life right now, and you look at your life right now it is a direct reflection of what you were thinking. A year ago, a week ago. 10 years ago, and it’s funny because I was talking to my sister not long ago, and she said, you know, our lives are like exactly the way our parents thought they would be like, we have nice lives, nice homes, nice families.

And I’m going to say something that’s going to sound a little weird, but nothing is extraordinary. And I don’t think we ever thought we would be extraordinary. Now, I’m changing the way I’m thinking about that. But so much of who we become and who we are, is what our parents told us. So we get a lot of our beliefs. And a lot of that is ingrained in us between the ages of zero and seven, right. So if you have little kids, you have a lot of power right now to help them think much larger and change the way they’re experiencing the world and how they’ll experience the world forever. Now, I’m an adult. And so I have the opportunity. And I think the responsibility to review what it is I’ve been taught and what I believe to be true, and see if I want to change it. Now, anytime somebody comes to me, and they’re like, I am not happy with my spouse, or I’m not happy with, you know, my career, or whatever it is, I always tell them to go inside, you can’t change anything, anybody else. But you can change yourself. And Dr. Dwayne Dyer has a great quote about when you change the way you see things, the things you see change. And that is absolutely true. And that is the law of correspondence. So we can physically change the outside by changing our inside. So maybe that’s learning something new, maybe that’s reevaluating your belief systems, maybe that’s getting in touch with what you really think about something and challenging it, which is one of my most favorite things to do. So the law of correspondence is that everything is just a reflection of your inner. So if you want to change your outer, just get working on your inner and you’ll start to see those changes manifest, I think, I really think you’ll start to see little things like within a day, and then two days, and then it builds and builds and builds upon itself. All right, the next law is the law of cause and effect. So you’ll hear people say karma, karma is gonna get you or whatever. But that is really what this is, it’s the cause the law of cause and effect. And it’s really about what you sow, you’re going to reap. So whatever it is that you’re thinking about, that’s what you’re going to get. So if you think about, I went and saw Abraham Hicks this past weekend, and it was interesting, it was so interesting. And I may do a whole episode on it. But one of the things that Abraham was talking about was that when you have the ground and you plant a seed, and you’re a farmer, you plant the seed, and then you don’t immediately dig the seed up to see if anything’s happened, right, you plant the seed, and you water it and you take care of it. But it doesn’t matter what you’re planting. So it doesn’t matter if you’re planting corn, or you’re planting


like it’s going to produce whatever it is you put in it. So the law of cause, cause and effect is really that whatever you put out is what’s going to grow it there’s not any kind of, oh, Betsy, that’s a negative thought, don’t plant that. No, it just grows, whatever you get it. So I often say worry is a form of prayer. So if you don’t want to be hoping and praying for more of what you’re worrying about, stop worrying about it. Worrying doesn’t do anything to help you. And if you think about, well, I’m gonna get to this, I’m gonna, I’m gonna make myself a note. So I remember. So I want you to, if you think about how lucky you are to be able to have the worries that you have, maybe that will change it for you. And I’m going to get into that in another one of the laws, but the law of cause effect is really that what you reap what you sow, is what you’re going to reap So, so some really great things. And that is what you’re going to start to get. The next law is the law of attraction. You guys are familiar with this. If you want to learn more about it, you can go to Episode 98. But it’s like attracts like, right? So positive energy attracts more positive energy and negative energy attracts more negative energy. So if you want to manifest the things that you want to have in your life, it’s really all about getting on the vibration of that thing, and that that thing will be attracted to you. All right. The next law is the law of perpetual transmutation. So this one is really, I think, really powerful to know how much power you really have. So this law actually just reminds us that you have the power to change your life. The moment you decide to change it is when it can all change. So nothing is solid in never ending change like nothing is going to be Static, but we can actually take negative energy and take it up to a higher vibration. So if you have something in your life, that’s really a negative thing that is a negative vibration brings negative memories and negative thoughts, you have the power to change that, you can actually change it and bring it into something much more positive. And that really goes back to the law of which law, the law, the law of cause and effect. So if you’re thinking of better things, if you’re thinking better thoughts, you’re going to get better thoughts. So you can change the way you think about something. So let’s say there’s something in your life, that was really awful. I’m going to use an example of my own life. So and you’ve if you’ve listened to the show for any amount of time, you know, my mom died in a car accident when I was 16. So 30 years ago, okay, so my mother was amazing. I miss her every day, it was a terrible, awful thing that happened. But I am a different person because of that. And I like who I am because of that. And I think I have more compassion than I would have because of that. And I also have this ability to feel more joy, what I know, I have the ability to feel more joy because I’ve taken that negative experience. And I’ve used it as a mirror for everything else that happens. So if something really bad happens, I go and wasn’t bad as that day. So I have taken this negative thing, this negative energy and turned it into something positive. Now, I’ll use another example. If I’m around people that have a really low vibration that are really negative, and maybe you have those people in your in your work, we have the tendency to drop down, most people will drop down to the level of the negative vibe, right? Because you’re getting sucked in, you’re like, Oh my god, I can’t maintain. I’m around this negative person. Uh, but

if you can stay at your high vibration, the law of perpetual transmutation means that negative energy will be absorbed by the positive energy and that person will actually rise up. The key is you have to maintain your positive vibe. And how do you do that? Well, there’s lots of ways energetically, one thing you could do is a cord cutting meditation. And I did an episode on that and you can download the cord cutting episode, meditation itself for free on my website. If you go to Betsy Pake comm backslash tools, you can just download it for free. So doing a cord cutting meditation, I mean, I do I do a cord cutting meditation almost every day, I do it with my daughter in mind cutting the cords with my daughter, cutting the cords with my husband. I know Doesn’t that sound so weird, it doesn’t hurt your your relationship, it’s not cutting off your relationship. It’s just cutting any negative vibration that’s left. So every day I like to like cut that off and start fresh and new. So my daughter is a teenager, and if you’re familiar with teenagers, then you know they can be kind of, you know, they’re Moody, right? So they, they there’s a lot of drama. So I have to I really have to struggle to stay high vibe. And then I noticed if I can stay there and I can maintain it. Pretty soon she’ll start to come up to where I am. So the law of transmuted perpetual transmutation is really that you don’t have to worry about other people’s lives by bringing you down. It’s only your perception of it that can do that. So keep focusing on your energy. And then you’ll bring other people up. So we have the power to change to transmute energy. Alright, the next one is the law of compensation. This is sort of like the law of cause and effect, but it is actually talks about more like blessings and monetary stuff. So the law of compensation is really like if you want to receive freely, you need to give freely. And when I say give freely, it needs to be in the spirit of like, truly wanting to give without any kind of need for anything in return. So if you’ve ever bought one of my coaching programs, or you’ve been to my website, you know, I give 10% of all my coaching income to charities. And one of the things I this past month I’ve sponsored a bunch of people that were running races and doing things like that. Also, last month, January, February, we we helped pay for a little girl in Uganda

to get her club feet fixed. And there’s more coming with that we’ve got a new one that we’re going to help with club feet. So we actually pay for the surgery and all of the you know after care stuff for the for the year that follows to get their feet right now, that is actually really powerful. Because if you’re in a third world country and you have club feet and you can’t walk, that is basically your life is of a beggar. Right? So to me that feels so good because I know I’m changing somebody’s life. So I don’t expect anything in return. Like I’m, maybe I’ll meet those kids, I would really like to, I have a thought a vision of actually doing that of helping a lot of kids and having a big party. But the point is, is that the law of compensation says that if I’m freely giving out without any kind of need to get anything back in return, then all of that will come back to me tenfold. So this is really just about giving freely and not, not resisting. So one of the ways that we can resist things coming to us. So if you’re trying to manifest something in, it is not coming in, you can feel this resistance and you can feel a block, start to give stuff away. Like it, maybe you don’t have money to give away understand that maybe you have time, maybe you walk around and you give smiles to everybody, maybe you imagine your energy field, like pushing out from your body. And as you walk through the grocery store, you were blessing everybody. And you’re saying hello to everybody. And you’re feeling a connection with everybody like that is the law of compensation. And so that when you give that out, that is what will come back to you. Okay. The next is the law of relativity. So this is basically that nothing is as bad as it seems. So every single person on the planet is got things that are challenges for them. But nothing is as bad as you think it is. Now, one of my good friends that when I started CrossFit back, like before CrossFit was owned by her sponsor by Reebok. So back in like the end of 2008, beginning of 2009. And I went to Kyle Maynard’s gym, if you know who Kyle Maynard is. Now he is an international speaker. He was actually born a congenital amputee. So he he doesn’t have arms or legs. But I met Kyle when he was working at his gym. And my husband is good friends with him. And so we’ve kept in touch over the years. And now he’s an international speaker. He’s everywhere. This past week, when I went to the beach, I read the book by Lewis Howes, that is the School of greatness. This is a good little book. But in it, he talks about Kyle, and one of the things he talked about was how Kyle does a lot to help people that wounded veterans. And what Kyle said, which I thought is so the law of relativity is that he said that he’s never had arms or legs. So he has nothing to compare it to and how much compassion he feels

for the amputees because they

had arms and legs and they have something to compare it to. So that was so profound to me because it is nothing ever seems as bad as it seems Kyle has no arms or legs, he never has had arms or legs. And he thinks he has it better than people that have been in combat and lost their arms or legs. profound. So it is really that we have to understand that any of our obstacles or challenges or, or problems that we have, are actually here to make us stronger to help us evolve. And that we can always find something that is worse, we can always see the value in our problems. You know, if you’ve got it, where did I hear this? I heard something. Oh, I know, it was the Yogananda I was watching something and Yogananda was talking. And he said, You know, people in third world countries don’t stay up at night, worrying about credit card bills. And that was so profound, because that is a problem that a lot of people would only dream of having. So when you view it like that, it’s the law of relativity, it’s the law of putting it in perspective, almost nothing is ever as bad as it seems. And when you can

start to shift so that your

problems actually seem like really good problems.

Like that is how your world can start to change. That’s how all of a sudden you can begin to manifest the new things because now you don’t have that negative vibration attached to that thing. You know, and I have often said, like, we all have problems, like no matter what, even if you come to me, and you’re like, I want to work past this problem, you’re going to have new problems, but that’s a great thing. So let’s uplevel your problems. I say that all the time when I get something new that I’m like, Oh my God, I’ve never had this problem before. This is really cool. This is a good thing. This means progress. So that’s the law of relativity. All right, the law of polarity. This basically says that every single thing

has an opposite.

So Joy has sadness, and there’s light and there’s dark, all of this thing. So up and down. There’s all of these opposites. So like I was saying before with my mom, like I can no joy in a totally different way. Because I know desperate sadness and grief. And so when I go to the beach, I can feel like I because I have the Opposite I have the longing when I get to the ocean. And you might not have a thing with the ocean like I do, I don’t know what it is. But I have this, this severe like thing with the ocean. I’ve had it ever since I was little I remember the first time I ever saw the ocean, like in third grade in Maine, and it was cold. And I remember going like I am so small. And I also remember staring at the ocean. And I could stare at the same spot. And it was never the same. And it was all the same. So I think that’s part of my love of the ocean. But I have this this opposite, right? So right now I’m outside Atlanta, and I don’t have the ocean. So when I get there, it feels so great, because I haven’t had it. So I have the opposite. So if you’ve never felt sadness, you don’t know how to feel truly happy. If you’ve never felt really grateful, you don’t know, you know? So these opposites are really important.

So if you can

focus on this, if you can, you know, focus is on muscle, right? So if you can focus on how the opposite is, there’s an opposite to it. There’s another side of the coin. So if I something bad happens, I can focus and go What’s the good part? And I talked about this a little bit in Episode 98 on manifesting magic, but what how can I see the other side of the coin

because there is a law working here the law of polarity.

And so if I can see the other side of the coin that can help me to be able to have a better perspective,

see things in a different way. And really understand how the universe

is really always working for my good. All right, we’ve just got a couple more the law of rhythm. Now, this is really what I think of as like seasons. So you know how I was saying before that there have been times in action, there’s that law of action, where I didn’t really want to do anything. And so I just picked something to get going.

But I didn’t really want to do anything in my business in

terms of getting clients or getting new customers like I felt this law. Well, I really feel like that is just part of a season, there’s an ebb and a flow of life or a rhythm. And that if we can just understand that there are times

where we’re going to be

there’s times where we’re going to be more laid back, there’s times we’re going to be more excited, we’re going to be more active at some times. And if you can start to really tune in and listen to your body and understand these rhythms, then you don’t feel like oh my gosh, I do not feel like I don’t feel like working out today, or whatever it is, I don’t feel like working today, I don’t feel like and maybe you’ll have a season like that instead of getting really down on yourself. If you can go You know what, this is the law of rhythm. This is a season of life, I can’t expect to be energized and happy and super productive every single day of my life. So what can I do today that feels really good that kind of flows with the rhythm. Maybe tonight isn’t a night where I get in an extra workout, maybe tonight is a night where I take a bath and I relax, do you see what I’m saying. So just kind of go with the ebb and flow of rhythm. And as you get better on all these laws, then it’ll start to make a little bit more sense to you, you’ll start to see how they all work in conjunction in your life. And when you can start to really work with them. As when you can really start to see some of the patterns improve and and change the way you do things. Now I’m going to make a download for you. So if you want it, just go to Betsy Pake comm backslash 12 laws, and that’s where you can download the the all of the different laws so you have them. Alright, the last law, this is the law of gender. So this is basically the All Things have a masculine energy and a feminine energy. And for a while, and I posted about this on Instagram in about following the moon cycles. The each moon cycle also has a feminine energy or a masculine energy. It’s like the yin and the yang. So there are times where your there’s going to be things that feel a little bit more masculine, which is like action. And then there’s times where there’s going to be a little bit more of allowing, which is the feminine. When I was in sales, I worked in sales for almost 20 years. And I would I knew these rhythms. I had a really successful career. And I think it’s partly because I knew these rhythms inherently. So I knew there were times where I had to push and be active and there were times where I just needed to let things flow and back off, right. So if you can start to understand the the law of gender, then you’ll get to know that pushing really hard sometimes will just leave you frustrated. But pushing sometimes will make things really move forward. So you’ve got to find the action. I think at all Also flows in with the law of rhythm. A lot of these laws sort of overlap and in intertwine, I believe. But if you’re taking inspired action, if you’re taking inspired action, which is the masculine, and you’re allowing yourself to receive as the feminine, that is when you will feel most aligned, and everything will be coming to you in a much easier way. So that is really going to be like your sweet spot of all of the manifestations that you want in your life. So I hope that these 12 laws were helpful for you, I hope that you can start to use them in your life and maybe not be quite so hooked on the law of attraction, even though that gets a lot of press, and maybe see how you can use some of these other laws to just allow yourself to receive to move through the world in a different way to help yourself to stay content with where you are and moving through the process. Instead of feeling any kind of ain’t, that you’re not where you want to be and you’re not having the success you want it or you’re not feeling the love that you wanted, or whatever it is that you wanted to have come to you that this is all part of the process. These laws are all working for you. So everything is working for you and for your greater good. And when you have those obstacles or those struggles, it’s all part of the process. And it is a wonderful thing. And if you can learn to accept and embrace that the journey will be so much more fun. And I think that’s sort of why we’re here for a

little bit of fun and you know what?

To start to believe that we deserve a big life. Thanks so much for listening. Remember, you can find me all over social media at Betsy Pake and, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.


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