028: Live in gratitude, manifest your dreams & create a life you love. Interview with Pam Grout.


Pam Grout is the author of 19 books, including ‘Thank and Grow Rich’, E2 and Living Big! Her audible books are my favorite to listen to and she is one of the best story tellers.  You can find her website here and her travel site here. (Yes… it’s called George Clooney slept here!)

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today’s podcast is brought to you by the infinite soul project, where you learn how to shift your energy and manifest the change you want in your life. We’re gonna dive into your brain and the scientific reasons why you get more of what you focus on and help you consciously create some miracles for yourself, you can find out more at infinite soul project.com. My guest today is one of my most favorite authors, she’s written 19 books, I’m working my way through them. I’ve listened to one on Audible so many times that I start to say other things in her voice and inflection. But what she does is teaches how to shift your thinking how to get on the happy train, and how to really live a life of joy and bliss. So I’m really excited to share this interview with you and I was so honored that she took the time to come on the show. So without further ado, I hope you enjoy this episode. Welcome to the art of living big. My name is Betsy Pake entrepreneur, author and personal success coach. This is the show that brings you stories and small ideas to help you live a big life. I hope this once a week podcast will inspire you, motivate you and encourage you to think differently about what could be possible for your life. Thanks for spending some time with me today. Now let’s go live big. All right, I have with me today. Pam grout. Pam, thanks for being here with us.

Hey, thanks for having me. I’m honored. So I am so

excited. You’re here and and my friends that listen and even people that have listened to the podcast, I think I’ve probably mentioned your book or shared it on social media, one of your books. Um, but tell everybody a little bit about you and who you are?

Well, that’s an interesting question. It depends on what part of me, I don’t know. But I am an author, I just finished my 19th book. And I’m also a travel writer. And that’s kind of an interesting people like to know about me, I travel all over the world, and I write about it. So that’s kind of a fun thing, too. But basically, who I am is I’m a person who loves creativity in all its manifestations. And you know, just like doing a lot of different credit things, but But the thing that I’m known for probably is that these 19 books that I’ve written, the one that became a huge bestseller is a squared, it’s a book that came out about I guess, three years ago, maybe was four years ago now. But anyway, it went on to, you know, be number one in the New York Times bestseller list. And it’s been translated into 40 languages. And it just became this huge phenomenon, which is totally changed my life. And that then I go out and talk about this stuff. And I do interviews with people like you, and it’s just, you know, kind of changed my life. But anyway, that’s kind of a little bit about me, I love playing pickleball I’m a single mom, gosh, I can tell you all kinds of stuff.

So okay, so that’s how I found you. Originally, I was in a group on Facebook, and it probably was about two, two and a half years ago. And someone told me to get East squared. Now, I had already been really kind of focused on, like positive thought and believing that my thoughts become things, and trying really hard to attune and quiet my mind enough so that I could, I could hear that the actions that I should take next, you know, so I would get a feeling for something. And I would say, Well, what am I supposed to do. And if I’m just quiet enough, and having enough fun, then the next thing and the next thing will come to me and really, in the last year of my life has changed a whole lot. And it’s because I started really doing that. So someone told me to get your book, and I did. And that book is really about experiments. So it’s do it yourself. Energy experiments that help prove your thoughts create your reality. And so how did you even come up with the experiments? or How did you get started in that whole idea that thoughts are creating your reality?

Well, I think it’s a theme that’s been around for a while. I mean, even in the Bible, it says, you know, ask and you shall receive. So it’s been around a while. But the reason I came up with the experiments, and I think that’s what makes my book so unique, and why it’s been a lot of fun for people is you know, you can talk about this stuff, you can theorize it till the cows come home, but until you actually put it to work in your own life until you see it with your own two eyes. It’s just get a theory and it’s not really that worth that much as a theory. So this is a way of getting people to really try Is this true? Is there really this force out there that has my back? Is it really true that if I focus on this thing that it will happen? Is it really true that there’s this force out there that loves me that wants to interact with me that wants to bless me? And so it’s a way of really, you know, quit talking about or quit reading about it, put it into practice? So that’s what the experiments do they more than than really putting the field of infinite potentiality as I call it to the test. It’s a really a way of jarring us. into paying attention to all the blessings and miracles that surround us every day.

Yeah. And I think that when you are attuned to that, you start realizing how many little signs you do get about what direction to go and in and that you’re on the right direction.

Right? Yeah, they signed just keep coming and coming and coming. In fact, that’s one thing people worry. They go, oh my gosh, what if I didn’t get it? Or what if I interpreted it wrong or whatever, whatever? Well, the good news is that that’s okay. And you’ll have another sign that’ll come right behind. It’s like whiskers, they just keep growing back.

Don’t you think lots of times people think, well, that’s just a coincidence. Like, what’s the difference between like a coincidence and a sign?

Well, I think a lot of people do think it’s a coincidence. And that’s our dominant paradigm that teaches us that we live in an indifferent universe. I mean, that’s what we’re taught growing up, basically, that we live in a different universe. And if you believe that you live in, in an indifferent universe, then you won’t notice the science or you will write it off as coincidence. But as you start paying more attention, and that’s like I said, Why I think experiments, do you realize that it’s not coincidence, there is so much more going on, there’s just such a bigger picture going on. And it’s really a beautiful way to live your life, you kind of just relax and realize, wow, things are gonna work out things are just fine. You know, we are another thing our dominant paradigm is always convincing us is that our job is to come up with all the things that are wrong in our life and focus on problems and then try to fix them. But really, when we relax, and just kind of as I loved your story, you said you just sort of decided to get happier having a word of it, you just sort of followed what came along. And it’s amazing. That is how it’s supposed to work. But because our dominant paradigm suggests otherwise, we don’t even notice.

Yeah, yeah. And I think that, like I started, well, I, when I read your book, I did a lot of the experiments. And then I have read your latest book, which is thinking grow rich. And I’ve shared that one so much. I’ve listened to on Audible three times. And I’ve read the book. Just so good. And it’s funny, because now when I read other things, like totally not even stuff you’ve written all the sudden, I realize I’m reading it in your voice, listen to that book so much. Which is funny. But one of the things I’m trying to teach my 15 year old, how to shift her thoughts so that she can start seeing really all the abundance, you know, when you’re, she’s a freshman in high school, and, you know, you get focused on all the junk that’s going wrong, or the drama. And so trying to get her to shift. And we were driving to target the other day, and I had that book on Audible and playing in the car. And I said for fun, because I love the beach, but I live outside Atlanta. And there’s really no beach around no ocean for hours and hours. And one of my dreams is that I’m going to live at the beach. And so I said, You know, I love the beach. So let’s pretend let’s look for a sign that I’m going to get to live at the beach. And I said, What about those salt life stickers? And she said, You can’t pick that because everybody has those on their cars. I said, Well, something life, you know, like something like ocean life or beach life, whatever, you know. So we walk into target and no kidding, a guy is walking out of target with a T shirt on that said beach life. Like all that even makes t shirts is a beach life. So it was so fun. And it made her so joyful. And I think that the message I get from some of your books is just to have fun with it. And that puts you in the right energy.

That is so true. And again, it’s just the opposite of what we’ve been taught that you’re supposed to put your nose to the grindstone and work really hard. So we’re taught just the opposite. But yeah, I mean, how exciting is it to know that when you just sort of relax and you listen to your intuition or listen to, or follow the signs and, and that life can really be easy. And that’s how it’s meant to be it’s only us that can put up that can erect the blocks to this thing, you know, being active in our life. And we do put up the blocks because, you know, we’re sort of taught that, you know that it’s that it’s not really the way the world works. So we’re taught lessons that don’t really serve us. I don’t know if you’ve read my book EQ, but I tell that story about the five year old boy Have you remember that story?

I’ve read it, but tell me the story.

Okay, well, I love this story. And so this five year old boy, he has a new baby sister and it keeps bugging his parents. He’s like, Oh, Mom, I’ve just got to talk to my baby sister. I just have to have some alone time on my baby sister. And they’re kind of scratching their head and you know, they’ve read the books about sibling rivalry and they’re thinking, I don’t know, but he just wouldn’t give it up. His five year old boys wouldn’t give it up. So finally after you know, weeks of demanding that it gets them a long time with his baby sister, you know, they they go ahead and they open up a nursery they stand outside the door while he tiptoes in and He walks up to the crib and he says, tell me about God, I’m starting to forget,

oh my gosh, you know, and that’s

the truth, you know, this way of life that you’re talking about, you know, this kind of easy way, the signs, the love all the stuff. That is the way it’s meant to be. But we learn this other paradigm, this cultural paradigm. And then because of that work, we don’t let a lot of this stuff. And so anyway, that’s one of my favorite little stories. Yeah, whole idea. Yeah,

I love that story. You know, and I think to his kids, like, we know, we just go out and play and we have fun, and we’re happy and we enjoy life.

Right? And then

we get older, and we complicate everything,

right? You know, I think if a parent when their kid is, you know, being raised or whatever, if they would just say or encourage them, follow your bliss, do what you love to do. But see, we’re taught not to do what we love to do, oh, no, no, no, you got to behave, you got to sit up straight, you got to, you know, use the right fork, I mean, we’re taught all these other things that really don’t matter. Because we are connected with this bigger thing. And it does have all the information, all the guidance we could ever use. But because these paradigms that are you know, and we as you know, well meaning parents say that to our kids to you know, trying to teach them, this is the right way to do it. So then they learn all these rules, instead of Hey, connecting to this thing that they’re there, all of us are connected to them. You can’t not be connected to it, but you can not be aware of it, and you can block it. And that’s I think it’s kind of the state of the world. Yeah,

yeah. So if somebody’s listening, and they’re like, I want to get, I want to find the thing, but I have no idea where I would even start, what would they do?

Well, I think just having that desire is a great first step. If they think to themselves, you know, I really, is this really true? I mean, that’s the whole idea behind the book, he squared, it’s like, is this really true? Is there really this force that has my back? So I mean, that’s what people could do. They could say, Okay, look at their watch and say, Okay, today or their phone however they want, and then register what time it is, and then give this field or whatever, 48 hours. I mean, that’s one of the experiments that that’s the first experiment, I call it the Dubai’s experiment. But literally say, Hey, hey, big guy, if you’re out there, and you know, I just kind of joke and call it the dude or whatever. But yeah, it really is this force, this invisible energy force out there, let it make its presence known. And then you just ask to be open to it and ask for a blessing. Okay, there’s that.

Little One usually doesn’t make any noise. But now, of course, you know.

So sorry about that.

Oh, that’s okay. We probably set it up. Because we talked about it, you know, it’s like, wait, we sort of made it happen. So. So really

just knowing just being on that field, where you’re really looking for happiness. And I think, you know, for me, I listened to your book, one of the times I listened to your book, I was painting a spare room. And I wasn’t super excited about having to paint the spare room. But when I listened, I realized if I got really happy, and I just made it really fun, that it wouldn’t seem that hard, and it wouldn’t take that long. And I was, I was blown away by how quick the time passed. Now, some people would say, Well, it’s because you were concentrating on listening to the, to the book, but I say it’s because I shifted instead and found it therapeutic and joyful and fun to like,

paint the wall. So it is really a shifting when you say, Oh, so much so and that’s the thing that’s so beautiful about all this. Only we with those cultural paradigms decide that this isn’t fun. Like we make these as like, This is fun. This isn’t. And so once we, you know, make that decision, oh, painting a room isn’t fun. Well, then, of course, it becomes not fun. But if we make the decision that oh, this could be so much fun. And the truth is, anything can be fun. Everything is fun. If we decide to see it that way, if we decide to approach it with this sense of play in the sense of fun, I mean, literally anything can be fun. And that’s just like a radical notion. People go what How can that be? But it’s only a learned beliefs. It’s that this isn’t fun, or that isn’t fun. You know, we all have our ideas about what is fun and what isn’t. But it’s just a belief. It’s not even true. It’s just a story.

Yeah, yeah. And I think sometimes we have, like work, maybe that isn’t fulfilling us or you know, a relationship that’s not fulfilling us. But we’re sort of looking at the wrong things. Would you say? Oh, for sure. Yeah.

I mean, you can make any job a good time. I mean, if you kind of approach it as Wow, what can I learn from this? What can I How can I serve? I mean, I think one of the things one of the big themes so if you’ve listened to think and courage a few times, is this idea that that’s what we really want is to serve the planet. Yeah, we all want to serve we want to be making a contribution. We’re all given these great gifts, and we want to be able to give our gifts so So anyway, I mean, no matter where we are, we have the opportunity to give our gifts Yeah,

yeah. So Alright, so I want to Talk a little bit without getting into anything that’s too stressful. But I myself and I did a podcast, I do a solo round on Mondays. And this past Monday, I did the solo round on really getting into super grateful joy. And with the recent elections, I found I was getting so bogged down. And like, Pam, I was so stressed out about it. And I was stressed. Like, I’d go on Facebook, and I would get so stressed out and like get into I read all the comments, you know, you should never read all the comments and like, everybody’s fighting. And so finally I decided, although it may sound irresponsible, like no more news, no more Facebook, I’ve been on Facebook for like two weeks been glorious. And every morning, as soon as I get up, instead of checking Facebook, like I usually would I write down. I mean, I just worked up, everything ends up being like more than 100 things, probably all the things I’m grateful for. And it shifted my life so much that people were that I hadn’t seen in a while we’re seeing me and we’re like, you look so good, which I don’t. But I was do I’m joyful. And don’t you think like what, what if somebody’s in the heat of all that, but they can’t make the leap, like guided to just cut everything out and focus on joy? Like, how do you get around, like when chaos is happening in the world or sadness is happening in the world?

Well, you know, what you did is so profound. I mean, you claimed your power, and we all have that power to turn off this thing that wasn’t making you happier this thing that was, you know, causing chaos in your own mind. Because you know, all these things that are happening to us, it’s just happening in our minds, right. And so we can either keep focusing on that, and certainly there’s a lot of people are, and there’s a lot of, you know, media out there, there’s a lot of reasons we could do that. But we also at any time have the power to, you know, tune into nature, I mean, you know, the sun’s still coming up every morning, the trees are still growing, they’ve been around for, you know, some of them 500 1000 years, you know, they’ve endured all kinds of, you know, things that have happened. So, it’s really a matter of where we want to put our focus. And so you claimed that power that you have to actually change your focus. And I would encourage everyone to do that, you know, are really just to ask themselves, you know, is this is this focus on the election or whatever? Is this making you happy? And if the answer is yes, then keep focusing on it. If it’s not, then you know, consider, you know, taking your example and focusing on other things.

I saw a quote from the Dalai Lama a couple days ago, and it was something like you can’t help anyone else. If you yourself are unhappy, you can’t help anyone else be happy if you yourself are unhappy. And it struck me because some people that’s their calling is to get in the minutiae of all the political stuff, or in all the minutiae, cuz that’s how, what lights them up, right? So do you have to kind of feel like what makes you feel empowered, and if that makes you feel empowered, then do that thing,

right. But I always suggest that before you act in any way, you know, whether it’s activism, you know, whatever it might be, to get yourself on that frequency, that’s I talk a lot about frequency. And it’s that’s kind of an invisible thing. But it’s this way of feeling good, centered, grounded might be another way people might understand better, but where you really, you know, seek your connection to this bigger thing. And then again, when we were talking earlier about being led about having these signs, what is yours to do will be shown to you, but always it’s best to start out getting on that particular frequency on that spiritual frequency, so to speak, that kind of invisible, all rightness sort of thing. And then from that space, you’re much better able to read the news or be politically active, or whatever it is, you know, you feel called to do, but it’s always best to start, you know, being on that higher frequency, because whatever you do on that higher frequency will always work out better. Like I mentioned to you, not me, it wasn’t us. It was I put that out pickleball player, but when I’m on the higher frequency, I just am a better pickleball player, I’m a better writer, I’m a better, you know, whatever it is I’m trying to do when I get in that state, like you mentioned, you write down all these things you’re so grateful for that literally, it chemically changes your body, it physically changes you. I found that really interesting and not at all surprising that your friends are saying, Wow, you look so good. What have you been doing? Well, like,

frequency and like strangers at the grocery store?


Yeah. And like I you know, I’ll have like leggings and a ratty t shirt and my hair in a bun and I’ve just run out to get like kaopectate you know what I mean? And they are so beautiful. And I’m like, wow, that joy thing really works.

It works. really does. It’s the biggest beauty secret in the world. That’s so

awesome. So, so I’m coming now from a place of somebody that’s, this is so foreign to them. So if somebody’s listening, and this is super foreign, and they’re like, okay, so I can getting writing down things that I’m grateful for can get me on that level, like, getting on the vibration of this other thing. And I have my own answer for this. But I’d like to know what yours is like, is this this isn’t? Is this religious? Can you be not religious and still be on this? Knowing of this energy?

Oh, yes. In fact, I I don’t think it’s religious at all, I think it is this other bigger energy. Many people have called it God. So that’s where you might, you know, think, religious, but it doesn’t have to be called that. And, And to me, that’s, you know, to me, there’s a lot of baggage around that word. So I prefer not to call it God. But it’s sort of the same thing. It’s, you know, to synonym for, you know, many roads lead to Rome. So they, so they say, Yeah, but, um, but no, and what was your question you have, oh, okay, here’s the thing I was just thinking about, you know, in our brain, you know, we there’s all these old neurons, like billions and billions of neurons that are that are firing all the time. And what scientists have discovered is that when you focus on negative things, it registers deeper in your brain, and it just, it creates these neural pathways. And that’s tends to be what we think. So with gratitude, it tends to be more like Teflon, it tends to go off faster. So it’s really important to actually make a practice where like, say you, you know, say, the smell of coffee in the morning, or a fresh glass of orange juice, I mean, literally spend time and savor it for a few seconds. Because again, those kind of things, all the beautiful, wonderful things that are happening, it tends to go in and go out, you know, really quickly, we don’t register it. So it is so important to really register to take time to register all the beautiful things that are happening, because those old neural pathways of fear and because that’s an old evolutionary thing, you know, when we were, you know, evolving over all these years, you know, the survival, like the fearful thing kept us alive. But now, we don’t have as many fearful things, but those neural pathways are kind of set up. And that’s that dominant paradigm of the fear. So we really have to take time to register this other way of being to really savor all the beautiful things that are going on. Even at the same time, these things may be going on that, you know, may not be to our liking. But there’s still so many amazing things that are also going on.

I think when you stop looking for all the bad, like when you say I’m gonna, or you say I’m purposely going to look for beauty.

Mm hmm.

I’ve walked ahead to speak at a school last week, and I had to walk into the school and I purposely, like put my phone in the pocket my pocket and thought, I’m just going to experience what there is to experience. And like, I noticed these little red berries on the bush, I never would have noticed before, like I noticed, you know, I noticed all these little things. And as silly and insignificant as that seems, it brought made me smile, like it brought me some joy. And that started to change, like what I thought I could really accomplish when I got in there to talk to the kids.

roback beautiful, and there’s so many things, there’s so many little red berries to use that all over the world. But we’re so busy, you know, being fearful and you know, worrying and also stuff that we’re not noticing them. So that’s really beautiful. I’m glad you’re you recognize that. I mean, that is really awesome. I’m doing really good. Pam, I’ve been listening to your book I’m doing

great. So

let’s say someone works in an office where they’re with a ton of negative people. What’s a way to overcome that? Because you know, it’s really hard to keep your vibe high when you got like chaos around you all the time.

Well, that’s a story that it’s hard. Yeah, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. But you know, we can choose not to buy into the, you know, that old story, we can also choose to see those little red berries that you mentioned, they’re everywhere. Yeah. And so again, we can choose not to buy into all the chaos and the drama and all the, you know, craziness. And then we can see even the beautiful things that are happening as we’re sitting at a desk in an office cubicle somewhere they will be there are things to say once you open your eyes to that thing. And you just start noticing the beauty in your fellow co workers. I mean, it’s just amazing. I mean, once you start looking, there’s just, you know, there’s so many cool things everywhere, everywhere. I think

even like if it’s somebody that is making you nuts, you know, and we’ve all had times where we weren’t access knots or you know, a family reunion or whatever it is. But I think that if you can pretend that person’s like a stranger, this is a trick I use myself, I pretend they’re a stranger. So that now I don’t have all the baggage and then I can become genuinely interested and people usually will tell you some sort of nugget that’s, like, interesting and happy. And so if you treat them like they’re a stranger, well then you only can be looking for the little Get some happiness, and you tend to find those things much easier.

Kind of like, Oh, that’s beautiful. Another thing I like to do is to think back about a person when they’re a young child, you know, to think about how they were when they were still that young child, you know, walking into their, into their baby sisters. Yeah, you know, you mean, they’re still young, and they haven’t, you know, gotten all those dominant parents, they haven’t gotten all those lessons and all those stories. So it’s really yeah, it’s a good way to kind of look at that love that’s in every single one of us, that young child that that beautiful spirit that’s in each person. Yeah,

I love that. And I think really, you can have when people think like, I want to change my life, I want to change this thing. And that thing, and this thing, really, if you can just shift to find happiness and joy, like, everything starts to shift,

it will happen without your input. In fact, it’s our input. And we decide, oh, I’m going to fix it this way, I’m gonna follow these seven steps. But that tends to get in the way, the natural order of things is healing. And, you know, bringing you back to home, I mean, that is what’s natural. And so the less we get involved, the more we relax and just enjoy, and start looking for those things to be grateful for getting on that other frequency, these things will work work their way out. I mean, they just do, if you could look back at your life and go, wow, you know, this ended up boring, all these things I was worrying about it, they didn’t happen. I mean, it all worked its way out. And that is that is the state of the world. There. There’s a story that you tell and Think and Grow Rich, and you’re talking about as a travel writer, when you wanted to be writing, but there is that fear, because you’re, you know, you only get paid for the work that you actually get. And so that fear of like not getting any more work. And so when you decided to just be just have a ton of fun and just get really excited about it is when things really shifted for you. Yeah, yeah, there. Well, you know, when the internet changed, and a lot of magazines were folding, and books were shrinking, and you know, a lot of things were happening. So it was pretty easy to get into fear, or there was that temptation to get into fear. Because a lot of my colleagues, a lot of people around me were doing that. And, you know, I did buy into it for a while. And then I thought, you know what, I know better than this, I know, to believe in this, you know, this bigger story, this better thing that’s happening, you know, in the goodness of the universe, Miss sports that has my back. So I just started, you know, getting as happy as I possibly could and doing things, you know, following my bliss, so to speak, you know, that’s what Joseph Campbell said. And that really is, I love to write, I love to travel. So I just started doing more of that. And things did work out. And there’s story after story of that kind of thing happening. One of the cool things about this book, you know, writing e squared, and it being so popular is I get all these amazing stories from people like every day, people are sending me these great stories that usually start with something like you are never going to believe this. And I’m like, Well, yeah, I do believe. Yes, I know about the miraculous universe out there.

Yeah, your blog is great. And I’ll make sure to link to it in the show notes. But it’s so good. And you share a lot of those stories.

I do. Yeah, yeah. When I’m home, and I’m around and a couple just happened to catch my interest. I often do share them on my blog.

It’s funny, I don’t know, maybe two years ago, you posted a blog. And honestly, I don’t even remember what the story was now. But I remember I went, Oh, my gosh, that’s what I’m doing wrong. And I wrote to you on your blog, and you wrote back, and I said right now I’m changing this moment, like I’m changing. And you said, Okay, go get them. And, and it’s funny, because so much has changed. Like I often say to my husband, like if somebody could look into my brain, but they wouldn’t know it was the same person as two years ago.

Oh, that’s so cool. So granulations That’s awesome.

Thanks. Thanks, you inspired me. So it’s kind of fun to have you on here now. So, so alright, so really getting on that if someone’s listening, really getting shifting their thoughts from any kind of negative or fearful thoughts. And I often say like, we can either think about fear or we can think about love. And so if you can’t totally turn your back on the thing that’s causing you the fear, like you can’t, it’s impossible for you to shut off the news or whatever your news thing is to sit, take something and see love in it. Do you have any tips for that? Or is it really sort of that same process? Like something that’s causing you agony, suffering? How do you see that thing through a vision of love?

Well, you know, one of the things that says Of course, in miracles and that is my main, you know, practice that I do is that the love comes from within us. So it is possible to see the love in everything. And you know, what we’re seeing out there is really a product of what’s inside anyway. And that’s where our point of power is, you know, and as we so we can generate that love that we may think is missing in that situation. In fact, they always say if there’s, you know, love missing in a situation, we have the power to bring it or it’s us that’s not putting it out there. So yes, it is very powerful to choose to look at any anything that doesn’t, you know, maybe a period you’re liking to look at it through that lens of love and know that that love is within you, you we all are have so much as big current of love within us. And by our, you know, lasering out this love to things, we literally change things we change the molecular structure of things. That is our power, huh?

Yeah, I love that I did a podcast on a course in miracles and interviewed somebody. And it was a really popular episode. But really super interesting, too. I had just started studying it probably like in December of this past year. Oh, cool. Yeah. So Alright, so I have one last question. And then we’ll invite everyone into the Facebook group. But in, in your book in thinking Grow Rich, you talk about, I think it was a story about somebody else and about how they decided to just, they were stressed out in their job. And, you know, they decided to just take a day and just do something fun, like, just live in joy. And so I thought I’m gonna do that. I’m just gonna do stuff that like makes me really happy. And I consider I have always considered myself fairly happy. But in even more so focused on all that in that last couple years, but I found it really hard to think about stuff that brought me joy, other than the stuff I already do like other than, like, the work I do brings me joy, like being with my family brings me joy. And I couldn’t remember, like, other stuff I liked. Like, how do you do? And I tried to think like, what did I like when I was young? I mean, I know, I like the beach, but I can’t just run to the beach. Do you have thoughts on that?

And how do I manifest the money to get to the beach?

Okay, so so you’re asking, how do you identify other things that bring you joy?

Yeah, I think that’s what I’m asking. Yeah,

well, you know, I find for me, you know, I have that little thing I do with my possibility posse, nor every day, I’m, you know, sending them texting them blessings from the day before. And I think for me, you know, it’s almost like a muscle, you know, as you start looking for good things, for blessings for those little red berries, I keep going back to the renders, and noticing them everywhere. And so you start finding them more. So I think it really is, like, you know, training a muscle, as you start looking, you start seeing more and more and more. And I love what you said about how, you know, you write 100 things or more every morning. I mean, that’s remarkable, you know, every morning, you can find 100 things. So I think it’s like, once you get started, there’s just more and more and you know, it’s like there’s, it’s like a tap that never goes off. There’s just so many things to be grateful for. But sometimes, you know, we may be, you know, not used to that we’re not looking in that regard. So sometimes you have to get the tap turned on. That’s probably where, you know, maybe writing the list down or, you know, starting to notice the red berry starting to notice all the things. Yeah,

yeah. And I think like, we get so far removed from the fun stuff that we’re like, I don’t even remember what was fun. Like, Mm hmm. So getting getting outside I think starts to spark some creativity. But you You said something you said the possibility posse what what is that? Tell me? Oh,

I’ve got a couple different possibility policies. But the one that I talked about in the book, you know, the AIA 2.0. program. Do I mean? Yeah, yeah. Would you mind sharing? Okay, yeah, I love that. And that’s kind of what really started this book is thinking Grow Rich, but it’s this practice that I started doing about the time e squared came out. And I’ve got well for friends, and we text each other blessings every month from the day before, but I call it the a 2.0 program. And so what it is, there’s two steps, you know, you’ve heard of the 12 step program. And he or she knows, like, I’m all about smooth and easy. Let’s do it easy. So this is a two step program. So the first step is you get up every morning and you say, this is what I say something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today. So you really are just setting that intention. It’s something really cool. You’re not specifying what is your say something really cool is going to happen to me today. Or amazingly awesome. And that’s where I got the a 2.0 Yeah, amazing. Awesome. And then the second step is I do I text blessings to my friends. And three things from the day before. So what I it has to be something new. That’s one of the stipulations that has to be something new because I’ve always said Oh, I love my daughter, I love my career. But it’s like this has to be new thing. So I feel like I’m a scout. I’m out there looking for new blessings that I can report back to my posse the next day. So it’s an active practice of I’m, you know, paying attention, I’m registering these really amazing miracles that are happening in my life. And once you start registering them and actually stopping and noting them, I mean, you can write them in a notebook, you can do whatever, but just really paying attention and noticing that all these cool things are happening. It really does shift your life It gets you on that frequency that we were talking about earlier.

I think when you do that and I liked your suggestion of the something new and I do try to come up with new stuff. If I can, you know every once in a while a little like my warm puppy sneaks back in there like that. Do is like I have the best kitchen window like, and I got myself and now I’m gonna I’m gonna act a fool. But people are used to me just being really honest on the podcast and got myself like, so excited about my kitchen window. I thought I was gonna cry. Like I was like, Great like the light comes it like who ever thought I would have a kitchen window this big and beautiful and like, it is sort of funny because once you start it becomes like a little bit of an addiction, right where you’re like, This is so fun. That sometimes my husband’s like, yeah, Betsy, that avocado. Isn’t that perfect? You know, the most perfect one I’ve ever seen. Yeah. So I love that that’s a good practice to start. So bringing it back to the Facebook group, maybe we could start that inside the Facebook group. So if you’d like to continue this conversation, you can join us inside our free Facebook group. And you can find it at SS lb community that stands for start small, live big community.com. And Pam, you might jump in there and join us and answer some questions or share something more.

Yeah, I might. If I can find you on there. I’ve got a few things I need to do. But I may come on there.

Yeah. So the week that we go live, maybe she’ll jump in and join us. But either way, let’s start a little possibility posse in there. I really like that. So we’ll start sharing some of our goodness. And you can pop in maybe and check out what we’ve come up with.

Oh, yeah, that sounds great. All right. Thanks for that invitation.

Yeah. Well, thank you so much for coming on the show. I appreciate this so much. And it brings it all full circle for me. So I’m more grateful than you know.

Oh, well. Thank you, Betsy. I really it’s been a lot of fun.

Thanks for spending some time with us today. Remember to jump in on that online community at SS lB community.com. And, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.

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