029 How to be motivated when you aren't motivated: Solo Round - Betsy Pake

029 How to be motivated when you aren’t motivated: Solo Round


Getting ourselves motivated can lead to a lot of internal conversations… “I know I should do it but I don’t feel like it”…. “If I want to hit my goals, I need to do it!”.  It’s stressful and exhausting. So let me ask you…. are you motivated to brush your teeth every morning? No, it’s just something you do, right? There is no internal conflict, no fighting back and forth while you try to make a decision on if you should brush your teeth or not!  What if other decisions could be that simple too?  What if deciding to exercise, or clean the garage or choose something healthy from the menu could be that easy too? A no-brainer decision that you make with ease.   It can be! Listen in to begin to learn how! 

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