031 How to First Lead You : An Interview With Adair Cates - Betsy Pake

031 How to First Lead You : An Interview With Adair Cates


Adair Cates is a People Developer & Change Catalyst who teaches people how to think and show up in new and daring ways to shift their lives from mediocre to meaningful. She’s been speaking to audiences since the 3rd grade, has coached and trained executive-level leaders as a leadership development consultant in the software, healthcare and baby products industries for the last 8 years and written two self-improvement books, Live with Intention and Fully Engaged. She has an MA in Training & Performance Improvement, is fluent in Spanish and is a self-proclaimed inspiration junkie. Her favorite quote is “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” She lives in Atlanta with her husband, their toddler twin daughters, two dogs and cat – a home vibrating with love and activity.

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