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032: How to launch your own Power Play!


This week I talk about how to create a ‘Power Play’ in your life. Focusing in one goal for eight weeks and seeing what you can accomplish.   Find out more at www.betsypake.com/powerplay  and join us inside the Facebook group atwww.TheArtofLivingBig.com

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Welcome to The Art of Living big. My name is Betsy Pake entrepreneur, author and personal success coach. This is the show that brings you stories and small ideas to help you live a big life. I hope this once a week podcast will inspire you, motivate you and encourage you to think differently about what could be possible for your life. Thanks for spending some time with me today. Now let’s go live big.

Hey, everybody, Happy Wednesday.

All right. So this is Betsy. And you’re like, Betsy, why is Betsy talking? It’s a Wednesday, there’s supposed to be an interview? Well, I totally agree. There is supposed to be an interview, and I had several scheduled and they all canceled on me. So we make do and we stick to the schedule. Because that’s what we do. Right? When we live big. We we do some stuff to make it all happen. But you know, I was lifting this morning. And I was like, you know, what am I gonna do because I don’t have anybody to take the place in the interview this week. And I was like, I had stuff to say. And so I finished my workout. And I showered up and I am here to share some stuff with you. So this is what’s been going on with me. I have been working on something called the power play. Now, you’ve probably heard on the other podcasts. Before the podcast, I talked about the infinite soul project. It was sort of a weird chain of events. But the infinite soul project is there. It’s live. It’s amazing. It’s really a empowerment program. It’s it’s crazy inexpensive, and it will walk you through all of the great lessons to change your mindset so that you start to see abundance. But as I was finishing that up, I started getting more and more phone calls from people and messages, mostly messages through my website. And a lot of people wanting to schedule, the free 20 minute coaching call. Now you can go to my website and schedule 20 minutes where we just talk, there’s no pressure to buy anything from me, I just really want to be able to help people. And many times people just need a small shift in how they’re thinking to work through some kind of block. So I’m there if you want to do that. But what was happening was people were wanting to get more coaching, they really liked the time that we had together, and they wanted to do more. And as I would talk to them, they were just not a place where they could pay for the coaching right now. And so I started thinking a while back, I did an eight week coaching program with five or six people that was really a lot of fun. And so I thought I’m gonna revamp that and bring that back. Because that way more people can jump on board, more people can get direction. And what I know from my own experience is that when I’m pushing towards, like one specific goal, and I have it laser focused, and I am like keyed in, I can manifest some great stuff. And so that’s what powerplay is all about. So what I thought I would do on today’s podcast is I would tell you a little bit about that program. But more importantly, I would share some things so that you could do it too. Now, I’d love to have you jump in on the program with us. It’s amazing. And of course, there’ll be a whole lot more that you’ll learn that I’ll share here. But I wanted to be able to share some of it. So you could get started and manifest a little goodness on your own over eight weeks if you wanted to. So let me just kind of go over what the eight weeks are. The whole idea behind Power Play is that many times in our life, like we just got to make a power play, right. So we know that there’s something we want to accomplish, or there’s something bigger for us, and we really want to do that thing. But there just never seems to be time in our schedule. We just never can get focused enough on it, it always gets pushed to the backburner. It’s always sort of something that’s in the background that we should do. And we’ll get to it at some point. And what power play does is it encourages you to make a power play in your life and shift and say no, like the time is right? Right now for me. And I’m going to make a power play on my life. And also we’re going to make it play, it’s going to be fun, because I know that I can manifest so much more when I’m having fun. So this

is really a coaching program that gets you moving, it gets you moving out of a rut, into a new job onto building your own business. Maybe you want to find love. It gets you into shape, closer to finding self love excited about your life more into joy. It really just gives you permission to focus on you. And then you can start making shifts that you want to see in your life. So here’s how I do it. I break it down into eight weeks because I think that makes a lot of sense. We’ll look at the whole overarching eight week goal. And then I think it makes a lot of sense to break it down on a weekly so that we can evaluate and make sure that we’re staying on Track. And that way you’re learning something new every week and you can implement it. And doing those small little steps make it makes it so much easier to just add on the next habit. And then the next week, add on the next habit, and you’re, you’ll be much more likely to follow through with everything. Alright. So the very first week, what we do is we identify the goal that you want to push for. So you may already be super clear, you may be listening to this going, Oh, I have something I’ve wanted to do. Maybe you want to write a book, or you want to lose 20 pounds, or you just need some time where you can focus to get that goal done. But maybe you don’t know, maybe you’re like, I want to manifest some greatness. But what on earth could I possibly do? And so we’ll actually that first week, that’s when we get really clear. And we’ll identify that goal that’s gonna have the biggest impact on your life right now. So let’s go through one of the exercises, let’s pretend that you have no idea what you would do, but you know, you want to do something, okay. So what we’ll do is actually come up with the areas of your life as you sort of see your life broken down. So for me, I have areas like health and fitness, spirituality, my family relationships, my romantic relationship, to me, that’s different my relationship with my husband, I want in a different category than that of the relationship with my daughter, community service, how do I give back, that’s something that’s important to me. Career. So whatever those areas are for you, I want you to jot those down. And then for each one, write just a couple sentences about what it means to you. So let’s take health and fitness. So to be to me being a 10. If I were to rate this zero to 10, being a 10, and health and fitness, as someone that makes really great choices with my food that enjoys healthy food, that drinks adequate water, and that’s my beverage of choice, that I find movement and learning and playing and jumping outside priority in my life and something that I value and want to do. And so that sort of would be my sentence, and then I’ll read it. So from a zero of like, totally not doing any of those things to attend of, that’s who I am, where do I fall, and just put a number down, and then go to the next one. So with your career, and maybe you break out career and finances separately. So with your career, where where are you write the sentence of what a 10 would be, and then rate yourself with finances, what would a 10 be and rate yourself and go through all the areas of your life that you want to focus on? Alright, so now you have that. And now you can look at it and just put them in order. So what’s got the lowest and what’s got the highest just make a quick list and put them in order. Now you can see what is the lowest on your list where you’re really suffering where you’re not finding balance. So, you know, lots of times I’ll talk with people, and they’ll have a really high health and fitness, but they’re really low on relationships, like they just can’t seem to find a love interest or a romantic relationship. Or they’re really high on finances, like they’ve got the golden handcuffs, but they hate their career. So find out where you’re lacking. And then see if there’s a goal you could have in one of those areas that would inspire you that would make you want to move forward that would make you sort of jump for joy and and want to push toward something, what could that goal be, and trust the energy of it, you know, sometimes I’ll try to decide between two things. In fact, I did this with a coaching client this morning, they were trying to make a decision between two different ways of thinking of how to deal with something. And so I said, I’m gonna repeat both of the options to you. And I repeated, repeated the first one. And then I gave him the second one. And I said which one feels lighter to you. And so that can be a huge indication, like

what feels lighter is really what’s true for you. So that’s a great way for you to kind of say, Oh, that one feels really good. That’s the one I want to move towards. So do that rating of your life, figure out where you might want to move forward. Inside the power play. There’s a whole bunch of other exercises that we do to try to narrow it down and help you get really super clear, but for now, that will be a good place to start. Alright, so then in the second week, we work exclusively on mindset. Here’s the thing that I know is that motivation and willpower is super high in the beginning, right? Because it’s something new, it’s exciting. There is a world of possibility. And so we get set up with mindset. So we Start to change the frequency of your thoughts. Now I talk a lot about fast brain thinking and slow brain thinking inside this program and and inside the infinite soul project. It’s huge because we want to rewire our fast thinking brain, which is sort of like our caveman brain, it’s the thing that just automatically responds. And it shapes how we see the world that shapes actually our reality. So we can change our reality, by changing our fast thinking brain. I know that sounds so crazy, doesn’t it? Get inside the infinite soul project, and I have a huge module on exactly how the science of that is, and how that works. But this week, too, is so important, because we set up systems that start to create this success mindset. And that way, when things get kind of hard, or things get a little bit of a struggle, you’ve got something to lean back on. And you already have systems in place that’ll help push you through. All right, then in week three, so we got goals, right? But how do we actually get that all done? So you know, maybe you’re starting a new business while you’re working full time, or you’re a mom who’s trying to carve out some time to create some kind of new passion for yourself and to work on that. But you’re stuck how to get it all done, because time is always an issue. Now, time management is probably one of my greatest strengths. People always say to me, like, how do you get so much done? It’s really about having systems when you have systems, then you don’t have to think as much and things run on their own. So I’m going to teach you that inside week three,

we’re going to go over really management of

your time looking at the overarching goal and breaking it down. We do a lot of chunking and what I call buffer days. So here’s an idea of something that you could do, that’s a buffer day. So let’s say you have a full time job. And you want to start something on the side, right, you have an entrepreneurial spirit, and you want to start something on the side. But it’s difficult because you’ve only got so much time. Now, have you ever noticed that when you get focused on something like if you’re writing, you could write forever, or if you’re, you know, recording a podcast, you could record podcasts forever. But when you go from writing, and then you switch to podcasting, or you go from making dinner, and then you switch to reading a book, like it’s harder to make the transition, there is a lag time in between those two things. That’s a transition time. But if you could buffer your days, now, for me, I’m a full time entrepreneur. So I can do this a little more easily. But the concept will be the same, even if you’re trying to accomplish something in the evenings or do something just over the weekend to create something new. With buffer days, I will record all my podcasts on one day, that way, I’m staying in that zone of recording, interviewing, recording, interviewing. And then other days will be a writing day

we’re all do

is write blog posts or flesh out emails for broadcasts that are going to go out. And another day, maybe I’m taking pictures, and I’m being creative or coming up with ideas. So buffer days can actually help you maximize your time because you’re getting rid of that transition or that lag time in between different events. Does that make sense? So we’re getting rid of that transition time that you’d have when you’re trying to reset everything up to do a different activity, you just stay with one activity the whole time. So that’s that is one way the other way, and I have so many ways that I share inside the coaching program. But another way that’s really good, that’s something you could implement today is a foundational schedule. All right, so let’s say you’re a stay at home mom, or you work full time, but you want to create something else, or you work full time and you just want to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself. So no matter what your situation is, you create a foundational schedule. And a foundational schedule is just like what it sounds like it is a template of how you’re going to run your day every day. So when you do it this way, you take out a lot of the decision processes. And when you’re making decisions during the day, it actually wears out a portion of your brain that helps control your willpower. Okay, so let me say this again, a foundational schedule is like a template for your day so that you’re doing the same things at the same time on the same days. And that eliminates you having to make decisions during the day when you have to make too many decisions. During the day, it starts to deplete your willpower. So if I set up a foundational schedule, let’s say I’m just trying to create more health in my life, okay, I work full time and I want to be able to schedule health and fitness. So I create my foundational schedule, I get up at 5am I get my kid off to school by 545. I jump in the shower until six o’clock Am I gotta get ready for work. I do my whole stuff in the morning, my routine in the morning, I scheduled that in, get to work, whatever that entails. And then I scheduled time, when would I work out? Do I go at lunch, maybe Tuesdays, I can go at lunch. And Thursdays, I have to work out right after work. Or maybe I prep my meals on Sunday afternoon for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And then Wednesday night, I’m home and I’m prepping my meals for Tuesday and Thursday. So maybe in that Sunday night, my foundational schedule is that I prep my meals and I order Amazon Fresh to deliver so that I have fresh food on Wednesday, Wednesday afternoon delivered so that I’m ready to go. So I create just a template and maybe your templates the same for every single day. Maybe your template is different I I worked for myself. So my templates different on Mondays are buffer a buffer day for me for organization and creativity. So that’s typically what I do. Tuesdays are a podcast day. So I have a foundational schedule where I get up, I get my kid off to school, I have my meditation and my reading time I exercise, I get breakfast, I have the same things that I do. And so that also will help create habits. And I’ve had a podcast before where we talked about habits and how to create those and break those down. And I’ll go into that way more inside

the coaching program. But

that’s a way to set up a foundational schedule, which will really help

you stay on track.

All right, so then we’re moving on week four, is, what is week four, let’s look oh, so we’re gonna talk, we’re gonna really dive into habits here. So you’ve probably failed at things in the past, you really beat yourself up thinking that you’re just not the kind of person who can achieve the things you want to achieve. But this week, is when we really blow your mind with a way to create habits and new ways to start to create

that big life for you.

So I’ve talked about habits a little bit on the podcast before. But that will just be a great week of really implementing all these systems and starting, you know, by week for you, you will have seen what’s supporting you and you’ll see what’s not working. And that is a great place to be week four is a great week to do that. Because you have three weeks behind you and you have a whole bunch of data about what works for you and what doesn’t. Alright, diving into week five. Now, I hope you’re taking notes. Because you can do this on your own too. I mean, it’s going to be more fun with us, but you could certainly do it. So week five is when we go through and we talk about the greatest shortcut to live all your dreams. All right. So here’s the thing is that we can make quantum leaps, by changing your shifting. And focusing one of the things we talked about this week is focusing on gratitude. So you probably when you look at big goals that you have many times we think like, you know, by week five, you’re like, Oh my god, I have three weeks left, and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do it, or I’m losing steam, whatever it is. So this is where we really start up taking some of those things that we learned in week two with our mindset, and then also taking quantum leaps. So really acting as if, if you’re trying to go for health and fitness, let’s say How could you change this week to to act as if so how would that person act. So no matter where you are on the journey, whether you’ve really been kickin it and you are like way ahead on your goal, and you’re totally going to crush it by week eight, or you’re like, Oh my god, I had no idea this was gonna be so hard. I’m

totally losing steam. This

is the week where you start to act as if and it will miraculously change the way things move for you. I’m telling you, this is a transformative week, all the things that we do. Alright, Week Six, I’m all rounded out here. Week Six, we really throw it into some high gear because we’re trying to finish up right. So we’re going to jumpstart your goal. So there’s going to be some things that we do, where we talk about your mindset with how do I say this so many times we have a story. You have a story that you tell yourself and by now that story is really clear. Because you will have been pushing towards something and you’ll start to see Oh, my story is that I’m always the victim or my story is that I can’t make big changes, or Oh, here’s one that I’ve seen before is my story is that I can’t be financially abundant because I’m a problem solver. And if I’m a problem solver, and I’m finished financially abundant, I won’t, there won’t be any need for me anymore. That’s one that we uncovered with somebody. And that was really fun. Because if you’re a problem solver, you got always have a problem, right? So we go through those, we really identify your story. And then we start to change those belief patterns. By week seven, we’re totally looking about how to create that life full of abundance and miracles, and how to push past that eight week goal. So we really focus on the abundance mindset. And by week eight, you are screaming into the finish line, you’ve got your goal in hand, you are like kicking so much Fanny, and you’re living some bigness in your life manifesting serious, serious miracles. So this is really a fun one, to finish out the week. Looking at all my notes, y’all, so really to finish out all the week and really hit that gas pedal so that we come screaming into the finish line, like you’ve never even imagined. So a really, really fun coaching program. But like I said, set up eight week goals on your own. And, you know, follow along, I’m gonna, I’m going to be sharing a whole lot more with the people in the coaching program, but I’ll be sharing some things on the podcast. And, you know, no matter if you can join us or you can’t join us, there’s still so much greatness that you could accomplish. And if you could focus down on just those eight weeks, wow, the concentration and the concentrated effort of that time, you could not go wrong. So Alright, so I’m looking forward to seeing you guys inside power play, you can find it if you go to my website right on the front, it’ll say right on the front page, it’ll say join power play. And I think it says starting April 1, but it’s really the third y’all we’re starting April 3, so you have till April 2 to sign up. The third is a Monday and I’ll be rolling stuff out to everybody starting on that Saturday on the first so you can get prepped and ready to go. It’s going to be a fun week, I cannot even stand it. So I will see everybody inside and I’ll be looking for you inside. Right now inside our Facebook group at SS lB community.com. That stands for start small live big community.com. And this week since I’m the guest,

I will be in there and I’ll share some stuff.

I might do some Facebook Lives. Maybe I’ll

share some of the worksheets from the coaching program so that you can get started on your own and see what you think so, all right, everybody, don’t forget you deserve to live a big life. Thanks for spending some time with us today. Remember to jump in on that online community at SS lB community.com. And,

as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.

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