035 {series P2} Increasing Health & Vitality With The Juice Guru: Steve Prussack - Betsy Pake

035 {series P2} Increasing Health & Vitality With The Juice Guru: Steve Prussack


This week on the show is The Juice Guru!  This was such a fun conversation and there is so much great stuff to share. Steve has been juicing for a long time, it’s not just a passing fad, and he has an incredible story to share about how it changed the direction of his life and his health. 

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Hey everybody, my guest today for this second podcast in this series about nutrition is from the juice guru. This guy is incredible. He’s been juicing for over 20 years, which I think of it as something recent that people are doing but he’s been doing it for a long, long time. He’s an author of several books on juicing, and we’ll talk about those. And really just a wealth of knowledge. This interview was really one of my most favorite It was so much fun and since Jewson is sort of my thing right now I got pretty excited about it. So I’m really excited to introduce you to this guest today. So enjoy the show. Welcome to the art of living big. My name is Betsy Pake, entrepreneur, author and personal success coach. This is the show that brings you stories and small ideas to help you live a big life. I hope this once a week podcast will inspire you, motivate you and encourage you to think differently about what could be possible for your life. Thanks for spending some time with me today. Now let’s go live big. All right, today I have with me Steve Prue sack. Hey, Steve. Hi, Betsy. How are you? And really you’re the juice guru.

Yeah, that’s easier to remember.

I kind of like that. Okay. So tell everyone a little bit about you. And I’m really excited to get into this today because I think the content can really help people. And I want to share a little bit about what I did in preparation for our interview today. So tell everyone a little about

you. Okay, well, in a nutshell. I mean,

at this point in life, I mean, I’m closing and getting closer to my 50s. And I’ve never had more energy, vibrancy and just focus to be able to do the things I need to do in my life. It wasn’t always that way. I mean, by the time I was in my early 20s and got out of college, I was out of shape. I was overweight. By the time I walk up a flight of stairs, I would be panting, smoking over a pack of cigarettes a day, limiting the fraternity house in college with alcohol and whatever else and deep fried foods late at night and it just caught up with me and it was juicing that turned it around for me. I mean, I was in my early 20s I came across a book in a bookstore and by the juice man j cordage. And it just literally sent me on a new path ignited this passion where I’ve been able to drop all the weight, inspire my high school sweetheart, we reunited after all these years. I inspired her seven years ago to go down this journey with me and she wrote the latest book juicer with me and my first book was the complete Idiot’s Guide to juice fasting. I’ve just been on a mission to show people how juicing can transform their lives too.

Awesome. Okay, so before our interview and I we actually were supposed to do this interview, I don’t know a week or so ago my kid has dripped through you had stuff happening, but so it’s been a little bit now. But before we got together I thought I’m gonna actually do you know, do I had gotten a juicer right, so I purchased a juicer which that was a whole extravaganza maybe you can talk a little bit about what people should look for with that. But I decided I was going to do like a juice cleanse, and I hate the word cleanse. Let’s not use that word because I didn’t feel like do you use the word cleanse when you talk about it? Um,

fast. Do you like fast better? I mean, I like cleanse better than fast because fast. Sounds like deprivation.

Yeah, it sounds painful, but cleanse sounds like I spent the day in the bathroom. But really, it was like a recharge. Okay, for this conversation, we’ll call it a recharge. So I started just drinking juice. So juicing vegetables and so you know, lots of times we think about juicing and we think like we’re we’re juicing a bunch of fruit and orange juice has got so much sugar and all that but I decided I was going to start juicing and making green juice and I did put some fruit in it but not a whole lot. And I had the most extraordinary five days of doing that. And when I was finished well I’d lost a bunch of weight which was really weird because it never came back and I felt so amazing and when I went back to eat crap it like literally spit it out and gone back since I’ve been vegetarian since and now it’s been like maybe a month and I and I just like like that’s what I want in the morning is his juice. So tell everyone a little bit about like what what is the deal with that? Why is it change you so much and why does it give you so much energy like it’s amazing?

Well, I’m so excited to hear about your journey and experience and and it is typical It was during my first cleanse that or are we calling it recharge? Because for me It literally was a cleanse and detoxification on such a deep level and that’s why I live my life. about this and writing books about it, because during my first cleanse that tips my fingers opened up and nicotine came out, I’d been off cigarettes for like six days at that of six days, six years at that point, I did a lot of cardio in the gym, I would have thought my body and it was a black suit come at the tip of my fingers. It smelled like nicotine. And and, you know, that would have been the very thing that may have caused cancer now, for all I know, yeah. So when I realized and you know, you don’t have to read every scientific journal, or look at the Cancer Institute’s that are using juicing to help reverse diseases like cancer, you don’t have to experience that experience it for yourself to realize that this really works. And we’re just letting go of the the crap we’re putting in our body and instead, flooding it with nutrition on this level, that the body will heal itself and we get out of the way. Well, to me, that’s the miracle of it. When we get out of the way. And we just flood it with nutrition, it just never is really getting your body will do miraculous things like heal you reverse, prevent serious disease, give you energy like you’ve never had before clarity and focus, and really help you to age in reverse. I mean, that’s really what it what it what we’ve got here, it’s,

it’s really crazy. I want everybody to do it. Even if they do it for like two days, like do it for a weekend, because you really will feel by the end of the two days, you’ll be like I need to keep going. Now tell me why juice? Why not just eat a bunch of vegetables?

Oh, that’s a great question. Well, and you know, and we can also say why not just whip it up in a in a blender make a green smoothie, like why not that and the science shows and there’s been studies through companies that that actually create both or manufacture both juicers and blenders and, and we compare it and pound for pound and the amount of vegetables and fruit that we put through a juicer, we get two times the nutrition and a juice as compared to a smoothie. And the simple truth is if we if we’re going to sit there and chew our vegetables and fruit, first of all 7% of us are meeting the recommendation out of out of our population, nobody’s eating enough fruits and vegetables, I don’t care what diet they’re on vegetarian, vegan, or even raw food, people are just not eating enough of these foods in their pure state. And we’re not going to sit there and chew it 10,000 times to break it down to break open those cell walls. And to bring out those phytonutrients that you’re getting from that I mean, a good juicer on a molecular level, you’re just never going to be able to get that level of nutrition. And our body rewards us by you know, giving it the medicine that the earth and you know, however you want whatever your spiritual belief is, whatever reason that food was put here for us that we know from the studies, that is the ideal food for us to be consuming. And when we break it down on this level and get this much in our body. It’s just amazing what we see on the other side, some of the things that you’re experiencing, like the energy and you know, you start to crave healthier food choices, you become more intuitive. You leave the chips behind, you’re realizing Well you know what, I think I’d rather have a fresh apple or something like that. We just crave more plant based whole foods that are the healing foods on this planet.

It changes your taste buds, I think you know, because you get a palate for fatty foods, you know, like you you know what chips are like in your mouth and when you cleanse it all out when you detox it all out when you put that in your mouth. I made a cup of coffee and I put I put coffee me in it which I’m always a big fan of the coffee and I was so excited to be done with my cleanse so I could take my coffee. I literally spit it in the sink. I tasted like I had put speaking span in my mouth. You know like chemicals.

Yeah. What did you say? It was coffee. Me? What is that coffee mate?

You know, like me? Yeah, like French Vanilla coffee meat.

Yeah, gotcha. So I switch

to lards Do you know who that is? lards. creamer, superfood creamer. He’s like, he’s a championship. What do you call it surfer and his wife is Gabby Reese.

I haven’t heard of them. It sounds like bulletproof a little bit.

Yeah, a little bit

a little bit. But he makes this creamer and it’s all GMO free, vegan, you know, all dairy free, and it’s really good. And so now I’m kind of hooked on that when I have coffee. Although I find I don’t even need as much coffee like I switched to half caf. And that’s only because I like coffee.

That’s the other thing we we find when we start drinking juice instead of the coffee in first thing in the morning on an empty stomach that we we we get a more natural sustaining energy without the crash that we get from the caffeine. And so it makes us I’m not perfect. I like to incorporate some caffeine and green tea in my life to give me that extra boost at some point in the day sometimes, but but when I’m really on the habit, when I’m doing a juice cleanse, we really want to eliminate the caffeine during those times. And we find the cleaner we get, the less need we have for that caffeine, the less, that we just don’t need, we just have so much energy, we don’t know what to do with it. Yeah. And I’ve got some tips for you on on how we continue that and cleansing. And, you know, we’re recharging, rather, and where we go from there, because a lot of times people will go into a diet roller coaster, really, they’ll, they’ll do a juice cleanse, they’ll feel great for a few weeks, five weeks, and then suddenly they’re back at the weight, they started their back on some of those bad eating habits. Until the next class, maybe they’ll do this four or five times a year. And that’s a really unhealthy pattern. And that’s something that our new book juice crew, that’s, that’s what that book was trying to dispel. And that the subline of that is transform your life by adding one juice a day. Because the first book is about juice fasting, this book is about the one juice a day and what that’ll do for you, because we’ve seen phenomenal results with that.

You know, that’s really interesting. I wrote a book called start small, live big. It’s all about just implementing one tiny little habit. That’s good. And so I really like that. And for me, like I went all in, I was excited about it. I’ve always been into nutrition and reading research and an athlete, but my daughter and my husband, that’s not their thing. And so I didn’t push it on them. And they were not interested at all. And they’re not interested in all of my vegetable happenings. But I was weird. Because maybe two days ago, my husband asked me, I’ll have a juice in the morning, if you’ll make one for me. And my daughter heard him and she said, Well, instead of my snack when I get home, just give me a juice. So I was like, I love

that. Yeah, like just buy.

And so if somebody is listening, and they’re like, how do I affect my family? If my family is not into it? I think that just being the the example and just doing the things that you think are right, people will they’ll start to follow.

So true. I mean, and the worst thing you can do is say, drink this, it’s gonna make you healthy. And you’ve got to have this and nobody wants to hear that best way transformed are the ones we love. And that’s how it was when I got back with Julie seven years ago, because when we were in college, well High School actually we did in high school, but we were eating the worst food ever. And

can when you’re nice.

Right? You can’t but you know, I look back and I honestly I wish that I knew about this then I would, I would so much better in school and in athletics. That’s what we’re seeing with kids more focus in the classroom, better grades, better athletic performance, I would have been better in those school plays that I was in, I had the leads, but I would have been that much better in every area of life. So I look back and I say, I wish I knew about it, then I would have gotten way better grades. I mean, I came around and went back to school to my master’s degree. But it was all because of juicing that I was able to get straight A’s and become class president, all the things that came with success that came with this I which I don’t even mention a lot of

how old were you when you started to juice? I was 25 Oh, you’re doing it a long time?

Yeah, I’ve been doing it like half my life just about

you are like the guru, Steve.

Well, but I was a mess before that. And that’s what is. I mean, in elementary school, the teachers thought I would amount to anything they thought, here’s a buffoon who doesn’t go to my seventh grade teacher did call me a buffoon, actually. And and the things that and I just look back now. And it’s funny, because when I were coming up on my 30th highschool reunion this year, or next year, rather, and I’m written, I think it is this year, actually. And and people are saying, you know, what are you doing? How have you transformed so much. And because they’re all suffering from serious diseases, they’re overweight, they really look. They look a lot older, you know, and I’m trying to say, it doesn’t need to be that way. And here’s my wife, she’s, you know, she works with juice crew, she wrote the book with me. She also works as environmental lawyer and she’s a judge, she sits on a panel here in California. And she’s balancing that with being a mom of a 10 year old. And and so when she came back seven years ago, and saw how I was, well, that’s kind of what just like with your husband and your your, your child, it just it by us, Moses, they just she just saw and now it’s part of her passion. She it’s part of her passion to educate others because she sees what it’s doing. And her son, Eli iOS 10. Like I said, He’s drinking juices and he seen results with it. And you know, it’s just it’s that kind of awesome viral mist that to this.

Yeah, that’s awesome. One thing I’ve noticed just in the last couple days, and I’ve been like doing the juice thing now for I don’t know, I mean, I did the five days all only Jews, but then you know, now I usually have a juice up until dinnertime. So once dinnertime hits then I eat like a healthy vegetarian dinner, typically But usually I sleep like I go to bed at eight o’clock at night 830 because I get up at five. And I actually loved that about myself that I made sleep a priority and I got enough sleep. But the weird thing that’s happening now is I’m going to bed and I’m like literally laying there for an hour and a half, like, I don’t need as much sleep. And I keep thinking like, I need a lot of sleep. That’s been my story. But I think really, it was probably because my body was fighting so hard to like, make everything work without the proper nutrients.

I love it. So are you saying that you’re, you’re drinking juice all day? And then your first meals in the evening?


Wow, that’s a different protocol. I haven’t heard that one.

I really like it because then I can eat with my family because they’re not juicing yet. And in the morning, I make all my juice for the day. And I put it in mason jars. So if somebody’s listening, and they have a busy day, I even volunteered and I was a judge for a high school like decathlon kind of thing of Academic Decathlon. I was a judge for it. And so it was during my, my cleanse. And so I just packed up, I made all my juices and I packed it in a little cooler, and I just brought it with me and they brought in food for everybody, and subs and chips and chocolate chip cookies. And it was weird because it was my third day and I didn’t even want that stuff. I just pulled out my juice. And everybody said, Ooh, that looks really good. You’re so smart. You did that.


Yeah. And I was like, yeah, this works. You know, this is cool. That’s

awesome. I mean, you are you’re doing the intermittent fasting which is phenomenal that and that really is the secret thing behind the juice a day that we talk about the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and that idea came about because of my juice fasting book and how important it is. First of all, like you say your sleep because every night we fast you know whether we we believe we do or not on an empty you know you’re going to bed for this hopefully eight hours, seven hours, whatever you’re getting. And, and your body rejuvenates on a molecular level. And so we have it wrong as a society with this heavy breakfast idea. And we total reverse all the good our body just did overnight to rejuvenate we finally got out of the way and now we’re going to flood it with every cereals, eggs, bacon, pancakes, cereals.

And then we start like this adrenaline like sugar rush thing and then we crashed by like 1030 we have to get more coffee.

right and right and we and we wonder why everything’s going wrong. And what we’ve got going wrong. Is is a culture that really didn’t really get all this so when we started replacing it with a green juice and the green or the better you know it’s great if you can include an apple or to to get yourself into the habit That’s awesome. But your juices can be savory and spicy and just

like my favorite I put so much ginger in like my eyes and so much ginger but I love it, it tastes so good.

It’s amazing. You can even try half a jalapeno you’ll be your mind will be blown you know and I’ve seen like a base of celery, cucumber lemon, and then you know put in some grains like spinach or kale or swiss chard or dandelion greens. I mean it goes on and on. But and you can just mix it up each day and then spice it up like you’re saying with ginger or cayenne pepper or jalapeno pepper, I mean it really brings it into your blood into your body and and it’s just in it tastes incredible. But an apple or two if you’re not ready to go hardcore green, but the greener the better, the more you’ll feel and see the effects of this, I do see a difference. And another thing is even It doesn’t matter how green it is. There, it will raise your blood sugar. So you’ve got it, you can’t drink it really fast. You want to sip your juice, you know, let it take at least a half hour to take it down. And we’re recommending like 32 ounces first 24 to 32 ounces in that mason jar to sip it throughout the morning is a great way to go. And another thing it really does depend on your juicer, you’ve got to use the right kind of juicer where it’s not going to break down and you’re eating you’re drinking D nature juice after a half hour because that is the case with those local low quality juicers.

So I got a Breville juicer revealed. Have you heard of that? It hadn’t been really great reviews.

Yeah, they have a hole but I’m not sure you see they have a whole bunch of different ones. What’s the processing? Like? Is it gears? Is it a does it spin?

Yes, it spins.

Oh, it spins and how much how much what price range was

it was 150 bucks?

Yeah, so that’s that and that’s the kind of juice you’re gonna find like in the juice bars. It’s a cylinder centrifugal juicer, so it spins really kind of like your Vitamix or a high power blender. And the issue with those gets hot

right, is it?

Yeah, the main thing is and the reason they found the juicers had two types of nutrition as compared to a blender or a centrifugal juicer to because it’s the same idea. It oxidizes is Bringing oxygen into your juice and we want antioxidants. So when we’re bringing oxygen in, it’s kind of offsetting the good and the nutrition there. And it’s also making it break down faster. So like when you cut an apple, how it turns brown, it’s that kind of thing like you’re putting up because when it hits the air, the apple, it turns brown, it’s starting to break down. It’s the same thing with that juice. So you’ve got to drink that right away, like that’s the. So if you’re drinking it later in the day, that could be dangerous, it could develop bacteria, and it could lead to sickness. So you have to be really careful with that kind of juicer and processing.

Okay, yeah, that’s something to look into them. I felt like I did a lot of research. And what’s the other kind? It’s called? Man, what is the other kind masticating.

Yeah, and it’s like, the one we use is the elite that the twin gears one or we used to have a Norwalk and that’s a real high level one but but like a twin gear machine where it replicates the mastication that we do with our teeth. So it kind of crushes it, it breaks up in the cell walls, and it’s still cold pressed, that’s what we want, we want to be cold pressed. Because when you make a cold pressed juice, it’ll last you up to three days in the refrigerator without losing any nutrients, enzymes or developing any bacteria. So that’s that’s the ideal way to do it. The one

way, you know that movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Yes. So that’s the juicer he uses in that movie.

Right. And it’s a good juicer, it’s a good gesture to get your juices

to just start, you know what I mean? Like I had to figure it out. And so and I had I got it at Bed, Bath and Beyond for anyone listening, and I used the coupons that they always send you those free coupons in the mail. So I

ended up getting it for 120 bucks. And you know what, someday I will get a better juicer because mine doesn’t do kale very well at all. Right? And you’ll talk to me when you’re ready, I’ll get you a very special price. But the the thing about it is, it’s like we say the best juicers, the one we use and so that you see the benefits. When you get a better juicer, you’re going to see even more of the benefit and be like wow, and where you really save money with that is on your produce bills because you know your your you need less to juice because it’s so much more efficient. Your pulp. Yes, the pope Omar juicer is like soda. So like we’re getting the most extraction. And one other thing I wanted to add, though about blending and kind of changed our opinion on it in one way is that there’s new machines coming out like the Dyna blend Pro. That’s actually we were at the natural products Expo West this past weekend. And now they’re coming out with blenders light tribe is coming out with the Dyna BAM Pro, where it sucks, you can suck the oxygen out of it out of the blender before blending. So it’s not oxidizing The, the smoothie. Yeah. And so it is the next best thing, do a juicer So, or a juice, it’s the next best thing, if you can’t get that juice in you, then we would say a blender, where you’re able to remove the oxygen like they’re allowing us to do now. And then that they actually had, they had a side by side comparison. And they showed that morning, they just blend it up some green apple, one side It was a regular blender on the other side was the suction, you know where the air is the it’s not oxidized. And it was vibrant green, the one that they did through the green apple, the other one was brown by the afternoon. And it lasted till the next day. And they were it was still the same thing. So we know nutrition from there will last up to three days now from a blender because of this new processing. And this is cutting edge like this is exciting. It’s brand new, and it makes it so yeah, you could still get it in you and still get those great effects and not have to drink it down real fast because it’s been oxidized. And so that’s the thing. Like if we’re making ossai in a smoothie, it has great antioxidants, but you’re oxidizing it by putting oxygen in. So yeah,

cuz I do that sometimes thinking that’s good, but I put it in my ninja blender.

But yeah,

but it’s all changing now with this new processing. So that’s a really exciting thing for everyone to look out for. I think too,

and correct me if I’m wrong, but this is my feeling on it is that it’s sort of like a continuum, like on the one side on the left hand side is like the standard American diet or worse, which is sort of where everyone is. And then you know, you move along the continuum to the other side. And you could be like perfect, like with this awesome Blender that you’re describing. But really, if people can even just start moving where they’re adding more fruits and vegetables are doing one juice, even if they get the, you know, they don’t have the greatest juicer ever or they’re, you know, or they’re blending something just to meet starting to move along the continuum.

Yeah, we can talk about the continuum. Do you want to go into that now? Yeah, sure. Let’s do it. We can talk about the continuum because, I mean, it’s always a step up. So okay, standard American diet is not ideal. So if we want to start drinking more juice, maybe you think okay, I’ll go down the aisle in the supermarket and get one of those juices, conventional juices. And that’s not a good idea. They’ve been really processed and denatured, where they’re adding back vegetable, vitamins and minerals into those juices. That’s how the nature there, but they’re also adding sugar into them. So it’s like it, we don’t want that kind of sugar. We don’t want that kind of nutrition. So

what about the ones that say cold pressed and like no, nothing added? There’s one brand out there, yes, that does it, maybe evolution or something like that.

And that brings us further up the continuum. So that that so when we look at that, and we see and you have to be careful about this, because there is marketing, they’ll call it high HPP, high pressure processing, or cold press, HP cold pressure processing, it is still processed, it’s a step up from some of the other processing they’re doing. But it’s they submerge the juice and water to a certain depth. And so it’s able to be shelf stable up to 90 days. So if we compare that to a fresh cold pressed juice that can last us up to three days, we know that the cold pressed juice, the fresh one is going to be superior, it’s gonna have more nutrition, more enzymes, more living foods, but the high pressure processing is still an option. It’s just not the superior thing, it’s not the thing that we’re going to use to reverse disease, it’s not the thing we’re going to use to try to lose weight. And like I said, prevent or cure certain diseases. That’s not the ideal. And we want to use organic when we’re talking about that, too, we definitely want to try to get the organic in. But there’s a little deception in that. So as consumers, we have to be really aware when we go into a juice bar, what they’re using, what the processing is, they’re not always transparent about it. And if it’s cold press processed, it could even say that on the front of the bottle. And you can look on the back and say cold pressed processing. And it’ll say something a little deceptive underneath, like, must be consumed within three days. And you would think okay, that’s called press, you might stop there. But it’s but what it actually says I saw this this weekend at the health show, because I was asking the vendor about it. I and they were deceptive to me about it even they were even trying to tell me Oh, no, this is the cold press processing press. You know, yeah, that’s it. But it says, must be consumed in three days of opening. And I was like, well, it says opening. And she I said it. I said it says of opening and she’s like, right. And it’ll be in you know, because this is a you have to be in the industry to be this health show. So yeah, she was like, Yeah, that’ll be stable on your shelf for 90 days. Look, the thing about it is if you’re in the juicing business, it’s really hard, I’ll tell you between this year and last year, there are lots of juicing was like the biggest thing last year at the Expo, and the natural products Expo West. And this year, it was hardly even noticeable. And the reason is, because a lot of those companies that came up were the three days or less the cold pressed that you can do at home. And they just they can’t sustain. Like if you can’t sell your inventory in three days, it’s really hard to stay in business. So yeah, I totally get why they do this. But as consumers, we also have to know the ideal. If I can’t get a juice in me, my next choice will be to get a go to the juice bar and get one in me. And that’ll that’ll mean, maybe centrifugal like you use like Whole Foods use, they’ll use that that’s the next thing I’ll put in me and I’ll get organic, as much as I could I definitely adhere to the clean 15 and Dirty Dozen rule when it comes to it. Because we’re concentrating it. We don’t really want to get those pesticides in us.

tell people what that is. What you’re talking about, besides know the clean 15 and the dirty dirty dozen or whatever. People might not know what that is. Yeah,

it’s a list that we’ve got in our book. And I don’t I don’t really I don’t have it memorized. But I know like it’s on the internet. I’ll link to it too. And yeah, yeah. Like I know will like some of the softer fruits like strawberry is like at the top of the Dirty Dozen, you know, the Dirty Dozen or there’s the foods that are sprayed most with chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, all the things we really don’t want in our body and it’s not going to wash off because because they’re grown this way. So it’s in the fibers of the fruit. So when we concentrate it we’re getting a real concentrated form of these chemicals. Strawberries would be at the top cucumbers are another one that we’d want to do organic as much as we can. And if not you at least want to appeal the cucumber you know, if you can we just try to do the best we can. We know i mean Joe cross and fat Sick and Nearly Dead was even using organic and he lost all that weight. But you know, we’re talking about taking your health to the next level. And like you talked about before, Betsy, we’re talking about the continuum,

right? Yeah, so don’t not do this. If you don’t have money for organic like just like The steps to protect yourself. And then when you can buy one or two things from that list that are organic, then all the better,

you’re going to see huge benefits no matter what because the fact is, we’re just not getting enough fruits and vegetables in our body, we’re not going to be able to chew our food enough to extract this level of nutrients from our food. And you know, eat pound for pound, even if you’re using the magic bullet or whatever else, you’re only able to get so much produce into that blended drink. Yes, fiber is good. And we want to get the fiber in our body. And we but the thing about it is when we’re concentrating a juice, we crave more fiber rich foods, we, which are the plant foods, we we crave more of those foods, so we do get them and our juices have soluble fiber in them no matter what used for us. It’s the soluble fiber. It’s the fiber that we’re getting out. But we’re just talking about supplementation we’re talking about supplements your body with this, and you’re going to see these incredible results. That’s the idea of Whole Foods is the best though we want to crave more Whole Foods. And this is the ticket to making that happen.

You know, it’s interesting, because, you know, we have little things that we do with our family or with our kids. And one thing that my daughter really loves to do is well we live in Atlanta, so we got Waffle House here, she wants to get a chocolate chip waffle from Waffle House. And so this past Saturday was like our day to spend time together. And we were going to go shopping. And so I said, there is a juice bar, I’m so excited. You know, I tried some really pumped it up, like I’m so excited to go to juice, will you go with me. And we’ll do that for breakfast. And it was so fun. And we sat at the bar and they made a drink, we each got a wheatgrass shot, which I had never had. So it was like a fun thing we did together. And she was like, This is crazy. And I said to her, I’m a big fan of the beach. And I really want to live at the beach. And so I said this May this gives me the feeling like I’m at the beach, and which I’ve tried to do you know, so if that’s something I want, I try to find places where I feel that same feeling. Because then I love that it doesn’t matter if I’m at the beach or not, because I have the feeling

you while you’re drinking liquid sunshine. I mean, that’s what the pioneers called it, I love that I still I love to call it liquid sunshine, we’re drinking the energy of the sun, we’re drinking the greens of the chlorophyll in the plants. And we know that the chlorophyll and the plants are closest in chemical composition to our own hemoglobin. So it’s the blood of the plants. And it just there’s something to that, that’s caused those phytonutrients at a molecular level that’s helping us to reverse and cure these diseases get us to our ideal weight. So we’re not dragging around all that extra weight, giving us the clarity of mind and focus to get through the day have enough energy to balance our busy lives. balance the stress, because there’s no panacea. I mean, you could drink the juice every day, you can eat tons of salads, and you could do the intermittent fasting like you’re doing and, and which is great, because we know that we’re eating way too much food as a society, we’re eating ourselves to death. Yeah, we just eat too much food. And studies show that the less we eat, the longer we live. So to get into that lifestyle you’re in now is something we should all strive for. I actually I want to try that actually. But

here’s what I do is in the morning, like I make all my juice for the morning and they try to have a different color. So I’ll have like a red juice and a green juice and sometimes like a white juice, like if I do it with celery and my favorite thing is like celery and a pear and celery root

is going nice things.

So I’ll try to have different colors. So I’ll have one for breakfast and then I have a coconut water like a really like the Tahitian coconut. And then at lunch, I’ll have my juice and then I’ll have a juice for snack and then my dinner which is like you know, steamed vegetables or I’ve really been doing raw mostly. But yeah, but that’s been working out so well. And it helps me because I stay focused during the day I have a plan. So it’s like not one more thing. I’m thinking like, oh, what am I gonna go eat? Like, I already have it ready and I just go get?

Yeah, it’s got me down to one or two meals a day, this lifestyle. I mean, it’s all I need. And I do way less snacking. And it’s just I’m not on that diet roller coaster, which I was on for years like I just Yeah, and even even when I discovered this and I would do the juice cleanse and even though the nicotine came out and I was ignited like yeah, this is

crazy. Yet nicotine coming out. Yeah, you know,

the nicotine came out, but I still would have problems with my weight like getting heavier even though I would exercise and I was eating the wrong things. So it’s just it helps in so many different ways. So that’s really the exciting part of it. And I don’t want to make you jealous, but I was at the beach this morning. I’m here now like, oh, sunshine.

Well, someday I will be at the beach. It won’t be long. I know it’s coming to me. Oh yeah, I can tell. Have you ever read the book The China Study?

Oh, yeah, yeah. T Colin Campbell. Yeah. So

I’ve been listening to that because now I’m like all in like, I just want to learn everything. And I’ve been listening to that. I would encourage people it on Audible. It’s really Great and I imagine it’s easier to understand and take in on Audible than it is to actually read it like if you’re not into all the research and stuff, but man oh man like we’re killing ourselves it that it’s it’s blowing

my brain I can’t even believe it

when the next one of you have to put on your reading list from there is from Dr. Michael Greger how not to die. Okay. Yep. And that’s, it’s phenomenal. It’s another one. He is just he has a website nutritionfacts.org. And every day he died. he’s a he’s a medical doctor. But he, and it’s all he’s all nonprofit. So he’s just trying to get this information out there because because he went when he was a kid, his grandmother, basically they gave her they told her she was going to die. They sent her home from the hospital, she had heart disease it was they were kind of giving her a death sentence. She was in like an early 60s. But she was one of the early adopters of the Pritikin diet, which was plant based foods and she went there and she’s like, in all their studies. She like they they reversed her disease. She lived into her late 90s. So another over 30 years from this and it ignited Dr. Michael gregers path to become a medical doctor to an end. He just he’s relentless as a researcher, and we’ve got thousands upon thousands of studies that show us that these plant foods are the things that heal our body. And it doesn’t matter what trend we’re talking about in the entrepreneurial space now. Everyone’s talking about paleo and biohacking and which is you know, measuring your body and seeing how they’re doing these individual people are doing their own little studies on themselves. But why do that when we’ve got The China Study and thousands upon thousands of studies that Dr. Michael Greger is bringing to our attention he does these videos where he’s dissecting the study on what the kale juice did to reverse cholesterol in this one study. And when I mean, it’s just it’s the information is there. Our eyes have to be open to be able to see it though.

Do you think that the reason why we’re still eating like crap, and the I mean, the government tells us to eat like crap with their stupid pyramid or now, the plate or whatever. But do you think it’s just because of industry? Because those industries have lobbyists that are out there trying to push their beef or their you know, processed food?

Well, I mean, there’s a lot of money on it. I mean, when you look back when Howard Lyman was on Oprah years ago, he Oh, do you remember that? Yeah.

Well, she got sued, right for the beef thing, right? Well,

he was a cattle rancher turned vegan. That’s what Howard Lyman spent his life doing. And because he realized a lot of things about the food and what we should be putting in our body. And so he went on Oprah and he told her some of the things that you’re doing, like grinding up cattle and feeding it back to the cows. And, and when he said that Oprah’s like you just stopped me dead in my tracks. I’m never needing another burger again. Well, that caused a anti defamation or what was the anti defamation? Yeah, is speaking out against the meat industry. I mean, you talk about power. There’s so much power in these industries that if you say something bad about it, they’ll come after and sue you. And that’s what happened with her. And who was I think Dr. Michael Greger was actually on her advisory board during that, that’s that I mean, it got settled and everything but it just shows you how much power there is with the meat, dairy and pharmaceutical industry that really is running the country.

And dairy is so bad. Like, I’m like learning so much that I’m like, Holy smokes, like, it’s so bad and cheeses delicious and

terrible for me. But believe it or not, when I first started doing this, and I cut Dario and that was when I was 26. I mean, there was nothing to eat like, and I missed it. I mean, I love my pizza. And I lived on pizza. I lived right near New York back then. And I love New York pizza. And it’s just like, I didn’t know how I was going to get away from cheese. And now they have these brands like kite, kite Hill day a cheese. They make these nut based cheeses, they’re fermented and they melt and you can replicate and duplicate just about anything. And miosha has a brand where it’s like they do these gourmet cheeses that you put on crackers and I don’t know how you can even tell the difference on some of these. It’s Yeah, it’s not real really. And my my stepson has an air dairy allergy so he he’s I mean he had dairy and he can’t even tell the difference from these cheeses they came out with now and back then it wasn’t that wasn’t an option. So it’s incredible what you can any pretty much anything can be replicated and duplicated. Beyond meat is a brand where they they they duplicate kind of anything they have their own veggie burger that tastes just like meat and chili that tastes just like regular chili that you would have with ground beef in it and, and and other kinds of oh they do like a chicken too. And And it’s it’s phenomenal. It would really, there was one of these cooking shows, I think it was top chef and all the chefs had identified what was wrong with this with a meal that that they had prepared. And the thing that was wrong was I think it was beyond meat that they used in it. And not one high level chef was that we would identify that they used an imitation meet.

Oh, wow, that’s crazy. It’s crazy.

I mean, for anyone who thinks I can’t do this, because I miss those kinds of things. Well, the only thing you won’t miss is the cholesterol and the heart disease and everything else that it will lead to in the end. Yeah, yes, those studies do show I mean, look up

breast cancer, like they were like you can eradicate basically breast cancer, that by how by the foods you eat, that’s what they said in the China, The China Study.

Right? It is lifestyle choices. The problem is, we’re brought up in a culture where we are fed these foods from an early age our parents were fed those foods and, and there’s a real attachment to those things. So when we start to question and go against them, even our own family members may think we’re crazy. Yeah. Because there’s there’s a real as a societal thing. It’s there’s such a connection with what we eat. Unfortunately, it’s shifting now. And, and kids are growing up attached to cell phones more than connecting with other people. But, but still, food has been a real part of connecting as humans. And so when we question those things, that we’ve all known to be staples in our lives, and that the four food groups and kindergarten said these are the four things we should eat the meat, dairy, you know, those things, right? Bread, bread, fruits and vegetables. But when you look on the back, those were sponsored by the meat and dairy industry, even back in the early 70s, like from as long as that information has been there. So as kids, we were looking at advertisements right there in kindergarten.

Yeah. So crazy. You know, I find that if I get my daughter involved in helping me like cut everything up the other night, we made,

I got spring roll wrappers, which are just like,

you know, rice paper, whatever it is, and you kind of soak in water for a minute, we cut up different vegetables, and we loaded our things with vegetables and little slices of mango. And that’s what we had for dinner. And it was so good. And she was into it because she got to help cut everything up, you know, so we can include our kids in it.

getting them involved, you know, like getting out of blender, you know, a high power Blender like a Vitamix is greater or just a regular blender. I don’t know that the smaller ones would work but just getting your kids to, to cut up or put a banana in some Kiwi strawberries, put in some water, maybe a little sweetener, like gravy, maple syrup, or something and blend it up and pour it into popsicle stick containers and freeze them overnight. And they’ve got amazing popsicles that they made. And they’re getting all these servings of fresh, raw fruit into their body and all the vitamins and minerals that come with that.

I love that that’s a good idea. Yeah,

I you know what i do just to make it easier. And then we’ll wrap up because I’ve kept john here. But I actually plan out my juices for like three days, and I go on to Amazon Fresh. And then I just find all the vegetables I need. And I order them and so then they’re just delivered. And then I just get them that morning and I make my juices for the day. And like it’s so easy like this can actually make your whole life a whole lot easier and simpler.

Oh, I never even knew about that. That’s a great tip. Thank you for that. I’ll look into that. Yeah. But to finish up one thought that I think I was getting to a little earlier. And and I was saying no matter what you do, I said no matter how, you know, you’re doing the I said you were doing the intermittent fasting and, and you’re doing that no matter what we eat, or how much juice we drink, or these better choices we make that I was saying it develops this intuition inside of us where we really know what our body needs. Because we do live in a stressful world. And it doesn’t matter. Even if you make these great choices, even if you exercise, do all these other things. If you’re stressed out, you’re going to get those diseases. So we’ve got to just get back to intuition, finding time for ourselves, healing our unhealthy relationships, letting go of anger and all those other things. If we want to connect the dots and live the extraordinary life we’re all here meant to do.

Yeah, I love that really like a holistic approach. And this is just one piece of that.

But it’s a big piece. And I really think for me, I mean, it was the portal and for my wife to obviously when we got back together, the juicing was the portal to really help us to take our lives to the next level. So I think it’s something everyone should at least give a try. Even if you could just start with the daily juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach make it a habit. I don’t know where at the end, but we’ve got in our book, we’ve got habit forming ideas and how you create habits, things like declaring Jamba Juice or posting it on Facebook, letting your friends know I’m juicing now and just becoming accountable. It tricks your brain into thinking yeah, I’ve got it. You know, I’ve got to stay accountable. And just like habit formation like you want to Break up your habits. Like in the morning, you’ve got your routine, the things you do on autopilot, like going in the shower, brushing your teeth, those things and then put a little post it note that says, Did you know go make my juice or the night before? Did I prepare to make juice today, making your juice for the star the kitchen, don’t put it in the cabinets, put it out there on the counter. So it’s there, you’re always thinking about it. And you’re going to use it. Yeah, yeah, it’s adding in those triggers so that you start to develop the new habits. And, and the final thing, Betsy, I would say too, is is if you can get yourself a good juicer, even just go on eBay or to a yard sale, a lot of times people buy juicers and they just like I said to put in the cabinet never use them, you can pick up a good juicer, you second hand that’s in phenomenal condition at a really good price. So that’s another good way to get going. Yeah,

that’s a really good idea, I’ll have to get some a list maybe from you of juicers that are good. And I’ll put the juicer that I have a link to that for people to Yeah, but that way, they kind of have an idea of what some of the ranges so they know what to look for. And of course, I’ll link to your book so you guys can find his book in the show notes and to your website, too.

And, yeah, let you know, I’m on our website. So it’s juice crew comm forward slash template to get what I consider the only juice recipe you need. With this one recipe and this is a little poster that you could print out on your computer and tape it to your refrigerator. Beautiful. We call it the juice crew daily classic. And with this one recipe you can make literally dozens when maybe over 100 juices by changing out certain ingredients. And we really carefully selected the ingredients in here it’s it’s produce that’s usually available year round, no matter where you live, so and you’re not going to buy all this produce, and it’s all going to go bad because you didn’t choose it is the kind of stuff that will stay good in your refrigerator for a certain amount of for a good amount of time. So this is a great way to get started with this one recipe. I feel like it’s the only one you really need. Oh,

good. That’s awesome. And you know, what I used to are those green bags that keep your produce like fresher, like ever. And so that makes me feel better. Like I know stuff isn’t gonna go bad if I get a couple extra days of stuff. But I do think planning it out makes a huge difference. Because then you actually use up everything that you’ve got, you know, nothing goes away. That’s

usually a big problem. Like some people buy like a whole bunch of stuff they meant to use. And again, there’s nothing worse than throwing out produce, especially if it’s organic. So you know, just planning a little getting some of the things that stay good for longer. And we might need to take a few more trips, but I love your Amazon Fresh idea. That’s a good one fast. Yeah,


Buying clubs are good to Costco and things like that where you can, you can buy a whole bunch of organic produce at a really good price. That’s another great way to go.

Yeah, that’s a good idea, too. Yeah.

Well, awesome. Thank you so much for coming on. I appreciate your time. I know that you are busy wanted man. And so I appreciate you coming on and sharing with everybody today. Well, this

is a lot of fun. It’s definitely my passion. I could see it’s yours too. And I love that you’re on this journey and and your eyes are being open to things like The China Study, you’re gonna get it ready and read how not to die and maybe interview Dr. Michael Greger on your show and maybe get t Colin Campbell. Because when I got to interview those people, that’s really what opened my eyes to what’s going on in the world. And I think everyone, we all owe it to ourselves to escape the cultural conditioning and learn the truth about the food we’re putting in our body and what really matters to our to ourselves into our family. Yeah,

yeah. And really be able to live the life you you should be able to live. Yeah, right.

It goes against the grain of what you think it should be based on what some of your friends are experiencing. And maybe you are now and thinking, well, this is all part of getting older. It’s not. And you can reverse it. And that’s the amazing thing about it. And so if you start now, you know, one juice at a time, we just have to start getting it into our body and then you’re going to get that awareness to start making the better choices and inspiring others to do the same.

Yeah, yeah. I love that. Well, thank you so much, Steve.

Thank you. This is a lot of fun.

Thanks for including me in your journey today. Remember, you can find me all over social media at Betsy Pake. I’d love to hear what you think. And, as always, here’s the little message from my husband.

That’s it.

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