056: Understanding Chakras with Elaina Conneely - Betsy Pake

056: Understanding Chakras with Elaina Conneely


This week on The Art of Living Big, I interview Elaina Conneely as she explains all about chakras. I’d been hearing more and more about chakras and wanted a deeper understanding to what it was, if it was ‘real’ and how I could use it to make my life better!

Elaina’s role is to help Smart Spirited Souls re-engage with their soul wisdom and to use their hearts and minds. Her Soul purpose is to embody Divine self-expression and she is a natural channel of the written and spoken word. She is here to show others their Divine power through the use of intuition and manifesting. She qualified as a spiritual healer many years ago, trained at the College of Psychic Studies London, graduated from Sonia Choquette’s Spiritual leadership program, accredited Soul Realignment Practitioner, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and a qualified Personal Performance Coach.  Along with a business degree, postgraduate qualifications in Knowledge Management and Change Management plus over 25 years of experience leading projects across sectors such as Private Banking, Financial Services, Construction and Film & TV, Elaina uses her know how to ensure souls ground their talents and progress in their objectives.
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Hi, I’m Betsy Pake. I’m a reinvention strategist and NLP coach, author and speaker. But really I feel like I just work with people all over the country to help them be happier, and to help them have a little bit more ease in their life. Today, I hope to do the same for you. Thanks for listening. Now let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to another episode of The Art of Living big. I’m here with Elena Keneally. I’m so excited for this episode because she helps smart spirited souls reengaged with their soul wisdom, and to use their hearts and minds. So her sole purpose is to embody divine self expression, and she’s a natural channel of the written and spoken word. She’s here to show others their divine power through the use of intuition and manifesting. She’s qualified as a spiritual healer. Many years ago trained at the College of psychic studies, London, graduated from Sanya, I’m gonna say it wrong choquette Is that right? I did it right. I did it right. spiritual leadership program accredited soul realignment practitioner, neuro linguistic programming practitioner and a qualified personal performance coach. So Elena uses her know how to ensure souls ground their talents and progress in their objectives. Hey, Elena, thank you for being here.

Oh, thank you so much. It’s brilliant speaking to you. So I’m glad I could be here for you.

I’m so glad to so I, I found you. Because I was on the search and the hunt to understand shark rats. Right? Oh, there is so much cool stuff that you do and so much wisdom you can share with us. But I’d really love to start to I almost, I almost said chakras start like I was saying chocolate. I like to start with chakras because I’ve heard about this, but I really don’t understand it. Yeah, I’m, I consider myself pretty spiritual. But I also have, that’s a fairly recent thing. So anything to woo, I would just disregard Do you know what I’m saying? Like, yeah, chakra is kind of fell in that bucket. So you help us understand like chakras and really what they are, what they do, how they can help us all that good stuff.

Yeah. And I’d love to thank you so much. And thank you for that lovely introduction. And so chakras are they they’re part of our third dimensional physical body. So they’re very real presence there. And they’re also part of our, our mental and our emotional body as well. And I feel what’s happening for a lot of people sort of like yourself, I used to, I used to go to yoga classes, and sometimes the yoga teacher would be very occasion and this is years ago, 25 years ago, mentioned chakras. What’s that? And I think do I have one? Is there only one or you know, anyway, so we have in our, in our bodies, we have seven main chakras. So I can run through those a few lines.

I have through them.

Yeah. And that will run through them. So we have from one to seven. So we’ll start at the root chakra, which is number one, and that’s at the base of your spine and the root chakra, you know, again, remember Yes, there is it’s got its physical dimension, but it’s about your mental and your emotional body as well. So what you think and what you’re feeling so your root chakra is very, that will tell you a lot about your, how you’re feeling secure and your health as well. So it keeps you very grounded. That’s your root chakra. And that’s at the base of your spine. When you

go to a yoga class. Lots of times they talk about your chakras, don’t they? Like? Yes, I’ve been to a few yoga classes.

Yeah, more. Yeah, I’ve been in the last, you know, I mean, I went years ago, and they were sort of mentioned and I was Oh, what is that? And I thought, is it something to do with India? You know, I didn’t Yeah, I thought what is the chakra right? So yeah, and in yoga classes they do and you can actually go to an I’ve been to various workshops where you go and you focus on one specific chakra,

is it really a way to like ground your mind to your body by you by using these points? Which is

Yeah, it is and there are very good, they’re almost I think for a lot of people once you’ve sort of been through you step through that meditation gateway. So you’ve been through that part of your spiritual journey. And then that becomes this you know, different stages of awakening, and then you start to become aware of your chakra so you might actually you know, I know I didn’t and now I’m, I’m actually very sensitive you know, I can I can really feel something if it’s in my you know, third chakra, I think, I need to take a look at that. But you can actually feel it and pinpoint where it is. With something else as well. We actually have something called a golden web and that’s the anesthetic. Like a web that keeps our emotional arm and two bodies to you know, as our as our as individuals so we don’t get each other’s thoughts and feelings. mixed up with all this now, what I do see happen a lot with people’s we often actually have tears and in this golden web that runs over our chakras, and we can end up leaking energy from our chakras. I know that was something that I had experienced with my which I’m going to mention my, your second chakra, which is your Sacral Chakra. And that’s just above just above your navel. And it’s all about that, you know, for women, it’s a very creative chakra, it’s all about comfort, it’s all about pleasure. And it’s, it’s kind of where our style as well that it sits in our second chakra. So it’s a very, very creative, it’s not necessarily ruined by the rule that’s by the feminine, but it’s, you know, for females, our second chakra plays a huge part in our lives. And I you know, myself I know other people don’t have as a term the golden weapon it was it always caused me problems. And again, that’s a chakra thing, you can really physically feel it. And then I’ll talk about our your third chakra, which is your solar plexus. And that’s it. That’s your, you know, some people call it is you know, your belly or your kind of bit more than your gut feeling, maybe but that’s all about your, your willpower, and staying focused and being committed to what it is you want to create in your life. And you can see how sometimes we you know, our chakras can be overactive. So we can have, like too much vital force and you run through or they can be underactive. So, you know, again, depending on if you’re doing chakra balance for someone, you know, if they’re saying things like, ah, I just can’t seem to get motivate I just, I think I know what to do, but then I don’t care, you know, and that would show an underactive third chakra. So yeah, so shall I.

Yeah. Okay, so my first chakra is the root chakra, the base of my spine. So when we talk about the base of my spine, is it like behind my body?

Well, they come through the chakras are? This is a very good question, actually. So if you imagine them as a drawing, and they come through almost, they open up at the front, but there is actually an opening at the back. So it’s right, right through your your whole body.

Yeah. And like if you shoved a piece of like if you shoved a piece of uncooked spaghetti straight through you. I mean, that is a weird analogy. But like if you that’s how I imagine it. So there’s like a piano on each side,

right where it’s like that. And the front of it opens up into if you can imagine it opening up like the lens of the camera. Yes. Okay. What can that picture?

Yes. Okay. Yeah. So does it go up? Or is it just open?

Yes, you can. You can open a new you can close your your chakras. You can do that yourself. It takes mindfulness and it takes intense but yes, that’s something we can all do ourselves. Okay. All right.

Let’s talk more about that in a second. But okay, so yeah, I got my root chakra, then I’ve got the above my navel.

What does that look like?

That’s the sacral chakra chakra. And then my solar plexus is my third solar per se. So that’s your third chakra. Okay. And then you come to your heart chakra, which is where your heart is.

When you hear about a lot, I feel like

Yes, yeah. Because our our hearts and this is something that I you know, I think like lots of people I’ve come from a fairly intellectualized background, you know, I had a profession as it were. And what I learned from one of my great teachers, Sonia choquette, was that, you know, our hearts are really our informing organ, my understand was that our hearts are actually the first organ that’s actually formed within the body. So that, in fact informs everything else that our body is made up for. So our hearts is often the place that we listen to last. And I know a lot of her work is actually really putting people in touch with the hearts. It’s like, Well, what do you want to do? And our heart chakra it’s all about empathy, forgiveness, forgiving others, and self forgiveness and sharing as well. So it’s something that I think we’re beginning to become people use the word emotional intelligence and that comes from your heart chakra. Okay. Okay, and then what’s my next one, may 5. So your next one, your fifth chakra is your throat chakra. And these are the main these are the large chakras as I’m talking about this, as you know,

they get bigger.

These are the these are the major seven major chakras. Okay. Then there are smaller chakras that you have chakras in your hand and in your feet and other parts of your body but they are they are smaller. These are the major seven chakras that people if you new to it, they’re a good place to start because it kind of makes sense with what’s going on in, you know, your people can understand if they’re overactive or underactive. So for instance, with your heart chakra, if it was underactive, it would be almost, I see a lot of this. So it’s common, but it’s when people aren’t very loving tools themselves. You know, when they’re very critical of like, I haven’t done that, or I didn’t do a good enough job of that. A lot of women have that. You know, the absence of self love. Yeah. And that’s a huge thing.

Yeah, that’s all the time.

Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So and that that’s the heart chakra. And women as well, I feel are, you know, physically, we’re wired to be very empathetic creatures. And you know, are we tend to be so good with other people, but we’re not so good to ourselves?

Yes. We say things to ourselves that if a friend said it to us, we’d never talk to them again.

Yeah, you would be horrified. And it’s it’s very, very cool. And and that’s to do with that your heart chakra again being being underactive. And also it can actually interesting enough, if it’s overactive, it’s almost like when we give too much to other people and trying to make, you know, live, living through them and everything. Again, it’s finding that balance. So something else that we’re all learning, I

think I could see like mothers doing that, you know, where you give everything you have to your kid, and then there’s nothing left?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, this is it. And it’s, yeah, and it’s all. You know, I think being a mother, I think that is, I wouldn’t even describe it as a job that is just such a huge life journey to go through. It’s a land. It’s a lot of there’s, I think there’s a lot of physical work. Yeah, there’s a lot of mental work. And there’s a lot of emotional work, because there’s so much love there that you just want it. You just want the best for your child. So yeah, yeah. That’s, that’s a demanding, demanding role, you know, say the least. So, so. So your heart chakra as well, for women. You know, often that’s something that is a, it runs with the we run our vital force energy through our chakras. So they become imbalanced through what we choose to do in our lives. And because of that, they could become unbalanced pretty quickly. But the great thing is, you can rebalance them quickly as well. And it’s just being able to take that step back to allow yourself to do that. And certainly with the heart chakra, that’s a really good one, a little bit of self care goes a long way for for you and actually goes a long way for other people in your life too.

Yes, I would think if you are more in balance, right? If you are feeling more aligned with with everything, then you have more to give because you’ve got your cup is full.

Yes, yes. Yeah, exactly. And it’s, I think at first, you almost have to think, because it can be such a big step away from where people are in their life. And certainly where women are, you have to think Well, okay, just pretend you’re going to be selfish for 30 minutes, what would you do? We just don’t even have to, you know, and it’s like, well, you know, what would I do? One lady I was working with, and we’ve had a, you know, did some work together nice and wide. It can have a nice hot bath now. And she was horrified. It’s three o’clock in the afternoon. And he would think I’d said something really shocking. Like, yeah, I can do something really illegal. And I was like, Look, it’s just, I mean, you know, where you are at the moment. That’s just what you need. And that will set you up for the whole week. And she’ll be like, oh, okay, I said it. You know, I’m not advising you do this every day. But today, this is just tried today, if you’ve got the time, she’s like, Well, I have got the time. I was like, well go and do that. Yeah. Yeah. But it’s interesting. Sometimes we can be quite shocked. Actually, you know, the self care is actually a little bit goes a long way.

Yeah. And sometimes working less. And being more aware that actually helps him progress faster. Yes. We’re pushing, pushing, pushing. And I wonder out loud as we’re going through this is part of that because the shock, right, your third chakra, which is your willpower, and your focus and all that, it means that you get out of balance, because you’re focusing so much on pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing.

Yes, yeah. Yeah. And I think, you know, I may very briefly mentioned, but it’s really how we express our vital force energy. So we’re very animate creatures. You know, we’re very, you know, our mental body. We’re thinking our emotional body. We’re always feeling one thing or another. Yeah. And we’re constantly where these energetic beings we really are. So, things do, we can shift things very quickly. And I think if you’re going through You know, say you’re going through a bad time you’re going through a challenging time, whatever you want to call it. taking a breath, and just focusing back in and yourself can really do the power of good. You know, that is really where you can reset yourself. It does take that bit of discipline and again, that discipline comes from your third chakra. Yeah. To think okay, actually, I know all this crazy stuff is happening. Let me just take a breath.

Yeah, slow down for a second.

Yes, yes.

Okay, so then my fifth chakra is my throat chakra,

your fish up close your throat chakra. And that’s all about it is all about talking and speaking and saying what it is you need to say. Also, it’s about listening as well. And it’s having that balance. It is about communication and how you actually communicate your ideas, and how you listen to you know others as well. So I fifth chakra, a lot of women are a really good example of someone who had really found this a fifth chakra, and you mentioned it, because it’s quite a poignant time at the moment was the Diana, Princess of Wales. And it’s coming up to her 20th anniversary, and she was a woman who eventually after, you know, quite some time, many years of being in in a very challenging situation, found her voice. And she worked with a voice coach, and I’ve actually worked with someone who she worked with, and I know that, you know, for a woman to find her voice, that’s a huge movement, I feel we’ve been going through for decades. So our throat chakra, very, you know, very important. And a lot of women, there’s often again, it can be overactive, so too much talking and actually not saying anything that needs to be said. Or the other thing is is not speaking up. It’s not being heard for what you need to be heard for. Yeah. And I’ve certainly had my own journey to go with that. So I’m very sympathetic for anyone who’s trying to find their own voice and be themselves and you know, and know that it’s okay to do that as well. Yeah,

yeah. Interesting. All right, is there another one,

another one after that was your sixth chakra. So that’s your third eye. So that’s just in your forehead right in the middle of your forehead. Your fifth chakra is all to do with. it’s to do with your perception, your imagination, it’s also where we Daydream as well, energetically. That’s where you know, your fifth chakra. That’s what goes on there. When that’s overactive, it can mean that we’re constantly planning a little bit sometimes, like when we used to plan to do you know, an exam, you’d be planning, let’s plan how I’m going to do my revision, but actually not leave much time for doing the revision for the exam. Or, you know, it’s kind of like writing endless shopping lists, but actually not going out and doing the shopping that is overactive

minds overactive. I do a lot of dreaming and planning. Well, I do some action too. But

yeah, yeah. So yeah, I think it is interesting. It’s not, it depends on sometimes that can be very productive. And it can be, you know, I would say, that’s part of anyone’s process. But that’s where they are. I need to daydream. I’m feeling a bit like that. I need to have a daydream Have a think about things. And then when I do something, it’s really fast. Yeah, I need that time just to relax into it, as it were. And just think, Oh, you know, it’s okay. Yeah. So, if it’s underactive, it can mean it’s almost like we feel we can’t see the path ahead. And we don’t have that vision. And I think, Well, sometimes, I’m really thinking of some sort of, you know, people I’ve worked with on this. I think sometimes people from everyone else knows what they’re doing. And I don’t, yeah, yeah. what to do next. Yeah. I feel I should know, you know, and that, that’s just an indication it’s underactive. So it’s your sixth chakra. And then your seventh chakra, which is your last embody chakra, it’s actually on the crown of your head. That’s your crown chakra. Okay. And that’s all about it’s, it’s all about light. It’s about your faith. It’s it’s all about you feeling empowered about your life and to know that you have got choices. And to know that you, you can decide what it is you want to do. If it’s underactive, you can feel it’s when we feel in that victim mode. You’re things going my way. And I think we have that again. Sometimes in our days, we can’t believe I can get any, you know, there wasn’t a car parking space, it’s, you know, we will have those frustrations, but it’s when we feel certainly when it causes a problem with it. I haven’t got any. I haven’t got any choice. I just have to go with the flow. I don’t matter. I don’t have a say Yeah. And then if it’s overactive, it can be having this, you know, you know, hubris, believing that you know, delusions of power thinking, well, I, I can do this and I can do that. And not actually Pat’s being very realistic about what it is you can do in that in that day. So that’s your seventh chakra.

Lots of times when I do like a guided meditation, though, it’ll have me imagine like a golden light coming down through the top of my head, but that’s going right to that chakra, right?

Yeah, it is, I mean, really open. It depends on the meditation, but it’s really where we connect up physically, to our higher selves. Okay, so that’s why often they say, and I think I’ve got a meditation, it’s that you know, you a lotus flower, and it opens up slowly. And that’s your crown chakra. Yeah. And it can be either, again, it just depends on the meditation that you want to have. I know when I trained to be a spiritual healer years ago, one of the processes that I did it would, you would actually open up your crown chakra, and you would connect to light source through that, and to that positive, you know, light energy. And that that’s how I trade. So that’s why I think a lot of people are doing that passively in the meditation. So because it can be very healing, it can be healing energy. I would say, you know, I think it depends on the individual. I think if you’re at that stage of trying to absolutely try it. If you’ve got adrenal burnout or anything like that, be a little bit careful by if you’re opening up your crown chakra and pulling in all that energy through, if you have a dream, just be a bit Be mindful of that. Something like a chakra rebalancing meditation might be more suitable if you’ve got adrenal burnout.

That’s just fine.

Okay, so I have, so I just want to make sure I got this down. Because this is a kind of a foreign concept to me, other than I’ve heard the word chakra, right. Yeah. In fact, when I told my husband, I’m going to talk to somebody about chakras and aligning my chakras. He was like, that sounds dirty. Like, should I be concerned? I was like, Oh, no, nevermind.

Well, that time,

I was like, no. So okay, so I have these pots spots on my body. And I do believe that we’re spiritual beings. And we are full of energy. And I mean, if you’re listening to this, then you’re more on the science side than the woowoo side, then, like Einstein talked about this energy, right, that we all have this energy, and yeah, and so it would make sense that we would have spots on our body where that energy sort of, like came together?

Yes, yes. Yeah, it does. Yeah.

And so it works up my body, which also makes sense. And it makes sense that it sort of aligns with whatever organs I have, yes, in that particular area. So if I how, how do I know if I’m out of balance? Or can I just assume I’m out of balance, like is everybody sort of out of balance,

as we call it, with constantly rebalancing? It depends, you know, as a soul, your soul nature. So for instance, one thing I’ve noticed is that, that was very much, you know, a good few years ago, but very much like, you know, meditation is good that the Dalai Lama? And yes, it’s actually for some souls, it can actually, it’s not that meditation is a bad thing. But I think people are, sometimes can kind of get a little bit lost in their meditation. And I do a lot of work with, you know, helping people manifest what they want to manifest. Yeah. And I think it’s very important to set your intention. Absolutely. It’s all part of the process. But I think sometimes there’s an awful lot of going staying in that meditative state. I’m not doing what it is you need to do. And I think that’s perhaps the next start the next part that’s actually coming along into, you know, people’s journey. They’re thinking, Well, okay, I know, they don’t need anyone to come and tell them that they’re a spiritual being. They just know. Yeah, we’ve had that you’ve had, you know, people have had their own experiences. And they’re like, oh, okay, that’s my spirit. I get, I understand.

So yeah, like how I found you. And we chatted about this just a little bit beforehand. And I’ve been meditating for three or four years now on the regular and felt like, energy in different spots. And it really was talking to one of my girlfriends about it, and she was like, that’s your chakras. And that’s how I even was like, I need Yeah, like maybe this is the next level of mine. development is to figure this thing out, you know? Yeah. So I would say, since I was feeling some sort of energy that I probably am not aligned, or else I’d feel like equal energy on all of those points. Would you say? Yeah,

yeah, I think there are, you know, it depends on your level of consciousness. So for some, many people, you’ll be able to rebalance your chakras by getting some quiet time opening them up, as it were cleaning them out. imagining

how would they do that? Can people do that on their own?

It is something you can do it? I mean, it’s something you know, I definitely used to do, and it definitely does help. So, I mean, I can I don’t know if there’s time I can take you through a little process now or, okay. Let’s do it. Okay.

As long as you have time.

Yeah, no, that’s Yeah, no, I have time. So what I would say is, if you if you can have your feet and if someone is listening to this, you know, don’t drive please do do this, you know?

Yeah. So press pause if you’re driving. Yeah,

yeah. So make sure you have your feet flat on the floor. And if you if possible, if you can be there for two, that’s great. And then just let your let your eyes gently closed. And just exhale, the count of 123. or hold your breath for 1234 embrace


Just notice your breath.


Breathe out.

Find your relaxed pace.

And then bring your attention

to shukran your body that maybe you’ve been feeling some tension in.

Maybe there’s been some pain,


to remind your root chakras at the spine. Which of your spine.

Psycho chakras

just above your navel.

Solar Plexus in the middle of your body.

The Heart Chakra,

the heart chakra.

Your throat chakra.

your third eye is on the forehead.

There’s your crown chakra

which is the top of your head.

So bringing your attention to the chakra that’s actually

causing you discomfort or pain.

Imagine that chakra at the front of your body

opening up

very gently

like a flower

that’s it opens.

Notice if there’s a color

you see, we’re feeling

you want to let go or

might be a taste or sensation. You want to release

just imagine that releasing from that chakra from your body

leasing up,

been taken away.

When lease back to the light.

Take a gentle breath in

breathe out

Allow that shark crew to perfectly rebalance.

When you feel that’s been done,

allow the flowers of the shakra the petals

to gently close

not completely, but to the perfect amount.


so you’re safe and protected.

Now bring yourself your awareness

back to the rest of your body.

Feel your feet on the floor beneath, see

when your hands together,

rub them together. And then put the palms of your hands

over your eyes.

Then gently open your eyes and that light in

any light will have a glass of water. I like

wine. Yeah.

Yeah, probably a bit later on.

So, yes, yes, it’s really about just like imagining those areas, like releasing the tension, and then imagining them all becoming completely equal, really

aligned for whatever you whatever you need to do that day. Because also in our, you know, again, it’s our energy that’s expressed through our chakras. So, you know, some days, for instance, we’ll have a very active day, you know, for decorating or, you know, doing something with the house, you know, we maybe there’s a lot of physical movement will be up and down steps will be painted, whatever it is. And then other days, we might be well, you know, it’s going to be like a Lazy Sunday afternoon, we’ll watch a film or, you know, we’ll be going for a gentle walk, or we’ll be, I don’t know, having to watch the dog, whatever it might be. So, you know, the energy that we’re using, it changes all the time. So as a result, it’s, and that’s why they say things like, you know, everything in moderation have tried to have that balance. But, you know, some days we do do things that take us out of our comfort zone to do so we read, modulate our energy and that’s we will our chakras, that’s, you know, when I’m looking at them, that’s really what they’re indicating, to me what someone’s going through.

So do the chakras align at like, Is there something physically in my body right there? Like, is there an a cluster of nerves or something, right, where there’s,

there’s, they align, there are three levels, really, there’s the physical level of your chakra, and then there’s the, your, your mental body, and also your emotional body as well. So your chakra can be for instance, you can be perfectly aligned in your physical body, but perhaps in your mental body. It just doesn’t. You’re overthinking things. Yeah. You’re thinking of things that fits that suit your fifth chakras, you know, unbalanced. But you’re thinking of things in your mental body that, you know, you want to say I’ve read, I want to say that that’s what must be, it’s not not said, or then as well as your emotional body within your chakras, too. So that’s, that would be something along the lines of, you know, again, in your, your heart chakra is that, you know, perhaps a good one to discuss here. It’s being over empathetic to other people. And, you know, a lot of women, again, I see a lot of people being taught to be empathetic, because that’s certainly part of any spiritual journey as we understand our ego and understand our spirit. But I think there’s a lot of empathy being taught, but not a lot of empowerment. So we can end up feeling what other people are feeling. And we can end up feeling responsible for it when actually we’re not it doesn’t mean that we’re not going to be compassionate, but it can really disempower us, take us away from what it is we want to create in our life, whatever that might be.

Yeah, that’s super interesting.

Yeah. Okay. So you

actually physically see something like when you’re looking?

And we see.

Yeah, I guess I’m just thinking the best way to answer it because there are different. There are different things.

Like a feeling that you can see it but it’s not a visual.

I can say that I guess there are different layers of it. The intuition that I’ve actually been asked I have something it’s called clear cognizance. I just know it. Yeah. But it’s not okay. It’s not knowing in a judgmental way, like not labeling someone, it’s just it’s a very all I can say. It’s something that I’ve learned over decades. And I’m like, Oh, that’s what it is. That’s good. Okay. So then for time with me, I had a lot of Playboy, so I could see things as well. And, you know, when I would look at someone, you know, I originally trained, you know, years ago as a healer, and I could see things within that, you know, like, lots of energy, for instance, sometimes I was taught with the chakras, sometimes we’re taught that they’re different colors, that can be quite useful base, I was taught anyway, for me that they’re all pure white light. So they’re not different colors. But sometimes, you know, people do color code them. So things like your, your heart chakra is green, for instance, often people identify that with the heart chakra as a color. But I was always taught it was pure white light. So that’s what I that’s what mine are, you know, I don’t know about, you know, other. So the colors are interesting. They’re quite useful to us, some people because they’ve been taught, and they’ll refer to them if I’m discussing them with them. And they’ll say, Oh, my gosh, oh, no, it’s I’ve got like a green. He knows it’s not green. It’s all that so I’ve got this brown, icky dark stuff coming out of it. Or, you know, it’s very physically

manifested itself for them visually by colors, because that’s how they learned. Right? And so their processes it that way.

Exactly. Yeah. And then other people, it can feel very, it depends on the chakra, but sometimes, you know, people feel very emotional and they want to cry. And that’s the great release. And when that’s happened, they’re like, Oh, you know that? They feel like, oh, gosh, I can’t believe I was crying. And it’s like, well, no, that’s just just rebalancing. Well, yeah, full of

crying or laughing. I’ve had people that I’ve been working with this, like laugh. They’re like, I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I’m laughing. I’m like, it’s okay. Like, as you are really like expanding how you think about something, you know, yeah. And I’m not doing this kind of spiritual work. But I’m definitely talking about emotions, you know, in how they perceive the world. And they’ll either cry, or they’ll laugh. And it’s, it’s because you have to have some sort of release when you open up to something bigger. Right? So

yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m actually interested in the crying and laughing. They might sort of seem two different sides of the of the spectrum, but they’re two activities that leads us really leads us all to our souls. Very interesting. Yeah. Yeah, because our spirits generally have a very good sense of humor. Yeah. Right. So, you know, a laugh is the, if you’re wondering how to connect to your higher self, if you can find something to laugh at that, you know, that you know, ethically is whatever, yes, you know, that’s, that’s the good thing. That’s a good thing.

The other thing, I always, and I tell people a lot, but for myself, I do a lot is I think the thing that brings us into alignment immediately. Are our pets. And that’s how come I love them so much. And that’s how come when they die, it’s so painful. Because we don’t have that thing that brings us completely into our alignment. Like immediately anymore, and we missed them. Yeah.

Oh, yeah, I’m gonna do i do do I really want to do a YouTube video for if you’ve lost if your dog has died, because that happened to me. I was just oh, I mean, obviously, I you just

said that my dog started moaning. He’s like laying.

We’re not talking about, okay.

And that’s something that I’ve got a little dog. I’ve got a dog now called darling. And yeah, he’s just an absolute sweetheart. He really is. Yeah. And the animals are very, you know, they’re very instinctive, but they’re very in tune with us energetically. And certainly our companion animals, whatever, you choose a companion animal to be like some people they have terrapins and other people have cats and other people have dogs, others, it’s horses, whatever it might be for you. Yeah. You know, our animals really are that connection to that nature energy. And you it’s hard to argue with that. Yeah. So they really help. You know, they help bring it back into alignment and help give us that comfort that times we just don’t give ourselves you

know, yeah, absolutely. So okay, so you have a YouTube channel tell people where they can find you on your What do you have a website?

I’ve got Yes, I’ve got a website called ww dot career. confidence.me.me.

Yeah. And I’ll put it in the show notes as well. Thank you. Yeah. And from their can they link to your YouTube channel if they want it? Yeah,

so I pretty much I’ve been, I’ve kind of fall it. I don’t know if anyone’s watching me on YouTube. I’ve kind of fallen in love with making YouTube Do so yes, you can. On my little. I’ve got them on my little blog and I did one the other week, which was really good. Well, good in the sense. I enjoy doing it, but it was on how to have a staycation at work. Good. Yeah. So that’s been popular, which is good. Obviously, it’s not something new perhaps. I think a lot of people are watching it, but not telling other people. Right. Yeah,

that’ll come out. Yeah, doing them. Yeah.

Yeah. So and it’s actually a bank holiday week here. So I think it’s just be very popular for that reason. Yeah. So I’m all about I’ve done a lot of spiritual work, and that most of the work I do is spiritually based. But I’m all about actually, how can you make it practical? You know, how can manifest abundance? And

can you give us a manifesting tip before we

get off? fisting tip? Oh,

somebody is thinking like I, and maybe they just need to get on your website and search around a little bit. But like, if I were thinking, like, I’ve been, like thinking, like I talk a lot, well, I actually know this is coming already. But I always I talk a lot on the podcast about how I’ve been wanting to move to the beach, I have a countdown on my phone, which is like at 1000, like 42 days or something. But when I started that countdown, it was like 2800 days. So it’s been a long time. And yeah, and I keep saying like when my daughter graduates from high school. That’s Yeah, I know, I’ll be able to go. So like, I know that manifestation is coming. But there are things I do, like I visualize, you know, I visualize the things I really appreciate about the beach, you know?

Yeah, yeah, I feel in the morning seeing sunrise, you know, that kind of stuff. But is there any good tip you want to give people? Um, I think certainly, I think for me, one of the one of the best things that I I’ve done is, I’ve got this like little morning routine, which is very straightforward. But as, basically as soon as I wake up, and sometimes, you know, we wake up and we take time to actually get out of bed, it takes us a minute. And in that minute, I think I literally I get dressed in my positive mindset. I literally think, Okay, well what good thing do I what’s happened to me today? Now, sometimes when we’re going through these, you know, amazing, crazy, such as human beings, we have difficult days. And it’s it is hard, you know, there are days you sit, well, nothing, nothing good has happened. It’s just not good. You know, and I just, I discipline myself to do that, because it will bring you back to center. And I think no matter who you are, there’s always you know, there are things challenges to to deal with. And dealing with, if you come from that positive place to start with, you’re going to open up the positive.

Yeah, and, and I think

you can create it as a habit so that you just start doing it in the morning. Like I I get in gratitude. Like as soon as I get up, like my brain just automatically goes there now because I’ve reminded myself so many times. So as I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth, I’m thinking about how great everything is. And I always asked my daughter what miracles are gonna happen today. And she couldn’t come up with something, you know, and it was something fun, and it just always happens, you know? Yeah, it’s really weird. That happened. I’m like, Yeah, not really weird. But yeah,

and I think that that’s interesting, because then I did a lot of work with them, the archangel, the angelic realm, and particularly the archangels. And this was a good few years ago now, but I remember sort of, because it was a group of is that was going through it. And at first we were like, my God, this is so weird, you know, this thing happened? And it would be like, No, you know, and, and then in the end, after about sort of week three, I was like, Well, actually, no, it’s just totally normal. Yeah, yes. Yeah. This group, we were at the London College of psychic studies. And so in the week three, or like, well, the totally normal thing happened to me today. And it was like, What did you manifest? Yeah. So yeah, yeah. And there’s great power as well. I think when, you know, like minded people come together, though, with with, obviously, I’m basically a light worker. So when like minded lightworkers come together? Yeah, who wants to make that positive change, to you know, connect with other people, whoever with whoever you can connect with out there and whatever way you can connect with them. So I think that makes a big difference as well to anyone’s manifesting process.

Yeah, I like that. I like that a lot. Thank you so much for being here. I feel like we could chat for days and days, like I’m about to get on an airplane.


It’s good. I’ve got lots of good friends in the States, actually. And I did a lot of my training in the States.

Oh, yeah. I went through

Esther Hicks

yesterday. There, Abraham. Yeah.

Yeah, well, I had this I had this fantastic. She run this fantastic workshop in it. They’re actually in Texas and we went to her ranch for lunch shocked with amazing lunch and oh my goodness, she was just so lovely. And I’m went to a tree house and was meditating. Oh, yeah. She’s amazing thing. Yeah, she’s definitely worth going to see. Yeah, that’s

she’s on my list. Yeah. Yeah.

So I’ve looked, I’ve got huge, you know, huge amounts of time for the US and I just love connecting with people. So yeah, it’s like,

see, so someday I may just meet you.

Well, thank you again for being here. I really appreciate it.

Thank you so large.

Thanks for spending some time with me today. Remember, you can find me inside my facebook group at SS lB community.com. That stands for start small, live big community.com. And, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.

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