056: Understanding Chakras with Elaina Conneely - Betsy Pake

056: Understanding Chakras with Elaina Conneely


This week on The Art of Living Big, I interview Elaina Conneely as she explains all about chakras. I’d been hearing more and more about chakras and wanted a deeper understanding to what it was, if it was ‘real’ and how I could use it to make my life better!

Elaina’s role is to help Smart Spirited Souls re-engage with their soul wisdom and to use their hearts and minds. Her Soul purpose is to embody Divine self-expression and she is a natural channel of the written and spoken word. She is here to show others their Divine power through the use of intuition and manifesting. She qualified as a spiritual healer many years ago, trained at the College of Psychic Studies London, graduated from Sonia Choquette’s Spiritual leadership program, accredited Soul Realignment Practitioner, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and a qualified Personal Performance Coach.  Along with a business degree, postgraduate qualifications in Knowledge Management and Change Management plus over 25 years of experience leading projects across sectors such as Private Banking, Financial Services, Construction and Film & TV, Elaina uses her know how to ensure souls ground their talents and progress in their objectives.
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