062 Better understand yourself & others with Marci Toler - Betsy Pake

062 Better understand yourself & others with Marci Toler


Marci D. Toler, LTC (Ret) is a combat veteran with several deployments under her belt. In addition to other awards and recognition, she was awarded the Bronze Star for her meritorious efforts as the Commander, 259th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. She is currently an author, speaker, and facilitator, partnering with corporate and faith-based organizations, improving their compassion and communications while harnessing the energy of change, to propel them forward and make a difference in the world. With her over 33 years of public service, via the United States Army, she combines strategic thinking, compassion and value-based decision making to support leaders and organization in transition. Marci offers facilitated leadership coaching and workshops in value-based decision making, value alignment, and conflict resolution.
She is the Co-Founder of You Are Worthy Ministries, Christian ministry that provides Christ-centered Seminars and Retreats for women focused on learning, understanding, and accepting the truth of God’s Identity for each of us.
Marci is a proud graduate of Colorado State University in Business Economics, Econometrics and the RAM Battalion ROTC program. She went on to earn her Masters of Business Administration, Change Management and was selected and graduated from the United States Senior Service College (US Army War College) with a Masters of Strategic Studies. She hopes to finish her Ph.D. in Organization Management when life slows down.
But, she is most proud that she is the mother of three children. Katherine, a Special Education Resource teacher; Geoffrey, a student of Agronomy at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln; and Joseph, who went home too soon.


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Hi I’m Betsy and I’m a subconscious change expert.
By day you can find me digging deep into the unconscious beliefs and identity of my clients so they can move past self-sabotage and lack of confidence and gain traction in their career and life.

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