068 : Things I Need To Share With You - Betsy Pake

068 : Things I Need To Share With You


This weeks episode is taking a turn. I hope you notice a vibe change as I start to share more of my journey on this path of Living Big.

I share some things that have been on my mind, how I have felt about the podcast in general, my gratitude and the way I can see myself living more congruent and honestly from this point forward.

I believe we can all learn and grow from each other’s stories, and it brings us together as we recognize how similar our struggles, desires, and victories can be. We can find ourselves in someone else’s story and my desire is that as I share my journey you can find hope and encouragement and even a little bit of yourself too.

I’d like this episode to be the start of a new dialog, new storytelling and new sharing in a way that hasn’t happened yet in the Live Big Community. I want to hear from you and understand your stories too.

I’m regularly inside my facebook group at www.SSLBCommunity.com and that’s where I’d like to start more of this dialog. Meet me in there and share with me where you really want to go.

This episode is great for anyone who has been listening to the show and wants to understand some of the adventures I have in store for the show moving forward and also anyone who is new to the show and is ready to evolve and learn in a new way with me. I hope you’ll share the show with friends if you feel called to do that so we can all grow together.

I’m excited for what our future holds.  Now let’s go Live Big.


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