069: Jump in My Bag! My Reiki Session with Lane Gilreath - Betsy Pake

069: Jump in My Bag! My Reiki Session with Lane Gilreath


In today’s episode, I invite you to jump in my bag and come along with me to my first Reiki session.  Reiki is energy work designed to balance the energy in your body.

I went to Reiki Master, Lane Gilreath, who was a friend I met one day at a group coffee about a month ago. I’d heard of Reiki before but wasn’t really clear on what it was or how it could benefit me.  I was intrigued and decided to give it a try!

Listen in and hear what happened after the session that made me a believer!

You can reach Lane at his email Laneandmichael @ gmail.com

This episode is great for anyone who is looking to learn more about energy work, alternative therapy or someone who wants to better understand the world around them.

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Welcome to The Art of Living big. I’m your host, Betsy Pake, and this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. today’s podcast is brought to you by audible. Get a free audio book download and a 30 day free trial at audible trial comm backslash live big. There’s over 180,000 different titles to choose from. And you can listen on your iPhone, your Android, your Kindle, or your mp3 player. Now, here’s the show. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. I’m going to bring you with me today on a little adventure. If you want to come along. I’m going this afternoon to have energy healing done with Reiki. Now, if you’ve never heard of Reiki Reiki is a form of energy healing where a practitioner now I’m telling you all this, but I’ve never had it done. So this is just what I know from what I’ve learned on my own. And we’re gonna clarify and get a really good understanding today when it all goes down. But basically, there is an energy healer who uses energy to put they place their hands, I think they I don’t even think they touch you. I think it’s just like hovering over you. And they use the energy to pull through and help heal your energy. So Reiki is actually It stands for like Ray is universal. And key is like ci, which is life force. So it actually means universal, universal life force energy. And it makes sense to me in that there’s this vibration in the universe, right? that permeates all things, you could look at it from a atom level, from a quantum mechanics level, you can look down and you can see that we are and everything is just vibrating, right? So everything is vibrating matter. And so we are all energy. So it would make sense that if this, this vibration in the universe that permeates all things, it’s like in Star Wars, right? It’s the force. And so it would make sense to me that you could alter the vibration, and sort of wash away the energies that aren’t really useful to us. I found some information about Dr. Oz his wife is actually a Reiki Master. And he did some experiments by bringing Reiki masters into the operating room at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. And it was it was like late 90s. Right. So he did 11 heart bypass surgeries. And when he did those zero people had when he used the Reiki zero people had post op depression, there was no post off pain or weakness in the legs of the bypass patients, which I guess that’s a thing that they would have weakness in their legs. And with the patients that actually had had to have an organ transplant, there was zero organ rejection. So I felt like that was really some cool stuff, right? So ways to really start to see how this could affect the medical profession and sort of how we deal with our health. I was watching a movie, and I’m going to talk about this movie in another episode. But it is about our bodies and our bodies healing and our bodies healing based on emotion that we’ve had and how our bodies hold a lot of that emotion inside our tissues. And one of the quotes was by a guy named Max Planck. And it said, a new scientific truth is not usually presented in a way to convince its opponents. Rather, they die off in a rising generation is familiarized with the truth from the start. And I am more and more believing that since we are vibrational beings that we need to start using in leveraging this, this science to be able to help us live a better life. So all of that said, I really don’t know what’s going to happen today. And I was trying to decide Should I set an intention, you know, like, when I would go to meditate, I’d have an intention. But I feel like I’m just gonna go sort of with an open mind and an open heart and just see if there is any kind of energy blockages that he can sense or any, anything that it seems like off balance that he can help me regulate. And then in the next couple days, I’m going to come back and do a recap. And kind of let you know if I noticed any significant changes or if I felt anything different, and sort of what has happened as a result of this. Alright, so let’s get in my bag and here we go. All right, I’m here now at my Reiki appointment with Layne Guillory paling. Hello, where are you? So tell me what what are you? Is it a Reiki Master? Is that what you call it?

I am a Reiki Master. And how

did you become a Reiki Master?

Well, you go through training you there’s three levels of Reiki training. There’s the first level second level. And then the third level is considered master training. And basically, that’s a training that allows you to pass on the practice of Reiki to others.

So you’re like a train the trainer, right? So okay, so we’re here, it’s at your house, you have this Reiki room. And I just want to kind of describe it for everybody. Because first of all, when I walked in your home, it felt very, like peaceful. So like, the energy is really good here.

And we chose this as we just moved here last year. And when I walked in this house from the outside, I sort of just sort of knew this was going to be the place I wanted to live. But when we walked in, I felt the same way. Yes, one of the big reasons we chose it.

Yeah, it feels good. And then we come into this little Reiki room. And it like, smells good. You have a table here. That’s like a massage table. And, like just a lot of cool things around right, like plants. There’s aroma therapy going, is that a certain sense that you like to have?

Those are essential oils that induce the sense of serenity? Mm hmm.

Because I feel it serenity now. And there is a salt lamp, which that’s like an energy

thing, too, right?

Yeah, it helps ionize the air and it sort of takes out impurities from there and it gives good ambience to from the low light.

And then there’s some black and white pictures.

Who are those? Those are the early Reiki masters. One is the founder of Reiki. His name is Mika suey. And one of his is the person on the right. And one of his top students. The man on the left, his name is Dr. Hayashi. And he was responsible for teaching Reiki in a more of a medical fashion. And he taught Mrs. hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki singlehandedly to America. And she died in 1980. And her granddaughter phyllosphere Mota is the other picture and she’s our current Grandmaster of Reiki and America.

It’s really cool. So I have

pictures in my office that are the people that I admire. And it’s like the lady that invented Spanx.

So you know the energies a little

bit different, but

you know, whatever, we all need help.

So tell me what is gonna happen today. So I kind of know what to expect.

Well, Reiki is an energy work.

It’s a non manipulative type work, some rake, some energy practices, you actually force energy to move, the practitioner puts their physical energy or their spiritual energy into it. With Reiki, you’re basically going to lay fully clothed on the table, and I’m gonna place my hands on your body or just off your body depending on which position we’re in. And Reiki energy will flow very sadly into your body for a period of time, and then I’ll leave my hands in that position until I feel the energy hub. And then we’ll move to the next position. And this series of positions are, were set out by mega suey to help infuse the whole energetic system as a whole. So it takes about an hour. They’re somewhat related to the chakra system. But in the Japanese culture, they didn’t use the chakra system, it just so happens that it sort of coincides with them. But basically, you’ll just feel people feel different things. But you may feel pulsations of energy, you may feel heat,

he I’ve heard all feel heat, you

may feel even coolness, it just depends on what energy is moving. And what’s happened, oh,

you’ll be able to tell if I have some sort of blockage.

That’s the side effect we as practitioners get from Reiki, it doesn’t really matter as far as the treatment goes. But sometimes we do get feedback. There’s two, there’s something called Hibiki. That’s a sort of an energetic exchange that we fill. And so I will be able to fill when you have blockages most likely, and I’ll sort of be able to fill in that blockage releases and energy starts flowing. Part of the reason I know to move to the next position.

Okay, interesting. So I recently watched a movie and I’m actually going to do a podcast on it. So I’m not gonna say the name of the movie, but it was super interesting. And it was all about how we hold emotion inside our body. And so, I’m wondering, like, as we get started, usually, like when I meditate, I’d have I’d set an intention, like I want to have this. But should I do that with this? Or do I just go into it just not with any sort of,

you know, just going with the flow,

so to speak. You as the receiver of Reiki, you should probably just lie with no and no intention. Okay. The practitioner however, does set the intention that Reiki will flow for your highest good. Like I said, we don’t we don’t direct the Reiki energy because it’s not our energy is divine source. So, but we do set our antenna that we can step out of the way and Via channel just for the record of flow, how it needs to flow for you.

So I am thinking after this, like you must be pretty tired

like, No, not at all. In

fact, I’m energized, really, because the person that’s giving Reiki because it’s not your physical energy or your emotional energy, you don’t lose any energy. Oh, yeah. Okay, you benefit from the flow of energy through

just going through you, you are more of a conduit than the source that gets depleted.

Reiki, the word Reiki is to conjure characters, Ray and King. And basically, it means universal life energy. So practitioners, Mrs. Takata, had a cute little story where she would tell people, I’m the radio technician, and it’s like radio waves. And I adjust your antenna so you can receive the the radio wave and be able to pass it for others to fill it. So basically, we’re just then.

So it’s like, I’m getting my rabbit ears adjusted, sort of. Alright, cool. All right, well, then let’s do this. And then when we’re over, I’ll come back on and let everybody know what I think.

Okay, so I just finished. So it was a weird sensation, because I felt like I’m over right. In the beginning, when you did the thing around my head. You weren’t even touching me. But I felt like pressure on the side of my head, like not uncomfortable. But I felt pressure, which I actually thought was sort of interesting, because I didn’t, I thought I’d feel heat. But I didn’t feel and then I thought I would feel a heat from your hands. Right from like, body heat. But it was more than that. And especially when you got where I think you were like here like I don’t know if that was my right on my throat or whatever. Yeah, it was a lot of heat. radiation heat

instead of physical. Yes.

So tell me what you thought.

Well, me personally, because my


pretty good. It’s a little busy.

A little busy, because that’s so me.

A lot of people when they’re having their treatments, they sell out, they snore, you know, they’re out of it completely. You, your energy seemed to be at a heightened awareness the whole time, which is a little unusual, but everybody’s so different. That’s probably what, you know. Yeah, your body just would respond to that. Basically, your your energetic centers were balanced, except for your throat area, which is where we have a lot of high emotions, like anxiety and anger and fear.

Which This makes so much sense for me, because I think that’s one of the things like, I’m guarded in that way. Like, I’m afraid to say stuff sometime, which is funny because I have a podcast, but I have. And I’m a talker, but it’s always very guarded. So I have had trouble and I was, and I was telling you lane before them. Sometimes when I meditate like, I’ll, I’ll actually gag right on nothing on air or whatever. And, and so it didn’t, that didn’t surprise me.

No. And you know, when we’re meditating, we’re truck we’re basically putting our body into a different plane, or our energy into a different plane. And so things work themselves out during that time. And when you have that lump in your throat, something’s probably trying to work itself out. But for whatever reason, you’re not allowing it to.

Yeah, yeah. And you were saying it felt almost like I was pulling it in.

Yeah, you’re not intentionally pulling it in. But subconsciously, it’s happened that you on an energetic level have not actually released so you’re guarding it? Yeah. So it just needs to, you know, have a little help getting it loose.

So to do that, would you say like, like regular Reiki could help me? Like, would that be the kind of thing?

Yeah, I mean, any kind of energy work, meditation should help and like I was talking about, while you’re experiencing this sensation, do your grounding technique that I taught you? Yeah. Yeah. Because if you’re pulling your awareness away from that sensation, and back into grounding, it’ll allow you to possibly release that a little easier. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, Reiki works best when it’s continual. We talked about earlier how the most effective way to get benefit from Reiki is to practice on yourself, which can be done. And originally, that’s how it worked. You learned Reiki for yourself? Yeah. Treated yourself every day.

So what else? What else? What else did you think about my energy? I want you really what I want you to be is like you have really good energy.

We didn’t have good energy compared to sound.

I don’t think any energy is bad is just in balance. Yeah, this is pretty balanced. Yeah. compared to others. Yeah. And and we talked about sort of a neat thing that I’ve discovered with the when I was working at the back of your head. You have sort of an entity That’s not necessarily yours that’s helping you move forward in life and helping you make decisions is like a, it could potentially be relatives that have passed on. It could be, you know, who knows what it could be. But it’s, it’s a very good and positive thing.

I like that. I like that a lot. I’m gonna rewind that part and listen again. So, so thank you so much for this. This was super cool. And I’m, I’m anxious to kind of see what happens over the next few days and sort of how I feel because like, right now I just feel really relaxed and really good. But I’m curious if I feel anything different or anything different happens maybe in meditation, you know, when I’m really more aware of my, my energy and myself,

you very well could we talked about how

Reiki is sort of like pouring water onto a dry sponge, it soaks up over a little bit of time. Yeah. And so a lot of people do experience and usually positive things happen. blockages are released, and you deal with things. And sometimes people will experience a little bit of uncomfort, where they have a little bit of anxiety when things get released or even pains, physical sensation. So because you’re going with it, let it go.

Let it go. Because Yeah, cuz I think when you’re used to something like you’re used to feeling constricted energy somewhere, you might not even be conscious of it. But then when it’s released, all of a sudden, that feels really wacky. And that makes you kind of like, wait a minute, what’s happening? Yeah,

right. Just like your physical body. If you’ve been dealing with something a long time, you’ve grown to expect it. And when it’s released, then your body’s like what happened? Yeah, energetic body can do that, too.

Yeah, yeah, that makes a ton of sense. Well, if people I guess, really cuz you’re just in Georgia, but if people wanted to find you, and come to see you, I can put a link and information about you in the show notes.

I don’t really have a website.

Traditional Reiki, Mrs. Takata. She’d never even advertised her classes, even though she taught hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people. But it’s sort of a thing where if a person is ready for Reiki, they’ll find Reiki so you don’t really miss some people advertised. There’s nothing wrong with that. But I just don’t like to hear someone will come to me when they’re ready. So if somebody

is coming to it, because they hear this, and they’re they live near me, then they can just call me and I’ll tell them

how to get you give my phone number to you. Or you can find me on Facebook.

Okay, cool. All right. Awesome. Thank you so much.

So as I was picking up all my stuff, and saying goodbye to Layne, he said to me, you know, many times people sleep really good that the very first time they have Reiki done. And he said, then, you know, I’ve had people that have a lot of anxiety, right? So they really struggle with that. And he said, People have different experiences while they’re actually going through it, you know. So they may, you know, they may feel really relaxed, or they may feel really like awakened, energized, more like I was. And I said to him, I said, you know, it’s funny, because every time I shut my eyes, especially when he was right around my throat, which is what we talked about was the most constricted, I actually kept seeing, you know, like, if you took us sparkler, and you wrote words in the in the night, and it would kind of make that kind of, you know, like trail of light, I actually kept seeing that it was just like an abstract figure. And lane got this really funny look on his face. And he said, what kind of abstract? Like, what kind of Was it a symbol? And I said, Yeah, I mean, I guess it was a symbol or like kind of a partial letter or something. And he said, I was sending you that in fire. So I was imagining sending you this symbol, written in fire. And I totally picked up on that, I totally saw it. And so for me, that was really cool. And sort of recognition that there was in fact, for me an energy transfer taking place that I was able to pick up on in a visual way, which really makes a lot of sense to me as a meditator. Many times, that’s how I experience words or thoughts from my intuition, or what I call like, my higher self, when I when I have a question or when I have, you know, something that I’m just meditating on, I set an intention, I will see things in that way. And I have always felt like it was energy coming to me to help me solve whatever problem I had. And so him saying that just was sort of a great way to end the session for me, sort of closed it up and made me go solidified it for me that this was, in fact, a true energetic experience that I went through, and just felt really cool. So thank you so much for being in my bag and coming along with me on this little adventure. It was fun, and I’m excited to share more of these kinds of adventures with you as we move forward.

Thanks so much for listening. Don’t forget you deserve to learn Big. Thanks for spending some time with me today. Remember, you can find me inside my facebook group at SS lB community.com as stands for start small, live big community.com. And as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

That’s it.

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