090: Getting Started When You Are Lost : Mini Edition


This week I’ve got five mini-episodes for you! Each episode is short (Under 10 minutes) and covers a theme I see pretty consistently with my one on one coaching clients.

Today’s episode is about how to even know where to start! Sometimes, we just know it’s time for things to shift in our lives and there is something better out there for us, but where to begin!

Listen in to see if this could apply to your life and help you start moving forward too.

This episode is great for anyone looking to make a shift, someone trying to see things in a different way or someone who likes to learn a new way to see the world!

Thanks so much for listening and sharing with your friends!

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Welcome to the art of living day. I’m your host, Betsy Pake, and this podcast is designed to share interviews and new ideas to help you redefine what could be possible for your life. Now, let’s go live big. Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. All right, this week, we’re doing something a little bit different. I’m going to be doing five mini episodes this week. And the reason for that is if you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know that there are certain times of the year where I’ll take new one on one clients, and when I get the one on one clients, when I start working with them, and typically we work together for either three months or six months, it depends on the person and what they’re looking to do. But whenever I start that process, I find we always sort of run into the same themes, you know, so everybody’s issue or life circumstances are different. But the theme is sort of the same. So I wanted to take this week to touch on those themes, because maybe it will resonate with you, and help you think a little bit differently about maybe something that’s happening in your life. So the first thing I wanted to talk about today, is getting started when you’re lost. Now, this doesn’t always come up in the first time we meet. But many times clients will come back to me in the second meeting or the third meeting, and they’ll say, wait a minute, hold up, I thought I knew what I wanted. But once we started talking, and some of those things in the conversations rolled around in my head, I realized that maybe it’s there’s a shift in there, or maybe it’s something bigger than I even thought. But now I’m a little confused about where to go, or even how to get clarity. So I want to talk about that today. And you’ll notice as we go through every day, this week, if you can do the exercises that I talked about, they’ll they’ll build upon themselves. And so by the end of the week, hopefully you’ll have like some real clarity and maybe a new direction for your own life. Okay, so if you’re lost, and in, you’re just thinking like, I just don’t know, really what it is I want, or now that I’ve started working towards something, what the specifics are of what I want, right, so maybe you knew you wanted to start your own business. But once you started uncovering things, you realize that narrowing down your niche is much harder than you thought. Or maybe you decided you wanted to make some changes with your health and fitness. But once you started narrowing it down, then all of a sudden, you start to feel like wait a minute, I’m not sure what direction I want this to go, how you know how strict I want to be or what process I want to take to get there. So the process of everything it is it doesn’t matter, what I want to talk to you about is how we actually can come to the conclusion. So there’s two different ways. One is I’ll talk to people about just getting clear on where you are. And this is an exercise that you can do too. Now, I tend to divide my life up into several, seven different areas, but you pick the areas that are easiest and best for you and make the most sense. So for me, it’s relationships with friends and family, it’s relationships with a relationship with my spouse or your partner, that romantic relationship. It’s financial, it’s my spiritual, it’s self development. And it’s my career. And it’s also my health and fitness. So those seven areas are where I tend to focus and look at things in my life. Now, typically, once a month, I do this with my clients, if this is the direction that we went, and I do it myself this way. So I look at all of those areas, and each area irate on a one to 10. So one is like this is terrible. Everything about it has to change and a 10 is I’m totally rocking it, I feel great. This is super. Okay. So typically, you know, I’ll find like, my relationship might be a six or seven. And I’m probably kind of harder on myself. Because to be a 10 would have to be really great. But a six, there’s there’s always room for improvement, right? So a six or seven. And then maybe my fitness has fallen down to a four or maybe your financial life is a six, but you’d really like it to be a nine like how can you start to shift things? So the first step is to just lay out what are the areas of importance for you, and then rate them one to 10. Now, people tend to think that other people’s lives are perfect, right? We tend to think that we see somebody on social media, or even somebody that we work with, and we just think they don’t have the problems we have or they don’t struggle like I do. But we have to remember that everybody’s human and everybody struggles and so if you’re struggling right now, it’s so okay, if you’re struggling, it means there’s growth there for you. So this is really a wonderful thing to have this problem. So when you look at all of your One, two 10s, you can see what’s ranking higher, and what’s ranking lower. Now, I tend to believe that you are never going to be 10s across the board, there’s always going to be something to be working on. And so to create balance, may be the goal instead of trying to get everything to attend. And to create balance, what you need to do is look at all of those ratings. And pick the lowest ones, maybe your relationships, a six and seven, your health and fitness is a six and seven, maybe your finances are a four. Well, that’s an area that you could focus on. So typically, that’s how I would help my clients identify where we could start to work first. Now, the second way to do this, if you really, you’re like, I just I know there’s something there, it’s so tangible, I can feel it. I know it’s right there, but I can’t put my finger on it. And this is a problem sometimes people have that are pretty high achievers, or they really want a change in their life. But they can’t quite grasp it, right. They know something’s coming, but they just can’t really get their hands around it. And with this, I say just focus on self development. Just focus 30, even 60 minutes a day of listening to things that are totally different for you. So listen to things that help you expand, maybe it’s podcasts, maybe it’s listening to an audiobook, you know, if you’re in the car traveling for work, there is time there where you can be just soaking in something different. You know, sometimes when I get stuck, or I feel like there’s something there, but I can’t, I’m just not being creative enough to figure it out. I will go to a podcast I’ve never ever listened to before. And sometimes I just go into my podcast app. And I put in the name of a person that I have enjoyed listening to before. So I’ll put their name in. And then I’ll see what other podcasts they have been on. Now, I don’t necessarily listen to their show on that podcast if I’m already really feel familiar with them and their work. But I might listen to that new podcast, because maybe that will set me off onto something new. Right? So I asked my friends like what are you listening to right now? What’s a good audio book, and I and I reached out and I just try to find out what other people are listening to just to get some inspiration, podcasts, audiobooks, anything like that. Sometimes I go to people who inspire me on Instagram, and I’ll, I’ll dm them and ask them, Hey, I really love your Instagram, I’m inspired by you. Can you suggest like, Whoa, what’s a great book, or what’s something that’s really inspired you I want to hear what’s coming up for other people, because that’s how I’m going to start to expand and I’m going to start to grow. So remember, if you feel lost, you’re not lost. This is all part of your journey, and you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. So rate yourself one to 10 and find the thing you can focus on or go ahead and just start to expand and see what comes up for you. So I hope that this serves you. I hope this mini edition is been fun. I will be opening up my one on one coaching again for applications at the end of the week. So just keep your eye out for that. I’d love to have you join me and see if maybe this is a fit for you. So thank you so much for listening. Thanks for sharing this show with your friends and going in and subscribing and leaving me a review. I jump up and kick my heels together every time I get a new review. So I appreciate you so much. Don’t forget, you deserve to live a big life. Thanks so much for listening. Remember, you can find me all over social media at Betsy Pake and, as always, here’s a little message from my husband.

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