091: Raising Your Emotional State: Mini-Edition - Betsy Pake

091: Raising Your Emotional State: Mini-Edition


Todays Mini-edition is all about our emotional state and how to learn to shift this when you are struggling.

We aren’t always going to be in fabulous moods and sometimes things can get us down, in today’s episode, I share a new way to look at our emotions and share a practice I use in my own life to shift that state so that it benefits me in a new way.

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Meet Betsy!

I'm Betsy Pake!

*Ocean obsessed

*Probably hanging out with my dogs


*Deep thinker

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About Betsy

Hi I’m Betsy and I’m a subconscious change expert.
By day you can find me digging deep into the unconscious beliefs and identity of my clients so they can move past self-sabotage and lack of confidence and gain traction in their career and life.

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